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🎥 Chris44g ‘Black Fishnet Stockings’ Film 🔞

Brand new and exclusive to ATW and All my new films are filmed 4K UHD landscape perfect for a ‘big screen’ experience.

A lovely home made NSFW film of me posing and stripteasing slowly from a full black lingerie outfit.

Full black flowing gown, tight black vest, baggy lounge pajama bottoms, black suspender belt, black fishnet stockings, my lovely Biba London animal print sling back high heels and of course a full support G cup bra**iere encasing my huge, natural H cup breasts.

I eventually end up nude after a slow tease on my bed in just my high heels and I lay back and open my legs wide and show you everything in close up, intimate detail.

I’m wearing just high heels and lay back on my bed for some self pleasure. I open my legs wide to show you a close up view of my labia. I hold my labia open as wide as I can with my fingers to show you my red aroused vagina, little inner labia lips and my erect and sensitive little clitoris. I show and display my mature and very fat body and then build up to orgasm using my fingers by teasing and stoking my clitoris as you watch quietly.

All the lovely X-LARGE lingerie and both pairs of high heels is exclusively available for sale to you on my listings in my shop right here on ATW and FLO, and

I’ll wear and send to you personally so you can fully appreciate my feminine scents and s**ually as you watch me climax.

If you enjoy my little film do let me know your thoughts. If you really enjoy I offer the option of buying the full permanent download for just the small difference in price.

Lots more films and photo sets available exclusively here on ATW and on

This film is also available to order for you to keep forever rather than ATW time limited ‘Instant Content’ either through my normal listings here or instant download on

5.00 GBP 61

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Chris44g mature bbw granny old fat lingerie masturbate orgasm bra big tits huge tits big natural breasts

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✅ A warm welcome to my erotic boutique - full of cla**ic, glamour and vintage lingerie, high heels, erotica, exclusive explicit 4K films and my esoteric photo sets

✅ Everyone is welcome on my page, browse as much and as long as you like, absolutely no pressure to buy from me

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✅ Mature, voluptuous English lady, I show my full face and body

✅ Full, graphic nudity and explicit film and photos

✅ 100’s and 100’s of Films, tens of 1000’s of photos - graphic, nude, boudoir, lingerie

✅ Carefully curated worn cla**ic, glamour and vintage style top quality lingerie listings with a full, constantly changing nuanced good quality range personally selected on my travels around Europe

✅ Specialist, esoteric genuine worn Bloomers, DK’s, traditional 50’s, 60’s, 70’s ladies knickers in Rayon, Nylon and cotton, school gym and netball knickers in cotton, available to the truly discerning buyer

✅ Genuine vintage 50’s, 60’s and 70’s stockings - FF’s, silk, RHT, Cuban heel, Brazilian heel, Point heel

✅ Genuine vintage 60’s and 70’s tights and hold ups in retro colours

✅ 6 hook suspender belts, full old fashioned girdles

✅ F, G and H cup support and esoteric bullet bra**ieres

✅ Huge range of my worn high heels and stiletto’s

✅ The finest vintage 1920’s - 1970’s lingerie. Genuine vintage and reproduction lines

✅ I do not sell Shein or Primark products, only quality brands and price accordingly

✅ I sell my worn scented knickers, bra**ieres, stockings, tights, high heels, corsets, shape wear and cla**ic glamour lingerie, worn to order just for you personally and individually

✅ ’Instant Content’ Films and Photos regularly rotated here on ATW

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✅ 4K UHD Landscape format films shot on Sony equipment

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✅ Long term regular buyers have access to my private collection and forward p**ks into my knicker drawer

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✅ Belly Fetish, Breast Fetish, Mature Fetish, Feet Fetish, Vagina Fetish

✅ Stockings, tights, knickers, bra**iere and lingerie fetish

✅ Hair currently L’Oreal Préférence 74 Dublin Mango Copper Red. Nails currently Rimmel London 340 Berries and Cream.

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✅ Absolutely no preferred pronouns

Hello! I am Chris, a mature and ‘plus size’ English lady. A warm welcome to my little boutique.

Thank you very for your interest in me and taking the time and trouble to read my profile here on ATW (AllThingsWorn) and FLO (FeetLoversOnly).

I offer an intimate, unique experience, and bespoke personal service, curating and tailoring my cla**ic glamour lingerie collection and erotica listings to match your personal exacting requirements.

For genuine, long term repeat buyers I also allow access to my unique and personal private collection.

I love wearing and sharing my vintage lingerie, foundation wear, jewelry, evening/opera gloves, knickers, bra**ieres, stockings, tights, suspenders, slips, baby dolls, basques, wraps, corsets, corselettes, dresses, skirts, firming shape wear, tulle crinoline, bloomers, hats, waist cinchers, garters and high heels in my photo sets, 4K films, plus of course my wears and sales for you.

All my new films are filmed in UHD 4K 16x9 in landscape format on up to date Sony equipment for the ultimate ‘big screen’ experience of me. Ideal for projectors or large screen TV’s.

All my new photo sets are shot in RAW and ultra fine JPEG on Sony Alpha and Zeiss equipment. Some older sets are 35mm digital scans.

Polaroid 600 photo sets now available to special custom order - choose from risqué, boudoir, lingerie, upskirt, cla**ic nudes. See my Polaroid listing for details.

Whilst my profile photo and forum postings are SFW my private paid for content rest a**ured is definitely NSFW with full, graphic nudity.

I particularly enjoy long term personal, friendly and trusting relationships with my buyers, but if you just want a ‘one off’ worn thong or a pair of my huge knickers of mine to enjoy my aroma and taste that’s absolutely fine too!

I have been selling my personal intimate items from the late 1970’s and my naughty home made films and photos since the early 1980’s. My online name is Chris44g after my bra size. I’m now an ‘H’ cup bra size these days I so should change my name to Chris44h, but to avoid confusion I’ll stick with Chris44g! My real name is Christine, you can call me Chris. If you want to address me as anything kinky please tip first, thank you, as that is role play and needs to be paid for.

I started my life as a fetish seller in 1979 by selling my worn, scented knickers via the ‘cla**ified’ ads in the back of gentleman’s magazines new to the English market such as Parade, Amazon, Fiesta, Escort, Forum, 40 Plus and other esoteric t*tillating p****dicals embracing the subject dearest to all heteros**ual men's hearts and other body parts - the undraped female form. This began in England after an explosion of new American men's magazines following the redefinition of US obscenity laws in the late fifties such as Hugh Hefner’s ‘Playboy’. Previously the only magazines available were mens general interest and t*tillation t*tles such as Swank, Debonair or Carnival.

Soon I was persuaded to start selling my big, worn bra**ieres as well. Soon I was getting asked for photos so started selling Polaroid instant print topless photographs which were new to the market with the innovative Polaroid Land camera. These were teasing Andy Warhol, Lumas and Araki styles photographs at first. These I sold in little sets of 5 tiny unique ‘one off’ print sets. I can still offer these to special custom order.

Soon I moved on to proper, explicit, 35mm photo sets, sets of 12 or 24 6x4 in prints. It was extremely difficult getting risqué photographs printed out in volume in those days, as you had to go to a seedy back street printer, rather than a high street shop, who either charged a fortune or just ripped you off and didn’t send your prints at all! In those days there were very strict obscenity laws - thank you Mary Whitehouse. You couldn’t legally show a vagina or erect penis, a cheeky nipple was just about ok, or if you pushed the envelope a little pubic hair. To ‘go pink’ was a no no, that was strictly for the Danes and Swedes! I’ll cover this self appointed guardian of our mor*lity and more of that subject another day on a new blog post I’m working on 😄. The bonus of strict publishing rules was back street mail order or ‘under the counter’ pornography from Denmark such as ‘Private’ magazine was really booming. I couldn’t get my photo sets printed quick enough.

I dabbled in Cine film, but that was even more difficult to get developed. The advent of BetaMax and VHS and (relatively) affordable camcorders was a boon for me and the adult industry, as you could now film and duplicate at home. Soon I was walking down to the post office with huge piles of VHS tapes in plain brown wrappers. See ‘Pam and Tommy’ out now on Disney +.

Initially I used the cla**ified ads and this resulted in loads of scribbled, hand written orders and postal orders and crumpled fivers in the post daily to my P.O. Box.

Next came the new fangled World Wide Web internet (it’ll never catch on) and soon after the new digital camera which was actually fun in the early days, even though one photo took 10 minutes to download sometimes on your ‘super fast’ 28k dial up line. My first online customers and fans were academics as it was universities who were the early adopters of the internet for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Posting photos on my own website was fun, especially the new digital, but was difficult to advertise and even harder to monetize, but the new Yahoo Groups was a real boon for ‘adult content’ which quickly led to a plethora of adult websites to post your films and photos. I settled on my own website as part of the ‘Adult Coalition’ along with Grandma Libby and Momma Fran. I was a very early adopter of Facebook for promotion but was quickly and permanently banned for showing a, gulp, a nipple!

I ended up on lots of websites, both free and paid for subscription sites such as OnlyFans, TAC, xHamster, xHamster Premium, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, Manyvids, Bentbox, Iwantclips, but these days I’m exclusive to ATW/FLO and

I also dabbled in ‘Readers Wives’ for a while in t*tles such as Fiesta, Razzle and Escort. I was also published as a proper spread in the now defunct ‘Belly’ magazine by the plus size pioneer Richard Wells. This was an esoteric specialist belly fetish magazine. I was also featured in a small way in the similarly esoteric Amazon magazine too.

One of my proudest moments was having my Burlesque photos framed and put up in the KitKat club in Copenhagen.

I have been filmed in every format from Cine to 4K on my new Sony Alpha 7iii, Polaroid to RAW.

I wear regularly and like to model and sell my lingerie - I especially enjoy real stockings being a more mature, older lady. I actually wear stockings ‘day to day’ anyway as I like the feel and sound of real stockings and the process of a slow deliberate dressing with my suspenders and other lingerie items. More modern tights are fine though when you’re in a hurry.

I also enjoy wearing, selling and showing my extensive high heel collection, also my negligées, baby dolls, basques, corsets, girdles, panty girdles, full slips, waist slips, suspender belts, long line suspenders, bra**ieres - full cup, balcony, long line, non structured; and my very extensive range knickers such as Bikini, Brazilian, full, brief, bloomers, 60’s style, thongs, French.

I like to collect my lingerie on my travels around Europe.

In my films I do lingerie, shoes and stockings, upskirt, striptease, full masturbation with fingers and s** aids to orgasm, breast play, belly play, foot play.

I also have a range of jewelry, handbags, scarves and long satin evening wear gloves which I am happy also to model and sell.


Wearing a garment to support the breasts dates back to ancient Greece. A "breast-band", a band of wool or linen that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pined at the back.

Though the first bra, or ‘breast supporter’ a linen and lace garment that looks almost exactly like a modern bra, was discovered in an early 15th century collection from Lengberg Castle in Tyrol, Austria. The first first true bra as we know them today is attributed to Mary Phelps Jacob (better known as Caresse Crosby), a New York socialite. Frustrated with a whale bone corset that kept popping through a new party dress, she created the bra from two handkerchiefs and some ribbon to show off her cleavage.


Negligées are an exotic and erotic and sensual item of clothing made from sheer see through fabrics that became popular in the 1940’s, reaching their heyday in the 1950’s and 1960’s after being worn prominently by the likes of Rita Heyworth. At first negligées were a full length garment but over time became shorter changing into the ‘baby doll’ style of the 1970’s.


The earliest known use of underwear that resembles modern knickers dates back to 4,400 B.C. in Egypt.

Until the later 20th century, knickers were large, full-cut briefs, usually white cotton, and completely utilitarian, not designed for visual appeal. Relaxing att*tudes toward human s**uality during the 2nd half of the 20th century have led to a great change. Knickers became parts of a woman’s wardrobe, varied in fabric and colour, steadily shrinking in size, and deliberately intended to be seen by a lover.

I am also able to offer the discrete and discerning buyer 1950’s style blue gym knickers and bloomers (DK’s or Directoire knickers).

Women's baggy underpants fastened to just below or above the knee are also known as bloomers (or as knickers or DK’s directoire knickers). They were most popular from the 1910’s to the 1930’s but continued to be worn by older women for several decades thereafter. Often the term bloomers has been used interchangeably with the pantalettes worn by women and girls in the mid-19th century and the open-leg knee-length drawers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Bloomers we’re long, just above the knee, both for warmth and to cover stocking tops and suspenders. As hemlines shortened after the war bloomers became shorter ( see my 50’s and 60’s knicker listings for more information) and stockings became longer to compensate. In the swinging 60’s the mini skirt was born, and ‘tights’ soon followed.

The French knicker style I enjoy wearing evolved from ‘drawers’, the baggy long-legged underwear of the Victorian era, and may have derived its name from the frilly underwear worn by Parisienne Can-Can dancers, existent from the late-1800’s to the early-1900’s; the French however, do not use the term. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, French knickers were very popular, but by the 1940’s and 1950’s briefs were worn by most women, perhaps due to fabric shortages and the scarcity of silk. By the 1950’s , the fitted modern style brief was almost universally worn.

During the nostalgia revival of the 1970’s ‘French’ knickers returned to fashion through the designs of Janet Reger and others, and were especially popular in the 1980’s for a speciality market. The popularity of French knickers declined again during the 1990’s as younger consumers displayed a greater interest in other underwear styles, such as briefs and thongs. They are still available today, and most often found in vintage reproduction and speciality retailers.


The most common and well-known use of corsets is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women, this most frequently emphasizes a curvy figure by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips.

Since the late 20th century, the fashion industry has borrowed the term ‘corset’ to refer to tops which, to varying degrees, mimic the look of traditional corsets without acting as them. While these modern corsets and corset tops often feature lacing or boning, and generally imitate a historical style of corset.

As well as fashion and medical uses, corsets are also used in s**ual fetishism, most notably in BDSM activities. In BDSM, a submissive may be required to wear a corset, which would be laced very tightly and restrict the wearer to some degree. A dominant may also wear a corset, often black, but for entirely different reasons, such as aesthetics. A specially designed corset, in which the breasts and vulva are exposed is very popular and I love wearing them. I have a large selection.

Evening and Opera Gloves

Ladies' evening gloves or opera gloves are a type of formal glove that reaches beyond the elbow.

Ladies' gloves for formal and semi-formal wear come in three lengths for women: wrist, elbow, and opera or full-length (over the elbow, usually reaching to the biceps but sometimes to the full length of the arm).

The most expensive full-length gloves are custom-made of kidskin. Many other types of leather, most usually soft varieties of cowhide, are used in making full-length gloves; patent leather and suede are especially popular as alternatives to kidskin, and are often more affordable than kidskin. Satin and stretch satin materials are extremely popular, and there are ma**-produced varieties as well. More unusual glove materials include leathers made from salmon, python, and stingray.

The opera glove has enjoyed varying popularity in the decades since World War I, being most prevalent as a fashion accessory in the 1940’s through the early 1960’s but continues to this day to be popular with women who want to add a particularly elegant touch to their formal attire. They have enjoyed minor revivals in fashion design on several occasions, being popular in haute couture collections in the late 2000’s. Opera gloves continue to be popular accessories for bridal, prom, debutante, and quinceañera gowns and at very formal ballroom dances (white opera gloves are still mandatory for female debutantes at the Vienna Opera Ball.

They are sometimes worn by entertainers such as can-can dancers and burlesque performers in particular during the performance of a Gown-and-glove striptease. In popular culture, probably the best-known images incorporating opera gloves are those of Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946) Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), Cinderella from Disney's 1950 film Cinderella and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Before the 1590’s, stockings were made of woven cloth. The first knitting machines were for making stockings. The stockings themselves were made of cotton, linen, wool or even silk imported from Japan, or China,

Before the 1920’s, stockings, if worn, were worn for solely warmth. In the 1920’s, as hemlines of dresses rose and central heating was not widespread, women began to wear flesh-coloured ‘American Tan’ stockings to cover their exposed legs. Those stockings were sheer, first made of silk or Rayon (then known as ‘artificial silk’ a hybrid synthetic material invented by DuPont and after 1940 primarily of Nylon, a fully synthetic material developed again by DuPont.

The introduction of nylon in 1939 by chemical company DuPont began a high demand for stockings in the United States with up to 4 million pairs being purchased in one day. Nylon stockings were cheap, durable, and sheer compared to their cotton and silk counterparts. When America entered World War II, DuPont ceased production of nylon stockings and retooled their factories to produce parachutes, airplane cords, and rope. This led to a shortage and the creation of a black market for stockings. At the end of the war DuPont announced that the company would return to producing stockings, but could not meet demand. This led to a series of disturbances in American stores known as the nylon riots until DuPont was able to increase production.

Stockings then were ‘fully formed’ (Popularly termed FF’s) on a leg shaped mould with no stretch so were sized according to foot size and leg length. This lead to sags, a little is considered attractive but a lot is not!

These days stockings perform a purely s**ual and erotic function and are worn primarily for teasing and fetish needs. I wear mine with a garter as well as with my lovey suspender belts. I wear hold ups for my films and photos occasionally to enable wearing with a body or babydoll or similar lingerie item.


When Nylon fibres were developed and introduced by DuPont in the 1940’s, stockings were referred to as ‘nylons’ When the separate legs of nylons were woven together with a knicker or panty that covered the lower torso up to the waist in a single, integrated format, the term tights or ‘pantyhose’ was coined, since it was a one piece construction of a panty with a pair of separate hose, one for each leg. This joining together eliminated any need for suspender belts for holding up each separate leg covering. Their use in England boomed in the ‘Swinging 60’s’ as tights are ideal for wearing with the new ‘mini skirt’ and other figure hugging dresses where a suspender belt may ruin the silhouette. This required a lot more stretch so Nylon was interwoven with Lycra - yet another DuPont innovation. Us ladies have a lot to thank them for.

High Heels

I have always had a preference for wearing high heels and particularly stilettos coupled with a pair of nice sheer 10 Denier stockings and some lovely feminine suspenders, and I continue that habit today. This enables me to pa** on my worn items to you regularly.

High heeled shoes were worn by men and women courtiers until the French Revolution. When high heels came back in style in the late 1800’s, they were worn only by women.The stiletto heel came with the advent of technology using a supporting metal shaft or stem embedded into the heel, instead of wood or other, weaker materials that required a wide heel.Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo paved the way for stilettos by inventing the steel arch. Some historians also credit him with inventing the stiletto heel, while others credit French fashion designer Charles Jourdan. French designers such as Roger Vivier and André Perugia popularized the stiletto design in the 1950’s, which quickly spread across Europe and the United States.

After an initial wave of popularity in the 1950’s the heels reached their most refined shape in the early 1960s, when the toes of the shoes which bore them became as slender and elongated as the stiletto heels themselves. As a result of the overall sharpness of outline, it was customary for women to refer to the whole shoe as a "stiletto", not just the heel. Although they faded from the scene after the Beatles era began, their popularity continued at street level, and women stubbornly refused to give them up even after they could no longer readily find them in the mainstream shops. A version of the stiletto heel was reintroduced in 1974 by Manolo Blahnik, who dubbed his "new" heel the "Needle". Similar heels were stocked at the big Biba store in London, by Russell & Bromley and by smaller boutiques. Old, unsold stocks of pointed-toe stilettos and contemporary efforts to replicate them (lacking the true stiletto heel because of changes in the way heels were by then being ma**-produced) were sold in street fashion markets and became popular with punks and with other fashion "tribes" of the late 1970s until supplies of the inspirational original styles dwindled in the early 1980s. Subsequently, round-toe shoes with slightly thicker (sometimes cone-shaped) semi-stiletto heels, often very high in an attempt to convey slenderness were frequently worn at the office with wide-shouldered power suits. The style survived through much of the 1980’s but almost completely disappeared during the 1990s when professional and college-age women took to wearing shoes with thick, block heels. The slender stiletto heel staged a major comeback after the turn of the century when young women adopted the style for dressing up, office wear or adding a feminine touch to casual wear, with perhaps a pair of Levi jeans.


Slips serve various purposes. They help a dress or skirt hang properly, especially when static cling might otherwise cause the dress to wrap around the wearer's legs. They protect the skin from chafing against coarse fabrics such as wool; conversely, if the outer garment is made of fine fabric, a slip protects it from perspiration. A slip may be worn for warmth, especially if the dress or skirt is lightweight and thin, whereas in very warm or humid climates, a slip made entirely from cotton may be desired. Slips are often worn to prevent the show through of intimate undergarments such as panties or a bra**iere. A slip may also be used to prevent a silhouette of the legs showing through clothing when standing in front of a bright light source.

Types of slips

Slips fall into two major categories. A full slip hangs from the shoulders by straps that extend down to the top of the breast area, with a skirt below the bust. Full slips come in a variety of lengths; some extend down to the upper thigh, some to just above the knees, or just below the knees, while others go down to just above the ankles.

A waist slip is held on to the body around the waist by means of an elastic waistband. The waist slip is also available in the same lengths as the aforementioned full slip. Waist slips that extend down to just above the ankle are often called formal slips, or maxi slips. Mini slips are yet another size option for waist slips. They were first introduced in the 1960’s to wear under a mini skirt. American Maid manufactured waist slips that had vents and a rear zipper in addition to the elastic waistband. These slips were made of half nylon and half dacron polyester. As an alternative to the full slip, a waist slip with a matching camisole can be worn to provide full coverage.

Many slips have flor*l lace at the hem, vents or sideslits. Some of the older slips have decorations, such as a bu*terfly or flowers sewn into the fabric of the slip, and a pillowtab was also added to the waistband of a waist slip.

The vast majority of modern slips are made entirely of nylon, while others are made from polyester, rayon, acetate, silk or in some cases cotton. Still, there are others made of blends, and the label of the garment might read, for example, "40% nylon, 35% rayon, 25% polyester". Nylon slips are often shiny in appearance, and are very smooth to the touch, while polyester slips can even be more shiny with a real slippery feel, especially charmeuse or "satin" slips. Although charmeuse slips have very attractive eye appeal, they are not as durable as nylon slips, and often tear very easily, especially when wet.

Most of the slips made since the late 20th century are plain and lacking in detail. Intricate decorations and lace designs are almost completely absent from modern-day slips

Slips made in the 1940’s were mainly made entirely of rayon due to the war effort. In the late 1940’s some nylon slips began to appear on the market, and the vast majority of slips made in the 1950’s were nylon. In the 1960’s , slips were offered in a much greater variety of colours, including multi-coloured slips. Slips with a flor*l print design were also made available.

Suspender Belts

Suspenders or suspender belts, are an undergarment consisting of an elasticated material strip usually at least 2 to 3 inches in width; it can be wider. Two or three elastic suspender slings are attached on each side, where the material is shaped to the contours of the body. Most of mine are 4 hook, but have some 6 hook ones for my new films, so watch out for those. The suspenders are typically clipped to stockings with metal clips into which a rubber disc is inserted through the stocking material effectively 'locking' the stocking in place. These are normally attached to a length of elastic allowing for adjustment. These clips, also known as suspender slings, are best attached to stockings with a simple welt that do not have lace, or 'hold-ups' with a silicone rubber lining.

Suspender belts are usually worn at the waist or just slightly below to prevent the belt sliding down as it is pulled downward by the stockings. Some undergarments such as corselettes or girdles may come with suspender slings attached.

By the late 20th century and into the 21st, tights were much more widely worn than stockings. And some stockings, referred to as hold-ups, have a band of latex rubber molded to the stocking top to keep them up without suspenders. But suspenders continue to be used by people who prefer stockings over tights such as myself.

Stockings are often considered to be sensual or erotic, both in person and in photographs, and some people enjoy dressing up for special occasions in attractive suspender belts or basques.


Some women wore stockings with a plain elastic garter or narrow material tied tightly, not suspenders, or by simply rolling the top of the stocking, because it seemed more practical or they could not afford cla**ic corsetry, thus creating a kind of predecessor of the modern hold ups. This was particularly common among prost*tutes, servants and housemaids, particularly until the mid 1920’s when the more modern suspender belt rather than a full girdle became readily available. I have some lovely garters, both for custom photos and for sale for you to wear.

Dressing Gowns and Kimono’s

A dressing gown, housecoat or morning gown is a robe, a loose-fitting outer garment, worn by either men or women. They are similar to a bathrobe but without the absorbent material.

A dressing gown or a housecoat is a loose, open-fronted gown closed with a fabric belt that is put on over nightwear on rising from bed, or, less commonly today, worn over some day clothes when partially dressed or undressed in the morning or evening (for example, over a man's shirt and trousers without jacket and tie).

Dressing gowns are typically worn around the house. They may be worn for warmth, as a convenient covering over nightwear when not being in bed, or as a form of lingerie. A dressing gown may be worn over nightwear or other clothing, or with nothing underneath. When guests or other visitors are expected to enter the household while the host(s) are partially dressed or undressed, the hosts may put on additional clothing, such as a dressing gown.

The regular wearing of a dressing gown by men about the house is derived from the 18th-century wearing of the banyan in orientalist imitation. The gowns were frequently made out of fabrics such as printed cotton, silk damask, or velvet and were mainly worn by upper cla** men. By the mid-19th century, dressing gowns were used equally by both men and women as at-home wear. This gave men the opportunity to add colour to their somber everyday wardrobe. For women, wearing a dressing gown was a break from tight corsets and layers of petticoats. Ladies wore their dressing gowns while eating breakfast, preparing for the day, sewing or having tea with their family.

Dressing gowns continued to be worn into the 20th century with similar garments like hostess dresses, robes, and peignoirs being used. However, dressing gowns began seeing less frequent usage later in the 20th century as wearing such garments became increasingly a**ociated with idleness and lethargy. By the 21st century, dressing gowns have experienced little popularity and use.


The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of Japan. The kimono is a wrapped-front garment with square sleeves and a rectangular body, and is worn left side wrapped over right. The kimono is traditionally worn with a broad sash, called an obi, and is commonly worn with accessories such as zōri sandals and tabi socks.

Kimono have a set method of construction and are typically made from a long, narrow bolt of cloth known as a tanmono, though Western-style fabric bolts are also sometimes used.

The Japanese yukata is an unlined, cotton kimono worn as a bathrobe or as summer outdoor clothing.

Both kimono and obi are made from a wide variety of fibre types, including hemp, linen, silk, Japanese crêpe (known as chirimen), and figured damask weaves (rinzu). Fabrics are typically – for both obi and kimono – woven as tanmono (bolts of narrow width), save for certain types of obi (such as the maru obi), woven to double-width. Formal kimono are almost always made from silk, with thicker, heavier, stiff or matte fabrics generally being considered informal.

Modern kimono are widely available in fabrics considered easier to care for, such as polyester. Kimono linings are typically silk or imitation silk, and generally match the top fabric in fibre type, though the lining of some casual silk kimono may be cotton, wool or linen.

About me

I am aged 61, 5ft 3in, 17 stone, 54-44-54 inch figure. Small size 5 feet wide though with a very high instep so often wear a size 6 to gain the required width.

I now have well over 100 films available plus 300 plus photo sets. From pre SD to 4K. I’ll be rotating my films and photos on my ‘Instant Content’ here and the rest will be available via e mailed download link. Full illustrated catalogue available very soon for 100 KinkCoins redeemable against your first order or for my short list see the bottom of the page. Films priced from £2 up to £15 for my latest full length 4K.


I tend to follow a theme. At he moment it’s ‘Retro’ next is ‘Old Fashioned Foundation Wear’, then ‘Feet and Shoes Special’ then I might do Iris Apfel style ‘Maximalism’.


I also have a lot of my blog posts, on various subjects such as Beate Uhse, Polaroid, history of s** aids, Araki, Manuel Barancos ‘big legged’ Mexican women, the Vagina Museum, history of glamour magazines, Hugh Hefner and Playboy, Japanese fetish artist Namio Harukawa and various book reviews of a s**ual and fetish nature. This is now on website.


The Muses were the nine Greek goddesses who presided over the arts (including music) and literature. A shrine to the Muses was called in Latin a museum. An artist or poet about to begin work would call on his particular Muse to inspire him, and a poem itself might begin with such a call; thus, Homer's Odyssey begins, "Sing to me of the man, Muse" (that is, of Odysseus). Today a muse may be one's special creative spirit, but some artists and writers have also chosen living human beings to serve as their muses.

Custom Photos and Films

See my listings for further information.

Delivery and Payments

For U.K. 🇬🇧 delivery I offer free Royal Mail postage. This is safe, inexpensive, secure and reliable.

For Cryptocurrency payments before payment has been made, provide your full address and postcode, your full real name, plus a mobile phone number.

International orders are very welcome. I ship tracked airmail. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery, unless I happen to be in Europe anyway then it’s quicker. I’m often in Berlin, Lisbon and Budapest.

Message me anytime at all for a chat, to order, any enquiry, request or just to say hi! I’m nearly always available as I’m only online here on ATW/FLO now. Just message anytime at all and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

There is no obligation at all to buy just to chat with me. But please say so right away so as to avoid any potential misunderstanding.

My regular, repeat buyers get free and unlimited s**ting with photos.

Non buyers s**ting with photos is £25 a day, full payment in advance. Tip as you go with KinkCoins is fine too, 100 to start.

Please remember I pay to be here so need to be reimbursed adequately for my time, effort and emotional energy.

Please note my payment options and delivery caveats before discussing any order though to avoid and confusion or misunderstandings.

Extras such as extra wears or photos added on to delivery instructions after ordering and payment will not be accepted.

My deliveries include careful sealing in clear plastic bags, tissue wrapping, hand written thank you note, signed photos and sometimes a little extra. If you just want your items without the extras just ask.

Thank you very much for your time and interest!

Reviews very much appreciated! I’ll review you as well if we connect and work together.





🔞 🎥 Film List :

Full length films (5-30 minutes) :

Red Lipstick (December 2022) Full 20 minute film culminating in naked masturbation to multiple orgasms

Mink Fur Stole (December 2022) A lovely unhurried look at my newest lines

Blue Bra & Knickers Part #1 Full masturbation with moving finger vibe and clit vibe. Nipple orgasm. Filmed in my bedroom in England for privacy and intimacy.

Blue Bra & Knickers Part #2 Continues from part #1. Loud orgasms, I talk to you and relieve my cameraman.

Iris Apfel style Maximalism (September 2022)

Camera Vibe (August 2022) Very intimate film of me using a Svalcom camera vibe. Only available to regular buyers, pre order now.

Feet Special (July 2022) Ma**age, oiling, stockings putting on and removal, foot rubbing, high heel dangling, walking, pre order now.

Foundation Wear (July 2022) Heavy Duty old fashioned bras, girdles, stockings, high heels. Pre order now.

Evening/Opera Gloves (June 2022) My old fashioned lingerie and long black gloves, pre order now.

Valentine’s Special (May 2022) Full strip and masturbation to loud orgasms in red lingerie, black stockings and high heels.

Fishnet Stockings (March 2022) (Exclusive to ATW film. Full black lingerie outfit and naked masturbation in my bedroom at home in England. Out now on ‘Instant Content’.)

Yellow Lingerie (March 2022) (Exclusive to ATW film. Striptease and play from a dress, tan tights and yellow lingerie. Out now on ‘Instant Content’.)

Berlin Vibes (Berlin) 2021

Three Vibes (Berlin) 2021 Big pink bra, heavy duty slip, black thong and three vibes.

Fat and Naked (Budapest) 2019

Ann Summers Suspenders and Stockings (Berlin) 2021 Black stockings, boots, suspenders, plus masturbation with clit vibe over a mirror.

Night voyeur (Night vision pre SD)

Outside Masturbation (Masturbation on my terrace in Berlin using a clit vibe and s huge orange bra. I play with my huge breasts and climax, showing you extreme close ups of my aroused wet vagina)

White Girdle SD (My most popular film. Lovely white girdle and Triumph Doreen bra**iere)

Ann Summers Basque (Lovely sheer basque, hold up stockings or*l s** to loud orgasm)

Pink Babydoll SD (Sheer pink baby doll, stockings and knickers)

Ripped out fishnets (I rip out my crotch on my fishnets and climax with a clit vibe wearing spectacles and high heels) Available May 2022

Retro Tights (Tan tights, huge bra and short skirt. I rip out the crotch on my tights and climax with a new vibe) 4K 2021

Yellow Thong (Lisbon) 4K 2020

Black Camisole and Thong Part 1 and 2 (Lisbon) 4K 2020

Boots, Tights & High Heels (Lisbon) 2020

Heavy Hanging Breasts (Lisbon) 2020

White Flowery Bra (U.K) SD

Kinky Tights (U.K.) SD

Playing with my 44g’s (U.K.) 1991

Beige Slip & Clit Vibe (U.K.) 2015

Shower time fun (U.K.) 4K 2021 Soaping my huge heavy droopy breasts.

Purple Corset (Purple corset, purple crotchless panties and black hold up stockings. Tease and masturbation with a new vibe. Belly and breast swinging.) 2021

Black Shaper Slip and Orange Bra (finger masturbation in high heels, stockings, slip and bra. Taken in my bedroom at home in England) 2021

Beige Body & Orange Bra (masturbation with vibe in my ‘snap crotch’ body. Taken on a Barcelona chair at home in England) 2021

White Bralette (U.K.) 2021

Retro Compendium #1
Retro Compendium #2
Retro Compendium #3

All 4K films are £15, all others £10

🎥 Short films (2-5 minutes) :

Bralet Bra Drop

Close Up Masturbation (2 minute intimate exquisitely detailed film of my open labia, vagina and clitoris as I pleasure myself with my fingers as I lay back fat and nude in my bed in my heels) Out now exclusively on ATW ‘Instant Content’.

Heavy Hanging Breasts

Fat & Naked Breast play in my Kitchen

Black & White Wrap with black bra & knickers

Breast and Belly Swinging Special

Boob Play on the Terrace Short (Portugal) £2.50

Rosie Lingerie

Blue sundress and light blue court shoes

All short films are £5.

🎥 Film Trailers :

I’ll have film trailers 1 minute long for most new films shortly for £1, redeemable against the full film purchase.

Trailer #1 ‘Retro Tights’
Trailer #2 ‘Fishnet Stockings’
Trailer #3 ‘Purple Corset’
Trailer #4 Berlin Vibes’
Trailer #5 ‘Three Vibes’
Trailer #6 ‘Ann Summers’ Suspenders and Stockings’
Trailer #7 ‘Black Camisole and Thong’

🔞 📸 Digital Photo Sets :

Blue Bra & Knickers Blue lingerie - Blue lingerie, masturbation and held open post orgasm vagina.
Bra Parade - Compendium of my huge bra**ieres
Breast Prarade - Compendium of my huge breasts
Belly Parade - You get the idea
Purple Velvet dress and Purple Cage Bra**iere
Lemon Total Support Bra**iere
Black Kimono
Red Kimono
More Rosie Ochre Silk Lingerie
Blue Sundress and Opera gloves
Iris Apfel style maximalism (August 2022)
Feet Special (July 2022)
Triumph Doreen Bra**ieres (June 2022)
Rosie Camisole Lingerie (May 2022)
Sunset Stockings
Yellow Lingerie
Peach & Apricot Lingerie
Rosie Ochre Silk Lingerie
Opera and Evening Gloves (May 2022)
New Silk Stockings (May 2022)
Girdles and Slips (May 2022)
Purple PVC Corset 1996
Red Satin Corset 1997
Skoolie Strip
Hotel Tease
Red Strappy Top
Black Basque & Stockings 1992 First try of 10inch di**o
Greer Garson Corset 1999
Gold & Black Corset
Pink Cami
Lilac Baby Doll
Polka Dot Corset
Green cami 1999
Phone s** 1998
Purple Corset 2021
Black Shaper Slip 2022
Kinky Tights
Green Pleated French Knickers & Cami
Black Girdle & Fishnets
Low Boots & Tights
High Boots & Tights
White Teddy
Gold Lingerie
Fat and Naked in Porto 2020
Fat & Naked in my Kitchen (U.K.) 2021
PVC Skirt
Pink Bikini
Shoe Special
Sunshine Fun (Lisbon) 2020
New Vibes U.K. 2018
Cuc*mber & bu*terfly Vibe
Orange Scarf (Richard Well’s ‘Belly’ Magazine)
Marc’s Bodystocking
Polka Dot Stockings

📸35mm Photo Sets :

35mm #1 ‘Non Doctor’ Vibrator
35mm #2 Silk Pajamas
35mm #3 Leopard Print
35mm #4 Pink Lingerie
35mm #5 White Bra & Knickers
35mm #6 Black Bra & Tan Stockings
35mm #7 Bedroom Vagina Reveal
35mm #8 All Black Lingerie

All full photo sets are £10.

📸 Polaroid 600 Photo Sets :

Unique ‘one off’ physical sets. Boudoir, lingerie, upskirt, risqué, glamour and cla**ic nude.

📒Blog Post List :

Fat Fetishism
Manuel Barrancos - Big Legged Mexican women
Hugh Hefner - How Playboy started the modern s**ual revolution
History of s** Aids - surprisingly interesting
Namio Harukawa - Japanese Fetish artist
Araki - Rather pervy Japanese photographer
Mary Whitehouse - The self appointed guardian of our mor*lity
Polaroid - Instant photography revolution embraced by Andy Warhol
Prehistoric Fetish - surprisingly interesting ‘plus size’ elements to the subject
History of Evening and Opera Gloves
History of Shapewear
Bunny - The true story of Playboy
Iris Apfel - Maximalism (September 2022)
My Secret Life (September 2022)
A Brief History of Prost*tution (October 2022)
A Brief History of Marks and Spencer’s

“Cinderella is proof a new pair of shoes can change your life” Ted Baker London.

🔞 My profile is strictly for adults over 18 as I pursue adult themes, discussions and provide graphic home made films and photographs 🔞

The finest 1940’s 1950’s and 1960’ vintage lingerie available.

———————✳️Latest News!✳️————————

✅ My new full interactive e-commerce website is now online, please do pop by and say hi!

✅ My weekly blog, regular e-mail newsletter, my full films, my short tease films, weekly exclusive film clips, lots of my photos, my free film trailers, message me direct function, plus of course my worn intimate items for sale, including my nostalgia range.

✅ ApplePay, GooglePay, Credit/Debit card or PayPal secure checkout.

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