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These tall socks are so fun! List price comes with 24 hours of wear time, willing to do up to 7 days of wear for $5/day over 24 hours. Can also add on workouts for $3/workout

15.00 USD 150

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Socks tall socks knee high socks sweaty socks stinky socks sweat fun socks

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LittleBits US

Adopt A Bill...

Feeling generous? Adopt one of my bills! Various amounts and time frames to work around different budgets 😊...

15.00 USD 150

LittleBits US

3 Sock Bundle...

3 socks of your choice worn for 24 hours each. Can add workouts for $3/workout or extra days...

30.00 USD 300

LittleBits US

Pick Your Pair!...

Pick your pair! 1 pair for $10 plus add ons or 3 pairs for $25 plus add ons....

10.00 USD 100

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About LittleBits

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm [28F] a former scientist, currently working towards my PhD 🤓 so if you like nerdy science geeks, I’m your gal 😊

I spend all day on my feet, running around taking care of lab duties so if you like sweaty, smelly socks, I can definitely hook you up. I am definitely a nerd, and don’t mind making friends, so feel free to message me if you just want to chat 😊

Let me know if you want anything special with your purchase 😊 add-ons cost extra, my time is valuable, so you better make it worth it 😈

*I do have 2 cats and can do my best to make sure items don’t have dander or hair for those who are allergic*

❤️Panties $25 1 day wear. Additional days $5/day. p****d stain $5. c*m $7. Sweat/workout $3.
❤️Socks $15 1 day wear. Additional days $5/day. Sweat/workout $3.
❤️Lingerie $50 1 day wear. Additional days $8/day. p****d stain $6. c*m $10. Sweat/workout $6.
❤️Nylons $25 1 day wear. Additional days $5/day. p****d stain $5. c*m $5. Sweat/workout $6.
❤️Flats $40
❤️Sneakers/running shoes $55
❤️Heels $50
❤️Panty bundles: 3 pairs standard panties without add-ons $55. 5 pairs standard panties without add-ons $90.
❤️Sock bundles: 3 pairs without add-ons $30. 5 pairs without add-ons $45.
❤️Pics $7 (will do just about anything except nudes)
❤️Videos $10/minute (will do just about anything except nudity)**no live videos**
❤️s**ting $1/minute. 10 minute minimum. If you buy 20 minutes or more I’ll throw in 2 pics

Feeling generous? Send me a tip!


LittleBits currently has 60 items available & joined All Things Worn 10 months ago

Also sells the following:

High Heels Flat Shoes Socks

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