Soft Cotton Shorts | Well Worn | Booty Shorts | Scented And Used | Sleep Shorts Lounge Wear | Comfortable And Cozy | Sweaty And Tight

Soft Cotton Shorts | Well Worn | Booty Shorts | Scented And Used | Sleep Shorts Lounge Wear | Comfortable And Cozy | Sweaty And Tight photo

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Strawbaby US

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💖 Click for more Photos.💖 These were my hiking shorts for the past two summers.
<3..What you’re getting...<3
👉🏻2+ years of wear
👉🏻 solid 24hr wear included in price.
👉🏻 Smell me (freshly worn before shipping)!
👉🏻 Free Shipping to US!
💖Size -Small

-Extra Day ⏰$8
-c*m 💦 $10
-Sweaty 💦 $10
-🍋Staining $5-$10🤎
-🐱pop 🍭 $8
-Photo during wear 📸 +$3

🎀 I offer Bundles! 🎁-spend $60 and receive free pics of items in your order in wear or a free add on. 💕 (Content purchases can be applied towards this balance.)

💛Add ons on request, let me customize the wear for you! Check Bio to see what I offer.

23.00 USD 230

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Sweaty stinky Gym clothes gym shorts workout shorts Scented faded old looking Cotton Shorts cotton cute panties cotton Panties soft material silky satin Bed wear pajamas underwear sleep shorts pink blue Pussy ass sexy scent dirty cum scented creamy creamed cotton soft sexy tight worn Schoolgirl cotton leggings workout leggings sleep wear tights pantyhose stockings printed DDLG cute panties Girly Panties Pink Little Small Age play Sweet Young worn out wet cute

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About Strawbaby

Hi There! Thanks for stopping by! 🥰😘
💕Follow to see regular listings and pictures.💖 I offer Xsmall cuteness, unique finds, professionalism, and kinky fun!

💕 I want you to fantasize… 💕
💭A B O U T M E 💭
💖Tiny (5ft) / 100 lbs/ Small frame
💖 Big 🍑 With juicy thighs and a small waist⏳. VERY spankable 👋🏻!
💖 🍒 32B🍒
💖 US size 2
💖 Size XXS-Small panties 🩲
💖 Blonde Angel 👼
💖 Blue green eyes 💎💚
💖 Baby Feet 🦶 5.5/6

•Please respond and pay fast to reserve your item and spot. First come first serve thank you.☺️💕
•Just because you see it, doesn’t mean it is available. Listings do not erase till I ship them.
•You might have to wait alittle bit for a panty wear spot. So.. Claim, bundle, pay promptly to ensure you get your Strawbaby fix.
•Feel free to message me and ask any questions.💕
• Read info on my items please, 👇🏻 Scroll down to “what I offer”. Thanks!!! 💕💕

• 💵 Please message me once you send payment, letting me know you sent it. Especially if your order form has been sitting for a bit.
• 🚫🧴No Perfumes added. Only Natural Scents and Pheromones.
• ⏰ I typically respond within 24hr or sooner, although sometimes I get overwhelmed, get a lot of messages, or am busy. And sometimes, take off on weekends.
•💬 My kik is only for very kind regular buyers I have a relationship with, who like to chat and check up on me. I do not give it out at first , thank you! 🥰.

⭐️ What makes me stand out ⭐️
• All items in your order will be individually vacuum sealed, so freshly open one each time. 💦
• Discreet shipping, and item wrapped in tissue paper for extra discretion.🥸
• Most listings have 4 quality photos of the item on me.
•Professional. Every single person has always received their order in a timely manner. I also have a great client retention, so that must mean I’m doing something right! 😜

💖P E R S O N A L I T Y- Super sweet girl. Bubbly, Good sense of humor, Creative, Innocent, and very Horny 👅 🍆 💦.
💖 OFFICIAL PERSONALITY DIAGNOSIS- •Enneagram 4 •Myers Brigs type, INFJ.
💖O C C U P A T I O N- 🎨 I sell arts and crafts online through Etsy! I love my job so much! (So I go to the post office very often, almost daily 🥰).
💖 p**r (“spare change?” *clink clink 🪙🥫)
💖 Not on the pills, which makes for the best natural scent and wetness.
💖 Healthy af, I eat lots of veggies!🥦🍆
💖 🌱 Nature enthusiast 🌱 + 420 friendly
💖 Save the bees! 🐝 ✨ 🌸
💖 Mental Health advocate 🧠
💖 Kink friendly 
💖LGBTQ+ friendly🏳️‍🌈
💖Great conversationalist
💖 Introvert 🏡
💖 Cuddler 💤👨‍🍼
💖 Kinda sensitive, pls be nice to me 💕
💖 Texan 🤠☀️🌶🇨🇱🌵“yee-haw”.
💖 Cat person/likes cat pictures! 🐈
💖 Interests- Crafting, gardening🪴, Baking 🧁, Video games🎮, Anime✨, design, reading📖 , psychology, board games, DND, true crime docs, and Disney!🎀
💖💕💕💕-People pleaser. Be loyal and I’ll treat you royal 👑 💕💕..okay now for the good stuff 😈👇🏻

🥵 K I N K Y G I R L 😮‍💨
🎀 Praise me. I love a simp 🥰💕😇
🎀🧸 Little/DDLG/ABDL🧸
🎀🍼 c*m Sl*t 🍼
🎀 👋🏻 Spank me, spank me, spank me!🥵
🎀Body Writing 🖍 😳 (+ownership)
🎀🕯 Wax play🕯 (I like it hot 🥵)🕯🕯🕯
🎀 Natural sub , let me please you 🥺.
🎀Soft Dom/Pay for me/Daddy kink 👨‍🍼
🎀 The perfect amount of pain 🤤
🎀 Suck my toes 🦶

👉🏻 My Worn/soiled/played in clothing has 24 hours wear as standard.
👉🏻 Smell me (freshly worn before shipping).
👉🏻 Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal, Kinkcoins are all accepted.
👉🏻 Items come Vacuum Sealed.
••••• A lot of my listings are XXS-Small. A lot of my items also have the tags cut out. The reason being I have SPD and tags poke me. •••••

💖Old used PANTIES with signs of wear. (4+ years)  
💖 Have a dream panty you want me to wear?LMK 🥰😋
💖Pantyhose/ Tights/ Thigh Highs 🧦.
💖Dirty/used SOCKS (3+ years old socks). 
💖New SOCKS  
💖 Sleep shorts, and leggings.
💖 Gym wear, leggings
💖Smelly T-Shirts
💖 Lived in fuzzy slippers and shoes.
💖 From my bed -Pillow cases/ Throw blankets
💖Bathroom stuff
💖Vials 🧪
💖Wax strips / hair 💇‍♀️
💖ABDL items
💖Naughty candy 🍭

Customs WITHOUT item purchase👇🏻
💖📸 Feet Pics$3+
💖📸 Feet Videos $4-5 a minute.
💖 📸 Photos-$5
💖📸 Video- Typically around $7-10 a minute. (+$5 after the first 5 min)
📸 Selfie $3
📸 Custom photosets $20+
💖💖💖YES! I will show my face in content! Adding face, or full nudity does increase cost of your custom.
-For more info on videos, read digital content add ons.
- For an estimate of a video cost, please send me a detailed description of what you would like to see along with an ideal length. Try and think of an appropriate time frame for the action :). Wish I could, but I can not do 3 different video concepts in 5 min silly 😜. Hehe 😉.

-Content with a physical order.
💖 One photo of the item being worn for your order.$3 📸
💖📸3-5 min video of your panty order getting soaked during a playtime. 💦 +$25
Additional time after that is $5 a min. But can go up depending on the content. Message for details.
💖 Full nudity and/or face for slight additional cost.

• Available for purchase. Most are listed under video clips.
- Videos and photo sets are sold individually.
~ Complete Google Drive access will be available in the future as a subscription. Price points, and release date is yet to be determined. If having complete access to my Google Drive with no subscription is something of a dream come true for you, message me with an offer and I will either deny it or accept it. $100+

(I am very serious about my videos not being shared elsewhere, they are only for your enjoyment please ) . ❤️

💋 B U N D L E S 💋
🎀🎁Spend $60, choose between…
• Free s**y pics of each piece in your order being worn
• A free add on.
~ I know you're excited to stuff your face! 👅 👃.
💦🍑 A D D -O N S 🍑💦
💖+ 24h wear ⏰$8, extra days after 72hr are $10.
💖 Playtime panties, extra soaked in my special sap.$10💦
💖Make it sweaty! $10. I’ll work out with the item on.
💖Lemonade panties $5-10🍋
💖Chocolate stained panties 💩 $5-10
-🍭1 for $8
-🍭🍭2 for $15
-🍭🍭🍭 3 for $20
💖 📦 EXTRA FAST shipping. Package typically arrives in 2 days with a priority mail shipping label. +$5
——— all my packages come in a poly mailer with an official printed USPS shipping label. Very discreet.

🖤🧦 S O C K I E S 🧦🖤
💖Extra day +$3. (extended wear price can be negotiated after 4 days).
💖📸 Custom feet Pics$2+
💖📸Custom feet Videos $3 a minute
👉🏻 If you want them EXTRA sweaty STINKY I’ll need to work out. LMK if you want to reserve your sock wear during a workout day. Limited free sweaty spots each month.
~ Although, if the free workout spots are reserved for the month, OR you would just like your order mailed to you sooner… Adding a workout day to make them stinky is $10.
💕💕 🐈 I do have two cats. I keep a very clean home! But keep that in mind if you are allergic. Also since I am an extra clean person you might want to add extra days to make them dark and dirty.

-Sellers please do not copy my bio. It’s unique to me. I will help you with yours if you want!

Tip Jar: 🍯
If you like my pics and want to send me a sweet tip, I’ll send you a naughty picture or a picture of my face, or my cat! Lol🐈 , your choice ;).

📢 WANT MY ATTENTION? 📢 …I won’t be mad if you blow up my cash app 👅. Spoil me and prove you’re worth my time💸💸. You might just soak my panties tho 💦.

Cash app- @Strawbaby6
Venmo- @Strawbaby6

   💕👑You're Little Princess👑💕
If you want to spoil me, I accept Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal for the following <3
💖Coffee $5
💖Boba Tea🧋$7
💖Lunch $10
💖Smoothie $12
💖New panties $15
💖Flowers $15
💖Amazon/Target $20
💖 Donate to the “Get strawbaby to Disney World fund” $20
💖Art supplies $30
💖 p*ssy Wax $40. (I’ll send you a picture of my 🐱 when it’s nice smooth ).
💖Pay for me to take a day off my from small business $50(I love naps).
💖Video game $50
💖Pedicure $50
💖Shopping $75+
💖Hair Color $100

💸 A D O P T A B I L L 💸
•Water $30 
•Groceries $70
•Electric $70
•Netflix $10
•Disney+ $10
•Phone $100
•Mortgage $800

Thanks for taking care of me daddy! 😘💋🙏🏻

📦 S H I P P I N G  📦
• Discreet. All my packages come in a poly mailer with an official printed USPS shipping label.
•US orders Free shipping.
• I tend to ship the day I take it off or in the next 24hr.
• Vacuum sealed! And, I typically wrap the bagged item in brown tissue paper.
•International Orders shipping Paid by customer.
•Once it gets to the post office it is out of my hands, no returns or refunds. 💕
— 📦
• EXTRA FAST. Package typically arrives in 1-2 days with the priority mail shipping label. +$5

🔴🚫Things I DO NOT offer:🚫🔴
•No meet ups.
•No returns/refunds.
•Do not perform witchcraft with my items pls.🧙‍♀️
•I have never squirted before. 💦
•Baking 💩 into food.

🟡-Uncharted territory for me/Hard maybes-🟡
• No 🍆 pictures or ratings🙅🏼‍♀️.
•Humiliation towards you.
•I have never “stuffed” before 🩲.
•Access to my Google Drive, unless you have a pretty good offer💰.
•I’m kinda weird about booty hole stuff🍑.
•Complimentary s**ting.
🟢Things I love to offer/Enjoy 🟢
•As smelly items as possible!🤩 I have had best results with.. Multiple days of wear 3+, thongs, and 🍋💩 stained items.
•Bottles and diapers of lemonade!
•Hiking socks 🥾 🧦.
•GFE to familiar buyers.
• I love working with the same people over and over!! 😍
•Non s**ual chats.
•Unique custom content.
🌟 I love genuine compliments. If you cannot afford to buy something but like to p**k at my page and appreciate my Feel free to let me know that you like my photos, or my face. I really love that! I can be pretty self-defeating so all compliments are accepted and appreciated. 🥰💕.
🌟 I love intelligent sounding buyers. If your messages are witty, or just fun to read, or even just slightly thought out, you stand out to me!
🌟Receiving casual photos from you. Pets, scenic views, selfies.

💕Please remember to leave feedback! I love to share my positive experiences & thoughts on buyers. I am yet to leave a bad review. I avoid it at all costs because I know life happens and I don’t want to make anyone sad. Although, I will if it is necessary, just please do not overtly disrespect me and we should be good! 💕
…okay this is the longest bio ever, thanks for reading it. ILY!!!
• By using ATW platform & purchasing items from me (digital & physical) you confirm you are of legal age to do so. You are responsible for your own purchases & legalities.

• All order forms/payments must be completed within 72 hours as guided by Admin.
Any non completed orders within this time will be cancelled & unfortunately feedback will be left to protect other sellers & serious buyers.

️ IMPORTANT: Any content sold to you is to remain for your personal viewing use only. You may not share with others, you may not use it for monetary gain, you may not upload it anywhere including social media, pornhub or legal action will be taken. I remain the owner of the original content & have therefore own the rights.

️ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile, images or conversations in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this. ️

Strawbaby currently has 94 items available & joined All Things Worn 7 months ago

Also sells the following:

Panties & Knickers Thongs Lingerie High Heels Flat Shoes Slippers Pantyhose & Tights Gym Clothes Other Clothing

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