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Full back pink and white striped panties. Will wear this for 24 hours. Will be played in at least once or twice.
✨️Extra wear is available for $5 per day.
✨️No wipe is $10
✨️$15 extra for a 3-5 min video of playing in the panties.
✨️10 ml vials for $10 extra. Normally $15.
I get a very strong scent over 24 hours and highly advise this.
Will send proof pics during the wear. 🥰
💖Comes with 2 instax pics, 3 anime stickers I pick out based on the order, thank you card, and my happiness. 😍

25.00 USD 250

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Briefs panty panties soft goddess worship

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SoftieSimps US

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About SoftieSimps

Hey, I’m Alexis! 😘 Just your cute naughty librarian type that plays rpgs, watches cheezy shows anime in her spare time. 💖

**Not interested in posting every few minutes. If you stumbled across my page then it must be fate. Shoot me a message or like something of mine and ill break the ice for you. Looking forward to speaking with you sweets and creating some dirty little secrets between us.💖**

If I see on your profile that you only want to do business with certain people... I get that! People have preferences and I respect that. I won't reach out, even if you like or follow me 🥰 So if you are actually interested, let me know or dm me 😂

🍭 G-drive for available items:

💖 Website:

😍 I’d describe myself as :
- 5’8 blonde with long wavy blonde hair.
- Very rarely wear makeup so please let me know your preference.
- Porcelain skin and green eyes.
- 🐱= Tangy and sweet
- 👣= Vinegar with a hint of cheese
- Gamer (let me know what your favorite games are)
- Also an animal lover ♥️

💞Panty sizes range from L to XL, mainly XL.
💞I am open to taking custom requests
💞Foot size is 11 in women sizing and 9.5 in men sizing 👣
💞Feet with high arches
💞Bra size is 38 DD, have some old bras that are 36C
💞Soft 🙈
💞Am a switch but more so a sub. I like being put in my place but it definitely needs to be earned. People that try to force me to sub or dom will be left on read 😂

😺 I am a people pleaser at heart so if I ask a lot of questions that's why. If you tell me everything you want, I will enjoy it. 😉

🏅If you decide to spoil me with tips or items, I will be sooooo happy and spoil you back. I have a hard time asking for things and will probably just hint, but I won't demand anything, it makes me uncomfortable 😅 might jest a bit.

❤️ Masochist
❤️ Asphyxiation (I get off on the thought of someone leg locking me while I’m choking on them.)
❤️ Sweat

❤️ Sounds!! If you are noisy I am automatically in love and will do anything to get more out of you.

👻Snap Chat👻
Available to anyone who has made a purchase from me or something on my wishlist. Will give first dibs for things shown on there. I post day to day stuff on there but will be posting current site updates on there first. Let me know if you'd like to be added. 😊

Hard Nos!!! 🛑🛑🛑
-Children 🙄
-No meetups, but don’t mind the fantasy of it.
-Pushing my boundaries on my hard nos.
-Live critters
-I will not call you daddy. I already have one 🥵
-List is going to grow more as I explore 😂

Message me for custom content and feel free to ask any questions you like, I’m easy to talk to and very open-minded! No obligation! I’m happy to just have small talk as well. 🥰😘

-Panties 😍
-Gym Clothes 😋
-pu**y/a** Pops 🤗
-Bathwater 🥺
-Lemonade 🍋
-sp*t 💧
-Hair 🎀
-Masks 😷
-Shoes 🥰
-Socks 😘 (on hold atm)
-Chocolate 🍫
-Sharkweek 🩸
-Foot dust 💫
-Skype Calls ✨️
-Lush 3 play ☺️
-Free Shipping in the US.
-International shipping: Cost varies

🎉Add-ons request:
-Extra Days: $5 per additional day, after the 4th day it'll be $10 per additional day.
-No wipe: $10
-Stuffing: $10
-Custom videos are $5 per min
-Vials are $10 add ons
-Tenga eggs are $20 add ons w/o vid, $25 w video as an add on.
-Every order comes with 3 stickers, 2 instax pics, and proof of wear pics.
-Any other ideas? Feel free to ask 😘

✨️Contact Methods I have:
-Kik: absolutely hate it. Would prefer anything else. Would rather use snapchat.
-Snapchat **Only given to buyers that have purchased from me**

Payment Methods- 💸💸
** Preferred-**Cash app: $AlexisSimps
Venmo: AlexisSimps
Paypal: Ask

As a bonus!!! If you read my bio please send me the 🍭 emoji for a free add on to your order. 🥰

🤧 Allergies😪
- I have dogs! I’ll make sure everything is clean (can get ocd about fur) and inspect every item before shipping. I’m so sorry if you get a strand or 2.

🚫 No Refunds 🚫
If for any reason you change your mind about an item after its been delivered or prepared for you no refund will be given. If you disappear when an item is ready and/or I do not receive payment after 48 hours without communication, I’ll relist or bin it.

I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any item once it has been delivered to the post office. I’ll give you the tracking number to make it easier for us.

ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.

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