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Well worn Pink and white striped VS briefs

Well worn Pink and white striped VS briefs photo

Full back pink and white striped panties. Will wear this for 24 hours. Will be played in at least once or twice.
✨️Extra wear is available for $5 per day.
✨️No wipe is $10
✨️$15 extra for a 3-5 min video of playing in the panties.
✨️10 ml vials for $10 extra. Normally $15.
I get a very strong scent over 24 hours and highly advise this.
Will send proof pics during the wear. 🥰
💖Comes with 2 instax pics, 3 anime stickers I pick out based on the order, thank you card, and my happiness. 😍

25.00 USD 250

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Briefs panty panties soft goddess worship

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