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So, here we are again...
Back by popular demand...

Ok Ok, so no one actually *demanded* I return. But we're here now and you didn't block me in time, so let's just make the most of it shall we?

Don't let my charming exterior fool you - I make no claims of being the most prolific, or the most generous or the kindest buyer on the site. That all seems like a lot of work...

Get to know me and you too can expect these exciting highlights:

My track record of replying to messages is patchy at best, and I have been known to have a bit of a tantrum and go quiet for a while

I'll sometimes expect you to just know what I'm thinking without me messaging you

If I think you are annoyed with me I'll keep poking you, y'know, just to be sure.

Possessive and jealous in a way that is completely wrong for a site like this - To describe me as one of your favourites is THE worst thing...

I do seem to have this knack of keeping myself just out of your block list - you'll probably be irritated by me, but I'm not that bad. Usually.

Overall... 2/5 - Would not recommend.

But unfortunately...If you've made it this far, it's probably already too late, and you probably want to message me just to know WTF I am on about. And that's how it starts.... Mwuhahaha!!!

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BarackOllama UK

Breakfast and coffee in the sun...β˜€οΈ

With a splash of ATW of course😏

Morning everyone x


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > Can't relate 🀷🀷


BarackOllama UK

'You can find me in the club, bottleful of bub'

If by 'in the club' you mean 'in my kitchen'
And if by 'bottleful of bub' you mean a mug of coffee, or possibly hot chocolate.


BarackOllama UK

Definitely feeling older... Anyone know when the 'Wiser' bit kicks in?


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > Woohoo! Free time!.. I'll worry about all the things I'm behind with after the weekend... Good Morning β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ


BarackOllama UK

Ok so I'm no oil painting, but I've been assured that I am efficient and well-organised at love making... Which I'm sure you'll agree is just as good...


BarackOllama UK

Created a listing > π—¦π—΅π—Άπ˜ π—•π˜‚π˜†π—²π—Ώ π—˜π˜…π—½π—²π—Ώπ—Άπ—²π—»π—°π—² (π—¦π—•π—˜)

Do you yearn to be strung along for what seems like forever with an impolite and entitled buyer? Let me fulfill your fantasy!! I can be as indecisive and fickle as you like, slow with payment and I will of course haggle prices as much as I can. Optional extras such as proof of wear requests every 30minutes and a lifelong commitment to as hoc sexy chat following one purchase can all be added as required. HMU !!


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > Me trying (and failing) to be cool and aloof while she effortlessly pulls off 'serene and disinterested'πŸ€·πŸ™ˆ


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > When not being able to have you just makes me want you even more...


BarackOllama UK

And my dog stepped on a bee...

*Pulls face*


BarackOllama UK

Late night cravings in full swing just now...🀀


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > This doesn't happen often, granted...


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > Nope can't tolerate any more idiots today!


BarackOllama UK

Thank you for the tag @SomethingSweet 😘😘

I’m so into…. Right now

Sometimes it’s the little things that spark intrigue, let’s find out what you are into right now and celebrate the range of peeps here!

Book - That's Not How You Wash a Squirrel by David Thorne. Worth it for the title alone...

TV show - Ozark on Netflix. It's like game of thrones with Mexican drug cartels...

Tiktoker - jameshoffmancoffee... He makes me want to make coffee so I can be as charming and quirky and witty as him...

Snack- Anything with bread in, around or along side 🀀

Drink- mojito! Perfect blend of business and party allows me to maintain my dignified air of authority while getting smashed in a cocktail bar

Celebrity- Keanu Reeves... Just seems to be effortlessly cool and humble at the same time. I hate him. And I want to be him.

Sex position- I've said it before, and I'll say it again... In the shower, from behind , up against the wall 🚿🚿😏😏

ATWer 😜 - @lois19.... 😍😍😍😍

I tag @kisskissbang @lauren8500 @letti @jenjemm


BarackOllama UK

Added a new photo > Who does this remind me of?...πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”


BarackOllama UK

Let’s play #thisorthat food edition! Tag a couple of your favorite buyers or sellers to join in the fun! Thankyou for the tag @SomethingSweet

My tags:

* Hot dogs or burgers? Burgers I think, although I am now craving a foot long Weiner (ooer)

* Pizza or pasta? Pizza every time!!

* Tacos or wings? I have never eaten a taco without the filling ending up all over me, so wings wins it!

* Rice or potatoes? Rice I think, although not big on either really...

* Fruits or vegetables? Both dull. I'll go vegetables.

* Pancakes or waffles? Sorry waffles are overrated. Pancakes!!

* Chocolate or candy? Haribos, Fini, Maynard's fizzy fish. Sweets all the way 😍😍😍

* Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream. But only if it's hideously overpriced with some exotic ingredient or other...

* Cake or brownies? Cake. Coffee and walnut please.


BarackOllama UK

Good morning memes, positive thoughts, sexy vibes, uplifting quotes etc etc etc

Where's the coffee?


BarackOllama UK

Good Morning to all you beautiful wind tunnels out there xxx

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