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Please, no unsolicited sales emails. I love talking to new folks but please don’t make your first message one about selling me stuff. Thanks!

I’m a single dad, gainfully employed, and my time to enjoy the things I like is few and far between it would seem. When I do get the time I enjoy getting away to the ocean as it helps to centre and reset my mindset. So therapeutic. I like to be as active as I can. Hiking, biking, golfing, skating and snowshoeing in winter. I just enjoy being outdoors and doing my best to instill that love for the outdoors in my son.

So I’m here get to know some folks, make some connections and hopefully forge some business relationships with a small group of folks.

I’m an occasional panty buyer, preferring mostly digital content and experiences.

While I can totally appreciate a set of pretty feet and toes, I’m not that into feet. I’m also not into D/s, humiliation, degradation, simping, or sissification.

Also, am pretty much exclusively looking for Canadian sellers when it comes to physical items. I’m open to casting a wider net when it comes to experiences and digital content.

I’m not here to disrespect anyone or waste anyone’s time. I expect as much in return. I’m a person and not just a wallet. I also know we all have lives away from the internet and sometimes it all takes priority over places like this.

Enjoyed my time here before and hoping to reconnect with those lovely folks as well as meet some new!

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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Bluenoser CA

Sellers, I have a question. Are you currently in a relationship or are partnered up (however that may look for your personal situation)?

Bluenoser CA

Added a new photo > @teacherbitch sounds like you could use some positive vibes, so here ya go! 😉😊

Bluenoser CA

Things you can say when golfing that you can’t say while having sex:

- these balls aren’t going to wash themselves
- that’s a nasty looking divot
- I can’t believe how long it took me to find the hole
- I can’t believe this is open to the public

Bluenoser CA

Today would have been my parents’ 61st wedding anniversary. Dad’s been gone nearly 4 years now ❤️💔

Bluenoser CA

Unpopular opinion time (maybe): I sometimes feel as though I’m the only man that thinks that lingerie paired with heels just isn’t sexy. Maybe I’m too pragmatic in my thinking but that look doesn’t do anything for me

Bluenoser CA

Let’s play another round of “put a finger down”, don’t forget to share your score with the rest of the class in the comments 😝🤭

Never have I ever…
~Pretended something felt good
~Kept an opposite-sex friendship secret to avoid jealousy
~Sent a dirty text to the wrong person
~Been choked
~Embarrassed myself while intoxicated

Bluenoser CA

Put a finger down and then let me know your score in the comments 😈😜

Never have I ever…
- faked an orgasm
- licked food off someone
- hid a hickey with clothing
- made out in a public place
- fallen asleep during sex

Bluenoser CA

Added a new photo > Happy Friday ATW! Sending positive vibes your way!

Bluenoser CA

G’night ATW 👋🏻🥱😴 time for bed

Probably see you all again tomorrow…

Bluenoser CA

Man I am in such a Willie Nelson mood today. His discography is top notch and that voice is like butter.

Bluenoser CA

I’m sorry but Reese Witherspoon must have signed the same deal with the Devil that Paul Rudd has not to age even a day!

Bluenoser CA

Meeting #1 of the day done. 30 minutes to the next! Let’s do this, Monday. i gotchu!

Bluenoser CA

G’night ATW, having an early night tonight. Stay safe and kinky everyone

Bluenoser CA

Morning, ATW! It’s a frigid one here in this part of Canada today 🥶🥶🥶

-28C with a windchill of -44C (-19F / -47F windchill)

Am NOT going anywhere today

Bluenoser CA

G’morning ATW’ers!

Happy 🐫 day! 😉

Bluenoser CA


Bluenoser CA

Added a new photo > Let’s get at the day. Time to get “Up and atom” - “Up and at them!”


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