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✨✨✨ON BREAK - I will respond to messages when I return on Nov 27 :)✨✨✨

👋Welcome to my profile! :)👋
💃Short and to the point bio💃

📛 My name's Hana, I use she/her pronouns.
👡 Panty size S, 34B, US size 8 shoes.
🩺 Disease free, no medications, no birth control.
🧦 I focus on selling physical goodies, socks are my favorite.
💛 I do not offer digital goodies, like photo sets, videos, etc.; if we have an established and good relationship, I am willing to reconsider and work with you. I may have instant content available at times.
🛑 I’m a faceless and clothed (well, at least covering the intimate parts lol) seller.
🛑 I do not offer experiences like s**ting, girlfriend experience, etc. I do offer bundles of physical goodies that are more experience oriented. This is a hard boundary and will not be reconsidered.
💰 I accept Cashapp, Venmo, and Kinkcoins for payment.
💸 I do not offer refunds. Once an order is sent, payment is expected within 24 hours.
📫 Free shipping w/in USA (including AK & HI), international shipping capped at $20, rounded down to the nearest even number. Returning international buyers enjoy half off shipping!
📫 Packages for shipment may include brand names and logos, such as a reused Amazon Prime envelope or box. Specific details about contents of your package is NEVER displayed on the outside.
📱 I check ATW at least once daily and will respond within 24 hours. I thank you for your patience.
🤳Long and maybe a bit rambly bio🤳

Well hey there, I’m Hana! Hikara works too, even though it's my last name I use it like my first ;p She/her pronouns, please! I have sold on ATW in the past, I left and deleted my account so I lost my handfuls of 5 star reviews. 🌟 I’m grateful to be back and humbled to start over, I hope to be able to build up my positive reviews again. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I focus on socks, 'cause love 'em, all the different kinds. I like to cast a wide net though so I have plenty of other goodies around too. Take a p**k and reach out w/ any questions, always down for a custom order. 🫡

🎀About me🎀
🪁 Late 20s
🪁 Healthcare worker, I'm on my feet a lot!
🪁 No gym workouts; I do HIITS and yoga at home, walking my dogs keep me sweaty too.
🪁 5’5, 115lbs
🪁 Panty size S, bra size 34B, size 8 feet
🪁 Taken with a husband who is supportive of my time here (he’s willing to help with my wears🥰)
🪁 Pet filled and smoke free home
🪁 STD and disease free, no birth control on board (creamy panties anyone??, see the 🥚 below)

🥚I'm an egg donor and have been through cycles (had my eggs retrieved). I anticipate upcoming and ongoing cycles, so panty wears may be interrupted during these cycles. During months that I am donating eggs, I will continue to offer panties but cannot offer creampie add-ons.🥚

📚So, I thought it might be helpful to write a bit more about me and my approach/interaction style here on ATW. No doubt amongst the sea of sellers you'll find all kinds of services and goodies, all different kinds of personalities and quirks. For me, my time here is business. I'm not here for friends, a date, or a personal connection. It just ain't me. Asking and answering questions is a must for a purchase, of course. Even some personal questions just to build a bit of a rapport, for you to get to know who you're going to be smelling. Totally understandable. However, if that's all you're after, that's not a service I provide. This isn't meant to come off rude or cold, I'm not saying "hurry up and buy something," but I am saying that if you want me to fill a love, belonging, or social need, I can't.📚

✅What I offer✅
💚Physical goodies! Lots and lots of them! If I can wear it, I can offer it!
💚Socks, panties, shirts, shorts, pantyhose, bras, hats, scarves, gloves, bathrobes, and more!!
💚My husband is willing to help with wears if you are into that, keeping in mind that there is often a more expensive upcharge for his time and involvement.
💚Instant content is usually available on my profile.
💚Certain add-ons to physical wears, like lemonade. See each individual listing for more details, or shoot me a message w/ your request :)
💚Wears for items you've purchased for me, price on my end half off!
🟡What I may offer🟡
💛If we have a good relationship and have worked together in the past, I am willing to discuss:
💛Custom digital goodies, like photo sets or videos; keeping in mind that my hard boundaries will still apply.
💛Ongoing "subscription boxes" for my goodies, with either payment upfront (at a discount) or monthly/as needed payment.
⛔I do not offer⛔
💔 No face, no nudity, no voice.
💔 Most experiences like gfe, dom/sub, s**ting, findom.
💔 Off site services, like OF, premium SC, or communication off-site.
💔 💩 nor 🩸 (I hold that some staining, new and old, are part of life and may be present on panty wears. I will take measures to keep your item stain free if you request).
💔 Compromising my health or hygiene for goodies (i.e. no purposeful limitation of water for stronger lemonade, no skipping showers for more scent).
🎭My goodies are mostly for your nose. If you're looking for a "girl next door" type of vibe or want goodies from someone you barely know so you can fill in the blanks yourself, you'll find me enthusiastically raising my hand for you.🎭

💰Payment info💰
💸 I accept Cashapp, Venmo, WishTender, and Kinkcoins for payment.
💸 There are no refunds, exchanges, or replacements for my orders. Once you’ve paid, there is no going back, so be sure; I am here to answer any questions!
💸 Once an order is sent, payment must be within 24 hours or the order will be cancelled.

📫Shipping info📫
💌 Items are shipped via USPS, usually ground advantage/cheapest option that includes a tracking number.
💌 Packaging may be reused and not always unmarked, such as an Amazon Prime box or packaging with a brand's name/logo on it. Specific details about the contents of your package is NEVER displayed on the outside.
💌 Packages are NOT firm/solid, for bigger items one may be able to feel out the contents (i.e. feel that the bubble mailer has shoes in it).
💌 If you need ‘secretive packaging’, i.e. in a box or hard package, please let me know and be aware that there will be an additional fee starting at $5.
💌 Shipping is free within the USA (including HI & AK!) for the above; expedited shipping if you desire it is at your cost.
💌 I have lived in three different countries and understand how humbug international shipping fees can be. I am proud to say that I offer a special offer for my international buyers when it comes to shipping fees. Your shipping fees are rounded down to the nearest even number, and returning international buyers enjoy half off shipping!

📨Additional Order Information📨
🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️If your account disappears (i.e. if you delete it, get your account deleted/banned):
🤷‍♀️AFTER payment but BEFORE providing shipping information: You forfeit your payment. I do not provide refunds, and I will NOT honor shipping information provided from an alternate account as I cannot confirm your ident*ty.
🤷‍♀️AFTER payment and AFTER providing shipping information: I will wear and ship your order as discussed. If you deleted your account as a means to cancel your order, this method will not work. I will not cancel your order as once you delete your account, I do not have a way to verify your ident*ty. I do not keep record of my payment confirmations
🤷‍♀️Bottom line: Do not delete your account before wrapping up outstanding orders! The only exceptions to the above rules are if Admin steps in directly and communicates with me a course of action that they have approved.
🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️If my account disappears (like if I get suspended or banned)
🤷‍♂️First things first, I do not ever foresee a circ*mstance that would lead to me deleting my account with outstanding orders. The only situation that I have experienced where my account was removed was when it got banned by Admin, apparently for triggering an “auto-ban.” However! They were extremely helpful and reversed the ban in less than 24 hours!
🤷‍♂️If it does disappear, any and all outstanding paid for orders (with shipping info provided) will be completed as a copy is shipment information is sent to me via email. The only change is that proof of wear photos will not be provided as I will not have access to ATW. If you have not yet provided shipping info and are unable to, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Admin for next steps!

🔐Privacy and respect for you is a priority for me should we work together. I take measures to ensure that my home & devices that house your information are secure; I will treat you with respect and be upfront about what I can or cannot do for you. I ask that you do the same for me, please respect my boundaries and understand that no means no, it doesn’t mean “try to change my mind.”
📞I check ATW at least daily and will respond to you within 24 hours. I work two other jobs so please understand that I cannot consistently provide immediate responses. I thank you for your patience.

🎈Thank you for reading my bio! If you made it all the way down here, message me with your thoughts: everything can be cla**ified as either a sandwich or a salad. True, or absurd?

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Enjoy the scent of my hair and scalp! Worn for 4 days :) Extra goodies: 🍌 Extra wear -...

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Black VS Bra...

🍓 Worn for 48 hours (will be removed for showers, and during bed. Stored in freezer ziplocs to...

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Any video gamers? What’s your current game? 🎮


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How's everyone's week so far? Any fun plans for the weekend? :)

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