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About _kittycat_

Hello lovely humans!
Kitty cat (kitty to friend and prr-family) it's my name, so let's see what should you know about me...

I'm Italian so you know I'm spicy! And as the clichè goes I'm small, with dark hair and black and profound eyes.

Currently I'm looking for a Sugar Daddy... But any love would be awesome...

I love to rub coconut scented cremes on my pet*te body after a looong shower where I've touched EVERY inch of my body.

I adore feeling my clit at night over my panties under the warmth of my blanket, like someone it's there with me! Oh Lorde I wish I wouldn't be so lonely!

It would be such a delight if you bought my hot stuff... I wouldn't be so lonely thinking that you have my underwear.... Rubbing it against your body... smelling them...

Oh World!

And because I'm such a *sweeaty pie*, in every package, handmadely done of course (with lots and lots of love), there would be a teeny-tiny surprise.


If you would like to have me as your other-half for a day or more (if se really like each other) you have Just ti contact me! I would do many things...

Sweety-calls, morning and night text, s**ting and more!

Because of the wide variety of your interests and kinks... For prices we Will arrange love.

These days gender and s**uality are more fluid and accepted BUT I want you to know that all gender ident*ties are loved.

Remember that I love Little tips and gift (from my list) as a good Kitty should do...


(I'm down for a lot of things...)

🌜used panties;
1 day 20 £
2 days 25£
3 days (without showering or even cleaning) 30£

🌛used panties + masturbation.
(I m*sturb*te every single night before going ti sleep...)

1 day 20£
2 days 25£
4 days (without showering or even cleaning) 40£

🌜used bras
(I usually wear them normally for a week, Remember that I am a Ballerina)

1 week 20£
2 weeks 30£
1 month 40£
2 months 55£

🌜filthy Socks

3-5 days 10£
1 week 15£
2-4 weeks 20-35£

(With sp*t on them or even c*ming on them 60£)


(For example my beloved pearls... Or my earrings or Rings...Guess where they have been..)

15/20£ for each, then It depends on the size.

🌜Masturbation, feet adoration, Reading naked and more experiences

10 minute Masturbation videos (usually I cam in even less time... When the Company Is right 20£

10 minute of SMASHING FOOD on the ground 15£

10 minute of me Reading naked (in italiano or in english, orrrr in German but with an awful accent, you decide)

10 minute a of ⭐feet adoration⭐ in my bathtub or where It please you the most 20£


I won't stress this enough, everyone needs love and tenderness!

The BEST-FRIEND EXPERIENCE would satiate of that participate type of love that you get only from your support system.

We could Watch films together, eating together, go for a Wall, grocery shopping and soooo on

Get ready for work or preparing for an exam!

Anything that would make you feel safe and

As said before I would adore to have a more intimate connetion with you...

You know morning texts, wishing you all the best and sending my love to you..

Calls where you tell me how your day went and how Patricia ruined your lunch break...again!

Sending you videos of my dancing in my room careless and free of any fear of this world...

50£ for a day

-20 minute a calls
-max 30 Min Skype
-pictures and short videos

Would you like to watch films or have dinner or a gla** of wine together?

Our Little dates would be 30minutes/ 1h long... Wouldn't be lovely?

It would be around 30 £, I KNOW a Little proxy but It would be Just you and me...

P.S. I"m not comfortable showing my face


-HEIGHT 5.0/ 1,59 m
-HAIR dark Brown
-EYES black

I LOVE to have being treated with some gifts.. i can be REALLY grateful


Age: 18-21

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Average

Occupation: Student

Joined: 3 months ago

Profile Visits: 2702

What I Offer

Panties & Knickers Lingerie Bras High Heels Boots Socks Pantyhose & Tights Stockings and Suspenders Skirts Tops Other Clothing Accessories Photo Sets

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_kittycat_ IT

Boots Driving To...

I would love to presente you to my driving video! I was so scared to make my phone...

20.00 EUR 242

_kittycat_ IT

Black Thong...

This Is more elegant example of what my closer... Black with some Pink details, practical seethrough. This comes with two...

20.00 EUR 242

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_kittycat_ IT

Buonnnnnn pomeriggio biscottini,

come state oggi? How are you all?'


_kittycat_ IT

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_kittycat_ IT

Added a new photo > Hello cuties... Do you like this colour on me??


_kittycat_ IT

Buongiorno ragazzi miei 😘😘


_kittycat_ IT

Buona notte signori,

Che possiamo fare sogni felici 😍


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Added a new photo > What do you think about these cutie pie?


_kittycat_ IT

Hello bubblessss,
How are you today??


_kittycat_ IT

Buooooongiorno scoiattolini ⭐🍰⭐🍰


_kittycat_ IT

Good night my lovely lads 😘😘😘


_kittycat_ IT

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_kittycat_ IT

Buon giorno topolini 🎂💘,

Come state stamattina?


_kittycat_ IT

Buona notte amici🍒❤️

I'm solo tired.... If you any ideas for tomorrow let me know in my inbox.

Don't be shy 🥰
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