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*i will be leaving atw by march 2023. it's been a great 2 years but my wallet is crying😭 thank you to all the sellers who made my time here great!*

Hi, hope your day's going well! I'm here because I love women's feet more than anything else!

I mainly like socks and low-cut, closed-toe shoes, especially ones with deep dark footprints inside🤤

I will also buy panties from sellers if I feel we have a special connection.

I'm especially interested in buying from ballet dancers, college students, teachers, flight attendants, office ladies, nurses, and waitresses!

If you have any giantess videos message me ASAP, I love those!

Lastly, I ignore messages like "Hi" or "tell me what you're into". If you read this bio you would know! On that note, if it's clear from your opening line that you did read my bio, you already have a foot in the door (pun intended) with me :)

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High Heels Flat Shoes Trainers / Sneakers Slippers Uniform Shoes Socks Photo Sets Video Clips

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MysteriousMrC US

i love it when a seller starts off pretty tame but gets freakier and naughtier the longer they spend on here😈 it's so hot to see how some of my favorite sellers have grown😍

MysteriousMrC US

you know that one scene from spongebob with the furniture leg and squidward's toenail? well that happened to me today😬😫 guess i'm not gonna be a foot model anytime soon lmao

MysteriousMrC US

found out my dick is a half inch longer than i thought. today's a good day😎

MysteriousMrC US

almost every time i check out a seller's bio i see "no meetups", which makes me wonder: is there anyone here who DOES do meetups?

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