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The King of AllThingsWorn 🤴🏾
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Half Latino & Half Black for yall ladies 😏 I hate being sober 😭 420 Friendly over here 👀

Looking to mainly buy from 18-21 y/o but any age above is still welcome for me to purchase :)

I love women who have smelly feet. I'm someone who loves to buy smelly and sweaty socks that have been either worn to the gym or been on your feet all day long doing errands or busy at work 😊 I prefer sellers that wear white sneakers or adidas superstars. Ankle socks are my favorite 💯

I love buying used thongs. Wanna know how I like my thongs ? Very Musky and sweaty. I love buying used thongs that have been worn in workouts. I prefer thongs to be worn in the gym rather than a day session of doing errands. I want to make sure that I get to enjoy thongs that have that good pu**y smell absorbed to them. Creamy thongs are a plus as well. I love buying used thongs mostly from women going through ovulation. I love the smell of sweaty a** 😍

I love sweaty stinky armpits from pretty chicks 😘 if you got funk underneath ya arm, put a facemask underneath it and sell it to me!!! Lol

I also love when women rate my d*ck. I prefer positive and honest d*ck ratings. Read my reviews and see what others have said about it 😘 Let's have some fun!

I am a serious buyer and my reviews definitely speak for themselves 😇. Im hoping to find sellers that keep the same energy as me and put in the work for the smelly items I buy from them. Been buying used items since I graduated high school and the adventure never stops. I'm just here fulfilling my journey on All Things Worn 💯

Anyways, if you made it this far, thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day ❤

Age: 21-25

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Thongs Socks

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NycKing159 US

1 more review till I get 150 😊


NycKing159 US

I'm always trying something new, bought my first pussy pops and my God this joint taste amazing ❤ feels so sexy as fuck to lick a lollipop that was inside a special someone's pussy 😍


NycKing159 US

Added a new photo > Licking that yummy cream off them thongs 😍😍 how my morning looking like ;)


NycKing159 US

Was honestly insecure of myself till I join this site. The amount of compliments I've gotten, sometimes i dont know how to take it in, so I may sound blunt to it but all love is appreciated ❤


NycKing159 US

I swear I love buying smelly thongs from different races of women on here 😍 let me smell your culture lmao


NycKing159 US

Which Juice is better? Apple juice or Orange juice ?


NycKing159 US

Random but gotta support my brothas 💯💯 I'm so glad the sellers on this site have a diversity of buyers they can hear from or go to. Let's keep it up and keep spoiling our Queens 💯❤


NycKing159 US

Added a new photo > Throwback when I had longer hair. Oh P.S if you was one of them folks jamming to "Rap Devil", we cant be cool! 🤣🤣 #KillShot


NycKing159 US

Added a new photo > "Did you enjoy my smelly thongs ?" Me:


NycKing159 US

PSA to some sellers, please double check addresses before mailing off the order just incase. I had 2 different incidents where my Apartment was not included on the package but only my street. I live in a building so without putting my apartment, the package can be sent back to the post office. Luckily the mailman decided to leave it in the lobby as I was looking for my packages because it said "Delivered" before anyone else couldve prolly took it. City addresses look different compared to like the suburbs. Remember folks mostly live in buildings and not houses so more likely they live in Suites or Apartments so have that included as well. 😭 I just dont wanna have anxiety everytime I order so dont mind me yall


NycKing159 US

It's been a minute since I ate pussy but good thing these creamy thongs help for now 😍


NycKing159 US

Yall so fucking sexy, I can only imagine how swagged out yall look in y'alls outside outfits 😍


NycKing159 US

Thank you to all the wonderful sellers here who work hard in getting items smelly just for buyers to enjoy 😘 you're all appreciate heavy

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