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Updated: May 2024

*Will be away in Asia for business & pleasure from the end of May to early June*

The profile photo is a shot of @Yanyanfootjob-"The Queen of silky nylons here on ATW."

*LOVE blasting my hot creamy load all over your worn wet panties. If you're privileged enough, I might even send you a pic of the wet messy aftermath.*

@LexyNoir69-My Strength & Sexual virility. My fire & 4-ever Queen Bee. There is none like you.

I was recently asked what I do with all the panties that I buy. I like to cover my CA. King-size bed with them; bask in them; swim in them!

I've had a helluva run on ATW. Might be retiring soon from the panties/pantyhose buying business. Catch me while you still can ;)

THE #1 Top Premium Buyer on this platform. Over 800 purchases & counting. The King is here to spread generosity, positivity (+), creativity & to have some kinky fun. Love making connections with all my Sexy Sellers.

Stop PayPal from discriminating against sex workers! Please sign, share, and donate. Let's end the stigma for sexxx workers.

*KINK coins given away so far: lost count after 25,000+* They don't call me the kink coins Fairy God Father for nothin' ;)

**FEELING your sensually infused erotic energies through each of your clothings: Black face mask worn on your face all day; hot breath melted against the fabric w/ dark crimson lipstick smeared up all inside; well worn bra rubbing gently against your hard nipples; cum soaked panties & sheer silky smooth nylons with the runs on the side & the hole your lover made on the crotch area.**

Some quick tidbits:

So you're a Seller who doesn't show face? No problem. I totally respect the need for privacy & discretion. You want payment up front? No problem as well! Just deliver on what you promised. You love to be spoiled? Spoil me & I'll gladly spoil you back ;) You have pets? Great, I'm a cat, dog & animal lover! Unshaven & a bit hairy? MmmmM love that as well! My favorite Buyers I've spoiled with: Ca$h, crypto, gift cards, airline tickets, flowers, food/alcohol, lingerie, massages & ofc toys-lots & lots of toys & we're not talking Legos here. Ha! ;)


Over a thousand confirmed buys between ATW & Pantydeal. I've bought panties from women all over the planet and from all different races/ethnicities, sizes, shapes, backgrounds & occupations. If I decide to do bu$ine$$ with you it’s no hassles, no drama, no B.S. The bottom line is: You get paid! $$$. You've tried the rest, now try the best!

Semi- retired 40 something y.o. (w/ a libido of a hormonal 20 y.o.) gentleman (except in the bedroom ofc *wink*wink*) with a little too much time & $$$ on his hands.

I try to respond to all my messages. I've been getting a ton lately, so please be patient. I have a Yuge (sorry Bad Donald Trump impression <admit it, I made you laugh or at least smile>) fetish for worn silky black nylons, exposed black bra straps & shiny black disposable masks.

Don't be shy ladies. Feel free to drop me a line. I promise I won't bite...okay, maybe just a nibble ;)

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Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Happy Memorial Day weekend to all you sweet n sexy ladies ;) XOXO

Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Thanks Tesla for paying for all my goodies this week ;)

Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Had a Seller gift me all her coins before leaving this site, as it just wasn’t for her. In honor of her generosity, I’m giving these away. #Freekinkcoinsgiveaway

Pchn888 US

Pickleball & Sex keep me in shape ;) What keeps you in shape?!

Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Guess the amount in my wallet? Whoever is closest or guesses the exact amount win 100 kink coins. Only 1 guess per person plz ;)

Pchn888 US

Happy MILF Day to all the Sexy Ladies of ATW! XOXO

Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Won $$$ & came twice today so I’m in a generous mood ;) Who wants some free coin$?!?!

Pchn888 US

Starting today, the #1 Seller for the week will automatically get my busine$$ (either through purchase and/or tips.) If you happen to be that Seller, just message me ;)

Pchn888 US

HUGE shoutout to @Tina_j for creating one of the hottest custom destruction videos I've seen in my life! Still basking in the afterglow...

Pchn888 US

Checking my investment portfolios, while shopping for panties & pantyhose. Life is good! ;)

Pchn888 US

Added a new photo > Give me 3 good reasons why you deserve some free kink coins. If I’m impressed by your answer, I’ll send u $ome ;)

Pchn888 US

Very happy & excited to be working w/ @TheGirlNextDoor005 again! One of the hottest ladies I've encountered on this site. The woman takes my breath away...

Pchn888 US

The King is always happy to help stimulate the ATW Economy ;) XOXO

Pchn888 US

So many Sexy Gorgeous ladies on ATW & so little time. Wish I could clone myself & deal with each & every one one of u @ the same time…


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