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@LexyNoir69-My Strength & s**ual virility. My Queen, Kindred Soul & Spirit. There is none like you.

"Be our words but as wind & our hearts but as ships. That sail into thy soul from the sp**ch of thine lips."

I was recently asked what I do with all the panties that I buy. I like to cover my CA. King-size bed with them; bask in them; swim in them!

I've had a helluva run on ATW. Might be retiring soon from the panties/pantyhose buying business. Catch me while you still can ;)

Top 0.01% Buyer of all time. The King is here to spread generosity, positivity (+), creativity & to have some kinky fun. Love making connections with all my s**y Sellers.**WorkersGetPaid

Stop PayPal from discriminating against s** workers! Please sign, share, and donate. Let's end the stigma for s**xx workers.

*KINK coins given away so far: lost count after 25,000+* They don't call me the kink coins Fairy God Father for nothin' ;)

**FEELING your sensually infused erotic energies through each of your clothings: Black face mask worn on your face all day; hot breath melted against the fabric w/ dark crimson lipstick smeared up all inside; well worn bra rubbing gently against your hard nipples; c*m soaked panties & sheer silky smooth nylons with the runs on the side & the hole your lover made on the crotch area.**

Some quick tidbits:

So you're a Seller who doesn't show face? No problem. I totally respect the need for privacy & discretion. You want payment up front? No problem as well! Just deliver on what you promised. You love to be spoiled? Spoil me & I'll gladly spoil you back ;) You have pets? Great, I'm a cat, dog & animal lover! Unshaven & a bit hairy? MmmmM love that as well! My favorite Buyers I've spoiled with: Ca$h, crypto, gift cards, airline tickets, flowers, food/alcohol, lingerie, ma**ages & ofc toys-lots & lots of toys & we're not talking Legos here. Ha! ;)


Over 750 confirmed buys between ATW & Pantydeal. I've bought panties from women all over the planet and from all different races/ethnicities, sizes, shapes, backgrounds & occupations. If I decide to do bu$ine$$ with you it’s no ha**les, no drama, no B.S. The bottom line is: You get paid! $$$. You've tried the rest, now try the best!

Semi- retired 40 something y.o. (w/ a libido of a hormonal 20 y.o.) gentleman (except in the bedroom ofc *wink*wink*) with a little too much time & $$$ on his hands.

I try to respond to all my messages. I've been getting a ton lately, so please be patient. I have a Yuge (sorry Bad Donald Trump impression <admit it, I made you laugh or at least smile>) fetish for worn silky black nylons, exposed black bra straps & shiny black disposable masks.

Don't be shy ladies. Feel free to drop me a line. I promise I won't bite...okay, maybe just a nibble ;)

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If any of you ladies have some extra coins you want to sell off lmk ;) I can pay cold hard ca$h.

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Added a new photo > Immaculate packaging & presentation from the one & only @LexyNoir69 #FavoriteSeller#

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Added a new photo > You sexy ladies keeping me busy. Might have to hold off on that retirement ;)

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The King might be retiring soon, so catch me while u still can ;) XOXO

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GM to all the beautiful exquisite sexy ladies of ATW! The King wishes you an amazing, productive & profitable day ;)

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Added a new photo > Shout out & thank you to @TheGirlNextDoor005 for these magnificently scented panties ;)

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Added a new photo > Thanks Bitcoin for paying for this months ATW goodies

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Hello all you gorgeous sexy ass ladies. The King (or lion) is on the prowl today ;)

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Thank you to all you Sexy ladies for helping me reach my 260th review ;)

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