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I’m happy to chat and discuss kinks/content so I’m always happy for sellers to message first.

My biggest kink/fetish is sneezing! Which is a major turn on for me! Intrigued?
I get asked all the time what I like about sneezing, so I thought I’d put it in my bio.

Several parts to it.
Nose rubbing: kind of a sign that someone has an irritated nose and it might lead to a sneeze. Do love to see a good nose rub or a pinch.

The build up and the pre sneeze face: those few seconds where the person can’t control what’s going to happen. Face scrunches up, breath deepens and they start to hitch!

Then the sneeze itself: is it loud, girly stifled! How many sneezes, 1 or 2! Is it a fit? A prolonged fit maybe?

And then I also love being blessed if I sneeze or blessing someone if they sneeze.

Then recently I’ve got into the aspect of being teased with it. So I’ll be told that they’re sneezing or have an itchy nose and think they are going to sneeze. I might get a pic or a video of them rubbing their nose or having a false start. Then later in the day get more updates before getting a clip or two of sneezes

No more fetish’s really! My second biggest turn on are boobs add that to the sneezing and I’m anyone’s! 😂😂
Otherwise all pretty standard stuff! Boob play, strip tease, pussy play, squirting, girl/girl etc

I look forward to chatting, getting to know you better and of course hopefully working together on some content!

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Professorjp08 UK

Good evening, hope your Saturday is going well.
I have a kink for sneezing so always looking for sellers to work with around sneezing content, message me if interested or intrigued. Xx

Professorjp08 UK

Long arse day but finally made it to Manchester! Now for some dinner and a relaxing night! Xx

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you all, half way through the week, we’ve got this!
Hope you are all doing well, and that you have a good and kinky day xx

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning and happy titty Tuesday! Certainly one of my favourite days of the week! 🥵🥵😈😈
Hope you are all well and that you have a great day and that it is full of boobs! 😘😘

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning! Happy Monday, hope everyone’s weekend was good and that you are all well.
Let’s start the week off with postive energy! Have a good one all 😘😘

Professorjp08 UK

Late good morning to you, hope you all have a fantatsic sinful Sunday! 😇😇😈😈
How are we all today? Xx

Professorjp08 UK

Happy sneezy Saturday! Hope your Saturday is going well, anyone up to anything exciting? Xx

Professorjp08 UK

It’s been a busy and rough couple of days! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your frisky/freaky Fridays xx

Professorjp08 UK

What a god damn awful and depressing day it is out there!
Hope that you are feeling more up beat then me! Have a good one sexy peeps! Xx

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning and happy wet Wednesday! Hopefully it’s not just the weather that is wet today! 😈😈
Have a great and hopefully kinky day people xx

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning and happy titty Tuesday! I do love Tuesdays! 🥵😈
How are we all today? Any nice plans? Work for me with a little distraction from here thrown in! 😉😍😘😘

Professorjp08 UK

Good morning and happy sinful Sunday! I have woken up extremely horny and have the house to myself all day! Fun times ahead 😈😈😈

Professorjp08 UK

This site has made me appreciate a bum so much more, however you still can’t beat boobs! They absolutely rule! 🥵🥵😈😈

Professorjp08 UK

Good evening, how’s you sexy/sneezy Saturday going?
Busy one for me but now at home and nice chicken curry slowly cooking away! 😍😘😘

Professorjp08 UK

Busy busy Friday! However that’s me sone for the working week! Here’s to the weekend and some sexy, kinky, flirty, dirty fun!!

Professorjp08 UK

No lie in this morning for me! Happy Thursday, hope you are all well and have a fun and fabulous day xxx

Professorjp08 UK

Added a new photo > Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are having a great day! ❤️💕❤️😘

Professorjp08 UK

Right that’s me done for the day! Good night everyone! Enjoy the rest of your evening xx


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