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SomethingSweet. (Noun)

submits to @Tomjones. Respect her position....but business as usual ❤💜

Appears to be shy and innocent. Blushes often. Sells high quality items with care and cla**. Frolics in pleasant conversation but addicted to naughty chat. Ultimately won over by intelligence and charm. Sweet scent, sweet nature. But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. Here for a good time, not a long time.
Can appear coy but my demure front is part of the Sweet’s charm. I’m very open minded and a lot of fun! Im not pushy but incredibly attentive. You will see for yourself once you DM me. 😉

I’m kinda like the best kept secret of ATW. Well done for finding me…. Let’s see if you can keep me. I am the prize remember. I expect attention.

I take “Sweets” style photographs. In a bold move, I will no longer be leaving my photos on my profile. You wana see me you will have to tip me.

Cash app: £somethingsweet69 send me a tip, I will send you a treat.
Tell me what you want me to spend it on… flowers… shoes…. lingerie …. Prosecco all acceptable 😉

Ps. No face, no telephone talking, no face

🚫 ‼️❌And point to note!! Without being rude.... My content is MY CONTENT... you do not have permission to share, copy, distribute or any other nonsense, with what I sell or send. Personal viewing and use only. ❌‼️🚫

Age: 30-40

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Curvy

Occupation: Entrepreneur

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Panties & Knickers Thongs Lingerie Gym Clothes Photo Sets Experiences

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SomethingSweet UK

Sweet’s Pick &...

Great for those of you on a budget or just not sure what to buy. Items will not...

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SomethingSweet UK

Frilly Ankle Socks.......

48 hour worn ankle socks.... available in white or black Can add a gym session to wear for extra...

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SomethingSweet UK

good morning beautiful people!! Do you know that the most valuable thing that you can give someone is your time. So send that message…. Soak up the time you get from others. And tip your sellers if they do give up their hours for you! # somethingsweet


SomethingSweet UK

Erm… anyone else had the carpet fitter on their Tok FYP!! Like knee, baseboard…. Sweets fecking drooling 🤤

It has been too long since I was last baseboarded clearly!!! 🙈🙈🥵🥵🥵
3 | Lucillebells Got_Milk Maddiereed Fetish_Dreamer


SomethingSweet UK

Good morning all you gorgeous people! I’m up before the sun today! Run was a bit chilly this morning, definitely 🍂 autumn now! Stay kinky xxx


SomethingSweet UK

FYI…. If you send me a dick pic and I did not ask for it or you did not pay for the privilege then I’m just going to share it with everyone else along with how much of a knob you actually are.

Today is not the day and I am not the one. Thank you.


SomethingSweet UK

Buy my stuff… don’t buy my stuff. It’s you who will regret it if you don’t 😉😘


SomethingSweet UK


Let’s talk sub drop. A very true very irking reality. Yes it can happen to Dom/Dommes too but I have not experienced this… I ramble only about my realities in my musings. (Before I get a lecture 🙃)

I am not an oracle in any respect and there are many blogs here that reference aftercare and safe BDSM practices. So if you wish to research this more, then google away or ask one of the beings on here who do offer advice in this field. But what I do wish to reference is that regardless of how attentive your Dom is during your aftercare, sub drop can still set in. If you know you know. But my subdrops usually come the day after an incredible session. I’ve had the best time, I’ve received all the dopamine that my brain can handle. I felt sexy and protected. Then that pang of abandonment, sometimes the uncertainty of knowing whether you pleased or not, that need for another hit of happy. The need to be needed? The need to be wanted? Now my Dom cannot be with me or in contact with me all day everyday and in reality I would not want that but the bratty me who pushes all boundaries for a reaction, she does. I spoke in one of my last utterings about feeling safe and how that is an ultimate turn on for me. Well this is the limbo in what I am being trained on right now. That safe doesn’t also mean together or present. That connection is still there even when we are not in contact. If I have struck a cord or I have resonated with even an iota of your experience then my 10p for what it’s worth…. Remember to look after yourself! Selfcare is just as important as aftercare. It is your Dom’s responsibility yes, to provide aftercare, but it is YOUR responsibility to continue it. My routine afterwards is always the same…. To you it may be ridiculous to me it is “reset”. Long walk, bath, journal, loungewear and lots of naps the next day. I try my best to avoid alcohol because I need to actively process and alcohol makes everything more complicated. And yes my life and sex life is already complex enough!

Apologetic as always for my ramblings and any typos of course!

Your Sweets x

#somethingsweet #sweetutterings


SomethingSweet UK

Rise and shine little ones! Hope your day is full of naughty xx


SomethingSweet UK

Sweetdreams you beautiful peeps! 💜💜

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