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🍏 = Looking to buy something specific
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I'm more into physical items over digital items.

When I look to buy clothing items, I want them to be around my sizes so I can also wear them!
(I love satin and latex/leather, anything shiny is a plus)
Panties: 2XL
Skirts: 2XL
Shoes: 12
Dresses: 2XL-3XL

I'm a little so I also like pacifiers, blankies, stuffies. It makes me small and safe.
I'm into dom/sub related things. I would love to be someone's sub/slave and be told what to do. πŸ˜‰

I also like having normal chats too! ☺
(Please, I'm very lonely πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ)

Age: 18-21

Joined: 6 months ago

Profile Visits: 20753

What i'm looking for

Panties & Knickers Lingerie Bras Pantyhose & Tights Stockings and Suspenders Skirts Dresses Accessories

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CashApp Amazon Gift Card Amazon WishList

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WhatAmI US

Anyone with latex/leather out there? πŸ‘€ Selling clothing or maybe a video? πŸ‘€


WhatAmI US

Sad when you find out an amazing seller leaves. Just got a package I was really excited for and got more goodies too and I can't thank them now 😭


WhatAmI US

Added a new photo > I've heard of a mindfuck, but I think this is taking it too literally


WhatAmI US

Added a new photo > ✨ Let's play a game!✨ What is the view immediately in front of you? Take a pic and share it on the dash. Thank you @MistressShan for the tag. I was playing animal crossing (anyone else a fan? πŸ‘€). I tag @StellaArt @HarlotCharlotte @ThiccMILFsLibrary


WhatAmI US

Introducing #kinkyswouldyourather πŸ–€
Thanks for the tag @MistressShan

Let's see how 'Kinky' you lot really are...

Copy and paste and tag your faves to join in 😘

Would you rather...?

πŸ’‹Be on the top or bottom?
β€’ Bottom
πŸ’‹Be a sub or dom?
β€’ Be a sub. 100% I could never be a dom
πŸ’‹Play with hot wax or ice cubes?
β€’ ice cubes
πŸ’‹Have sex in the shower or on the kitchen table?
β€’ Kinky shower sex
πŸ’‹Be chased or do the chasing?
β€’ be chased
πŸ’‹Read erotica or watch porn?
β€’ porn
πŸ’‹Have your nipples or toes sucked during foreplay?
β€’ I rather do both on someone else, not have it done to me
πŸ’‹Go skinny dipping or have sex in a public place?
β€’ Sex in public
πŸ’‹Be handcuffed or blindfolded during sex?
β€’ Handcuffed, love to be restrained
πŸ’‹Have whipped cream licked off of your naked body or be the one to do the licking?
β€’ Be the one to do the licking

Your turn!
@HarlotCharlotte @StellaArt


WhatAmI US

Nominating @MistressShan for #positivevibes wish I could nominate everyone I know lol. she's an amazing person that I have met and I feel comfortable talking with her and she's so friendly too. I always enjoy buying from her talking with her πŸ’–


WhatAmI US

Added a new photo > #2girls1box I think this is an appropriate reaction lol

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