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Our site offers a variety of dirty flat shoes from ballet flats and smelly sandals on a easy to used site that makes it easy to find the perfect pair that speaks to your individual fetish taste.

Explore our listings of well-worn flat shoes, and "step" into a world where every scuff tells a tale, as you revel in the unique appeal of our fetish marketplace for well-worn flat shoes.

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Dirtyblond US

Well Worn Sandals...

I wear these all summer! It’s time for some new ones, who’s going to buy these and worship...

30.00 USD 300

FeistyFeminineFeet US

Ballet Flats...

Two pairs of ballet flats available. One gray and one black Women's US size 6.5 If you are interested, I...

25.00 USD 250

Sunlitgarden US

Toms Flats...

🍃 These old Tom’s need a new garden 🪴 🍃 owned many years 🍃Size 8.5 🍃Toms ...

35.00 USD 350

Gushgush20 US

3 Year Old...

These are my favorite go to slippers for indoor and outdoor. I’ve worn them with and without...

50.00 USD 500

Maddlove NZ

Black Woven Material...

Sexy flats, size 7 with a black woven outer material and white insoles. Cushioned inside for comfort, these...

30.00 USD 300

Riannablue79 US

Sweaty Summer Sandals...

Wore these babies all summer long! Love stinky feet? Imagine how nasty these smell! The price includes shipping!...

30.00 USD 300

Raynbow US

Dirty Sandals...

Worn sandals with obvious wear and tear. I wear them almost everyday, as you can see lol They...

20.00 USD 200

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A Guide on Buying Well-worn Flat Shoes

Firstly, what does well-worn even mean? In basic terms, it’s the opposite of new/nearly new, so whilst a pair of shoes described as being new would be in pristine condition, a pair that are described as well-worn, will certainly be far from a new condition.

Most likely they will be shoes that have been worn so much that they are now covered in holes, absolutely filthy and probably (depending on foot hygiene) rather stinky.

Buying used shoes is a great way to recycle and prevent them from going to landfill, but if you are in the market to buy some well worn shoes, there may be other reasons why used is your preference.

Here at All Things Worn, we believe we are the leading platform for fanatics of whiffy, dirty and well- worn shoes. We have buyers and sellers from all around the world and think it is highly likely that you will find what you are looking for.

Why Buy Well-Worn Flat Shoes?

You may have come across someone who has a foot fetish, well although there are some buyers of well-worn shoes that have a foot fetish, it is more common for the buyers to have a shoe fetish. Individuals who have a shoe fetish are erotically interested in women’s and/or men’s shoes and may get pleasure from touching them and sniffing them.

The desire to buy used flat shoes will usually stem from three things: the smell of the shoes, the appearance and the history (e.g. have they been worn whilst running a marathon).

Types of Flat Shoes on Offer

There is an extensive range of well-worn flat shoes that are on offer including: trainers/sneakers, ballet flats, flip flop, sandals, canvas, loafers, brogues, mules. The most popular one being ballet flats.

As opposed to high heeled shoes, flat shoes tend to be used more as people will more likely be wearing them more in their daily lives, mainly for work. The condition of the shoe will therefore be more worn, and they will perhaps have more of a smell.

Whilst some buyers are interested in a particular type of shoe, there are others who may be interested in a particular colour or brand.

What to Look out for from a Used Flats Seller?

There are a few key things to consider when buying a pair of dirty/smelly used flat shoes. The more information that the seller provides, the better. The things to look out for are as follows:

How do I Purchase Well-worn Flat Shoes?

All Things Worn is a platform that caters to buyers who are looking to fulfil their desires. Whether it is a fetish or a niche item you are looking for, ATW provides a safe space to match your needs.

We have an extensive selection of sellers who offer a range of well-worn flat shoes, from ballet flats to sandals, we believe that there will be something to take your fancy. Whether you are in the market for a dirty shoe, a smelly shoe or both, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Browsing and purchasing using ATW could not be easier. We have added a function where you can filter your search to meet your specific preferences such as shoe size, condition and brand. When you have found the pair you want, you can complete the purchase securely and discreetly.


Whether you are looking to buy your first pair of well-worn flat shoes or you need something unique to add to your growing collection, ATW has something for you. Our platform gives you a safe and secure space where you can meet all your needs and desires.

With an easy to use platform and a straightforward transactional process, you will be sniffing those shoes in no time at all. Although a niche market, we specialise in providing a website that caters to all things well-worn, so don’t delay, get browsing and buying today!

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