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All Things Worn is internationally known as the best online marketplace for used and well-worn items. If you're looking to sell your used shoes online, you've come to the right place. Our user-friendly platform is trusted by millions of members who use it to conveniently earn extra income on the side.

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How much can I sell my Used Shoes for?

If you're wondering about the value of selling your dirty used shoes, All Things Worn can help. Our platform, with thousands of listings, allows you to discover the worth of your intimate items and start earning money today. Clean out your wardrobe and capitalize on this opportunity to generate some extra income. Start monetizing your worn items with us now!

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A Guide to Selling Your Well Worn Shoes

Have you ever been scrolling through an online marketplace and stumbled across a pair of shoes that look like they’ve been dragged through a muddy field and are covered in holes? You quietly think to yourself, who is going to purchase those, they aren’t exactly in “as new” condition. Well, you may be surprised to discover that there is a market out there and it’s a one dedicated to selling well-worn or used shoes and you too could make selling your stinky shoes into a profitable side hustle.

Often the sellers who have the most success are the ones who are listing “dirty” or “smelly” shoes and there are a few buyers who genuinely believe that the fouler the shoe the better.

It follows on from the foot fetish phenomenon and now not only do buyers have an interest in feet, but they also want to purchase anything that is related to them e.g. shoes, socks and even toenails.

Why should you sell well-worn shoes on All Things Worn?

All Things Worn originally launched as a platform dedicated to selling worn shoes, which remains its core focus despite expanding its offerings. With a diverse community of sellers and buyers spanning the globe, we prioritize safety, reliability, and community support.

Here are several compelling reasons why All Things Worn stands out as the premier destination for selling your used shoes:

  1. Engaged community of sellers ready to provide assistance
  2. User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  3. Extensive pool of interested buyers
  4. Responsive support for addressing buyer inquiries
  5. Customizable profile creation for personalized representation
  6. Complimentary membership for a limited duration
  7. Review system to enhance your profile's appeal to potential buyers
  8. Option to follow sellers, fostering continued interaction with buyers
  9. Flexible payment and delivery methods negotiated between parties
  10. Global network of buyers and sellers

Who can I sell my used shoes to?

In short, the answer is anyone who wants to buy them. As stated above we have buyers and sellers from all over the world. This means that the potential to sell your worn shoes is high. All buyers are different and will seek out items that cater specifically to their requirements. The more items you list, the better chance you have of targeting buyers.

On our platform we utilize a handy search and filter function, where buyers can filter their search to focus on what they are looking for. Some of the filters they can search by are:

  1. Brands: Zara, H&M, Primark
  2. Colour: Blue, black
  3. Condition: smelly, daily use, dirty
  4. Shoe size: listed in UK, EU and US sizing
  5. Shoe style: sports, stiletto, sandal
  6. Occupation: Teacher, Secretary, Nurse

Make sure to describe your shoes in detail. Do they have any holes? If it’s a heeled shoe, state what type- stiletto, block heel, wedge. Are they hard or soft? Make sure to include any other appealing details that buyers might be looking for. How do they feel, what type of fabric are they made from? There is no doubt that buyers will want to give them the sniff test so try to be as specific as possible regarding what they smell like.

The different types of shoes to sell

You can sell any types of shoes you want, trainers, high heels, flats, flip flops even those ones with the toes. Obviously, different buyers will have different preferences but the bigger you inventory, the more chance you will have of gaining interest.

Some buyers are interested in brands, colour or the fabric of the shoe. Sometimes, it isn’t about the type of shoe but the condition or what the shoes has been used for that will appeal to the buyer. If you have worn your flat shoes all day, every day at work and they are extra smelly, this may just peak a buyer’s interest.

This is why it is important to be detailed in the description, tell the buyer more about the shoe and why you would consider them to be well-worn.

How do I start selling my dirty shoes on All Things Worn?

Selling well-worn shoes is an easy way to turn something that would usually go in the bin into an extra income. Follow the tips below to successfully get started in your new side hustle.

  1. High-Quality Photos: Showcase your item with clear, high-resolution images. Including your feet in the frame can enhance attention to your listing, allowing buyers to visualize the shoe being worn.
  2. Detailed Descriptions: Provide comprehensive information including material, size, and condition to assist buyers in making informed decisions.
  3. Engaging Profile: Personalize your profile with images and a brief introduction about yourself to make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  4. Create an Online Presence: Interact within the vibrant community of sellers and buyers on All Things Worn to bolster your online visibility, thereby increasing your sales potential.
  5. Competitive and Realistic Pricing: Research prices set by other sellers to gauge the market. Setting competitive yet realistic prices is key to attracting buyers and establishing a customer base.
  6. Customer Service: Respond promptly to inquiries and maintain a professional demeanor to foster positive relationships with buyers, potentially leading to repeat business and favorable reviews.

By adhering to these tips, you'll be listing and selling your old shoes in no time. The All Things Worn team is available to assist you in getting started and guiding you through your journey to becoming a successful sock-selling expert.

How much money could I make?

The potential to make money is there but like a lot of jobs it can depend on how much energy and time you dedicate to it. There are some people who have given up their day jobs and ventured into shoe-selling full time. These tend to be folk who are putting in a lot of hours and importantly engaging with potential buyers on a regular basis. They also tend to be the ones who have large inventories and provide excellent service and prompt postage.

It is important to do some research first to determine what price you could pitch your listings at. Too high and you may put buyers off, but also too low and the buyer may question the quality of the item and service.

Worn shoe prices can range from a few pounds to more than £150 and obviously this can change depending on if you are a new seller or a pro with an established brand and many excellent reviews.

Be realistic, start with lower prices to begin with and be open to offers. It also helps if you are willing to do requests. You may not be able to become a millionaire overnight, but you can turn selling used shoes into a successful side hustle.

Where else could I sell my well-worn shoes?

We personally don’t think you will find a better platform to use to sell your smelly shoes, however there are other ones available. Our only advice is to make sure to check the terms and conditions before you start selling on them, unlike All Things Worn, they can be very strict about what they allow you to sell.

eBay: Perhaps the most renowned online marketplace, eBay offers a platform to sell a diverse range of items. With the ability to create your own listings, you can reach a broad audience. However, exercise caution as eBay enforces strict regulations on certain items. It's advisable to review the terms and conditions before initiating your listings.

Social Media: Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide avenues to establish dedicated selling profiles for shoes, enabling you to showcase photos and engage with potential buyers. This serves as an effective means to build your brand and direct traffic to your listings on All Things Worn. Nonetheless, be mindful of platform guidelines; Facebook, for instance, prohibits "nudity or implied nudity" and excessive skin exposure. Maintaining anonymity might pose challenges unless utilizing a pseudonymous account.

All Things Worn: Tailored specifically for the sale of used shoes and other items, All Things Worn offers a secure and regulated environment, allowing you to sell your used items without concerns about violating guidelines.


We are sure that All Things Worn won’t disappoint. We’ve made an easy-to-use system that allows you to join a community of people who all have the same interests. We have a supportive team behind the scenes who will guide you in your quest to make some money from your old shoes. With some work and dedication, the next person turning this side hustle into a lucrative career could be you!

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