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Our marketplace is straightforward to use and gives you access to a range of sellers from across the world. The buying process is easy, safe and secure so don’t delay, get buying those thongs today.

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GoddessBea US

Fun Blue Panties...

Pretty blue banana panties with lace edges 🙈💙 size medium...

20.00 USD 200

Lovejessica10 UK

Black Dirty Thong...

Black lace dirty thong... worn for over 24 hours, can wear for longer if desired. Strong discharge so...

15.00 GBP 196

BDonna US


Worn Peach Colored Cheetah Print Lace Thong 🐆😍...

10.00 USD 100

LilThickGoth CA

Black High Rise...

I wore these panties all day and slept in them. I sweat a lot too 😈🥰...

27.00 CAD 198

LolaWoods US


Cow print thong with a little lace detail...

20.00 USD 200

Sara_Lynn UK

My Favourite Thong...

My favourite thong can be yours - UK 16 Sexy and scented with a days wear and UK postage...

30.00 GBP 391

SeductiveSolutions UK

Worn And Can...

Don’t you think this colour looks seductive on me ? 😊 Worn and ready to be taken by you....

22.00 GBP 287

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A Guide to Buying Used Thongs Online

In 1974 the thong was invented. It originally formed part of a swimming costume but just one year later, people were encouraged to buy the newly designed underwear in shops across America. Thongs didn’t properly hit the mainstream until 1990 when folks realised that pairing them with tight fitting jeans lead to an invisible panty line.

In 1995 Victorias Secret displayed them in their public runway show, igniting a consumer market frenzy. Although there have been many more designs of underwear created since, thongs are still a very popular choice across the world.

Used ones can cater to a fetish you may have or provide you with arousal. You can’t deny that they are sexy, and we have made this guide to help you get started buying them. Have a read of our handy tips and you will be buying well-loved thongs in no time at all.

Why buy used items?

Individuals buy pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories for a range of reasons. Some want to contribute to helping the environment, preventing more items from heading to landfill and recycling or reusing things that others no longer use. However, there are others who buy worn items to facilitate a desire to become closer to another person. The smell and touch can leave them feeling comforted or aroused. Whether you are looking for some smelly, dirty underwear that you can sniff to gain arousal, or you are after a sexy garment that you can imagine the seller wearing, we have something on All Things Worn for you.

What types of thongs are available?

There are many types of thongs for sale on All Things Worn, luckily, we have created a function that allows you to filter your search options, and this will allow you to be specific about what you desire.

You can search by type, colour, brand, size and many more. You can even search for a thong that is dirty, smelly or contains bodily fluids. Some sellers will be willing to do personal requests so if you aren’t sure just ask.

Here are some of the styles that you will see listed.

  • Low rise - allowing them to be worn with lower rise clothing, they sit low on the hips.
  • Mid rise - sits perfectly at waist level.
  • High rise - cut high, above waist level, wearers feel more held in and supported, also gives the hips more accentuation.
  • G- string - the most minimal of the styles, they feature an elastic waist band with a triangular patch to the front and a very thin string-like piece of fabric at the back.

How do I get started?

We have made the process of buying dirty thongs incredibly easy. You can even browse some of the listings before you sign up to see if it is something that interests you. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

  • Browse the listings - have a look through some of our sellers and their listings to see if anything takes your fancy, you can do this for free before you sign up.
  • Sign up - it’s straightforward to get signed up and we have a verification process to ensure that all buyers and sellers are secure. Once you have signed up, you can see all of the listings and communicate with sellers.
  • Peruse the photos - make sure to look through all of the photos in the advert before buying, this will give you a great idea of what you will receive.
  • Read the description - make sure to read the description thoroughly and carefully, the description will give you information about the garment and any of its unique features. You can also ask the seller any questions that you may have.
  • Arrange a payment - we have a few payment options so make sure to agree on a one that suits you both.
  • Receive the item - ask the seller to send the thong in discreet packaging, with a trusted carrier. If you want the odour to be retained, you can request that it is sent in a zip lock bag.
  • Leave a review - leave the seller a reverie and encourage them to do the same for you. The higher your rating, the more trusted you will become as a buyer/seller.

What’s so great about All Things Worn?

As they say, it does what it says on the tin. All Things Worn is a website that specialises in, you guessed it…everything worn. We identified a gap in the market for used items and decided to create a platform that would support those who want to buy/sell them.

We take our role seriously and ensure that our platform provides a safe and secure environment where members can be confident in the knowledge that all transactions are stable. We employ a strict verification process that protects both buyers and sellers from any scams or fraud.

We have developed a supportive community of individuals who can communicate free from any judgement or prejudice. Privacy is important and anonymity when buying or selling can be achieved on our site, although we have to know who you are, the buyers and sellers don’t.

All Things Worn gives you peace of mind when buying and selling pre-loved garments and we hope that you will agree that we are the best around.


Buying a used thong is more than just a transaction, it’s an experience and we want to make sure that it’s a good one. We hope that you will enjoy using our platform and communicating with sellers but if you should need any help or advice, we have a fantastic team of staff behind the scenes who are always on hand.

Thanks to our straightforward interface, easy transactional process and supportive community, we genuinely believe we are the best and after you sign up, we think you will too.

Enjoy browsing and buying those dirty thongs!

What is All Things Worn?
All Things Worn is a marketplace where users can buy and sell pre-loved items, including used thongs, safely and securely.
Why buy used thongs?
People buy used thongs for various reasons, including environmental benefits, fetish interests, and personal arousal.
What types of thongs are available?
Types of thongs include low rise, mid rise, high rise, and G-strings, with options for different colors, brands, sizes, and specific features like dirtiness or bodily fluids.
How do I start buying?
To start buying, browse the listings, sign up, check photos and descriptions, arrange payment, and request discreet shipping.
What makes All Things Worn unique?
All Things Worn offers a secure platform with a verification process, a supportive community, and privacy for buyers and sellers.
How can I ensure a smooth transaction?
Ensure a smooth transaction by reading descriptions carefully, asking sellers questions, agreeing on payment methods, and leaving reviews.
Can I request custom orders?
Yes, some sellers are open to personal requests. You can communicate directly with them to arrange custom orders.

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