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All Things Worn is internationally known as the best online marketplace for used and well-worn items. If you're looking to sell your used socks online, you've come to the right place. Our user-friendly platform is trusted by millions of members who use it to conveniently earn extra income on the side.

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How much can I sell my Used Socks for?

If you're wondering about the value of selling your dirty used socks, All Things Worn can help. Our platform, with thousands of listings, allows you to discover the worth of your intimate items and start earning money today. Clean out your wardrobe and capitalize on this opportunity to generate some extra income. Start monetizing your worn items with us now!

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A Guide to Selling Dirty Socks using our Online Marketplace

It’s no coincidence that in the new Barbie movie, there was so much attention dedicated to Margot Robbie’s feet. Foot worshipping is on the rise, as many Instagram personalities are often stating they have been asked for “feet pics”. I’m sure you will be familiar with the idea of a foot fetish, but did you know there is a market for buying used socks online?

With the growing popularity of sustainability and the decline of fast fashion, customers are looking at ways to reuse or resell their used items. There is a growing demand for unique items, and this includes a market for used socks, including used men’s socks.

This handy guide will give you the tools to turn your old socks into a lucrative side hustle.

Why should you sell used socks on All Things worn?

All Things Worn is the #1 marketplace to sell worn socks. We have a huge range of sellers and buyers from across the world. We are safe and reliable and have a very supportive community who can answer questions and give advice. Our dedicated team behind the scenes are always on hand to help you on your selling journey.

Listed below are some reasons why we think All Things Worn is the best place to sell your used socks:

  1. A huge community of sellers who are keen to offer support
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Thousands of interested buyers
  4. Capacity to respond to buyers inquiries and queries regarding your listed items
  5. Create your own personalised profile
  6. Free to sign up and look around
  7. Review system- allowing you to entice more buyers to your profile
  8. Ability to follow sellers- your buyers can favourite your profile and continue to return to you
  9. Preferred methods of payment/delivery agreed between buyer and seller
  10. Buyers and sellers from across the world

Who can I sell my socks to?

No two buyers are the same and each may require something different. On our platform we utilize a handy search and filter function, where buyers can be specific regarding what they are looking for. Some of the filters they can search by are:

They can also filter the search based on the person who is selling them, including filters such as:

Be as specific as possible when describing your socks and make sure to include any other appealing details that buyers could be looking for. If they are soft or fuzzy, stained or smell like fish (yes, most buyers will want to give them a sniff), make sure to say so as these features could be exactly what a buyer is interested in.

There is a huge array of fetishes out there and the way you describe yourself may just be part of an interested buyers one, think big and beautiful, female giant (search macrophilia and you will understand what I mean!) and unusually large breasts, anything that sets you apart from another buyer can work in your favour. Include anything that may be considered niche on your profile.

The different types of socks, and more on offer

Frilly, ripped, ped socks, long socks, knee high socks, the range is huge. If you have socks (which I am pretty sure you will do, unless you live in flip flops), you will likely be able to sell them.

However, here at All Things Worn it’s not only smelly socks that fulfil the desires of a foot fetish fanatic. There’s a variety of other interesting items that sellers have been listing, and there is a market of buyers out there for them. People who like feet are also interested in buying parts of the foot, don’t worry you don’t have to chop off a toe, I’m talking about toenails, foot dust (skin flakes) and hair. Have a look through some of our listings and you may just be inspired to start selling more than just your old socks!

How do I sell my well-worn socks online?

Selling used socks online can be fun and potentially make you a decent income. Follow the tips below to help you to get started in your potential new career as a sock selling pro.

  1. High quality photos- Good quality photos are important to show off the item, and if you can include your feet in the frame, this is likely to grab even more attention to your listing. Other techniques you could use are to show your ankles and use props. Ensure that the socks are well lit with views from multiple angles, if the buyer can see the socks clearly, they will have more confidence when buying the item.
  2. Detailed descriptions- Make sure to include as much information as possible, this includes the material, size and condition. Be honest about the wear and tear and make sure to include any unique features. Buyers may be looking for a particular brand or style, so including as much detail as possible is important.
  3. Engaging profile- A profile with no photos and no information about you is less prone to appeal to buyers. If your profile has some images of you and tells people about you, it becomes a lot more engaging, and buyers will be more likely to contact you. Think about making it as personable as possible. You don’t have to give out your name or even have your face in the photos, you can stay anonymous, but if you include something about your likes or dislikes it allows buyers to seek something in common with you. Think about what makes you unique and mention it in your profile, if you are trans or gay or a milf, say so…it may just make someone more interested.
  4. Create an online presence- At All Things Worn we have an amazing community of sellers and buyers and the more you interact with others, the greater your online presence will be, and the higher your sales potential. Make sure to leave comments, chat to people and post questions so that others can engage with you.
  5. Competitive and realistic price- Start by looking at other sellers to see what they have set their prices as, that way you can get an idea of the amount you can list your socks for. Think competitively, if you set your prices to the same as others, you may not have as much interest as those who have been selling for a while and have already built up a customer base. Be realistic, there's no point in setting your price too high, this will simply turn buyers away to another seller. Although be careful, setting your prices too low may also leave buyers questioning the quality of the socks they are purchasing, this is why doing some research can help.
  6. Customer service- Think about when you have bought something in the past and the type of customer service you received. Did it make a difference? Were you more likely to buy from the seller again because of the service they provided? If you provide a good service, it is more likely that your buyers will return to you to buy more. Respond to inquiries promptly. Always maintain a professional manner, establishing a positive relationship with buyers to ensure their repeat business and hopefully they will give you a great review.

Make sure that you follow these tips, and you could be listing and selling your socks in no time at all. Remember at All Things Worn our team are always on hand to get you started and help you on your first steps to becoming the sock selling supreme that we know you are.

How do I expand my sock selling empire?

You’ve sold some socks, you’ve got a few repeat customers and some excellent reviews, but what is the next step and how do you take your business to the next level to establish a sock selling empire? Below are some handy tips to push you in the right direction:

  1. Build your brand- Most successful companies have a well-established brand, and some don’t even need to use their name in their advertising campaigns because they are so well known. Your brand will most likely be your name but how you establish it is all based on the customer service you provide and the reviews you get. You want people to be chatting about you, how smelly your socks are and how amazing the service you provide is.
  2. Expand your inventory- The bigger the variety of socks you have to offer the more likely it is that you will gain sales because you are providing buyers with choice. List different styles, fabrics and brands and you will be able to cater to a larger customer base.
  3. Offer discounts- Attract new buyers and reward loyal customers by offering occasional discounts or promotions. This can encourage purchases and help you build a positive reputation.
  4. Engage with buyers- You can use social media platforms to advertise your socks and interact with potential buyers. Post regular updates and respond to any comments. Engaging with an audience, especially via a few different platforms, can lead to more sales and customer loyalty.

How much does it cost to sell my worn socks?

It’s free! Well, it is with All Things Worn, we offer sellers the opportunity to sign up & try our website. It's free but to sell it will cost $15.99. This means you canhave a look at what other sellers have on offer before you commit to signing up.

How do I ship/mail/package my socks?

This goes alongside customer service, if you were to receive an item in the post that was in a ripped box or bag, you wouldn’t be likely to purchase from the seller again, would you?

Once you’ve made a sale, it’s important to package and ship your used socks properly:

How much money can I make selling my smelly socks?

As we are all aware, at the moment we are living in a cost-of-living crisis and most people are welcoming other avenues to make an extra income, well selling used socks online is certainly gaining popularity and isn’t something to be sniffed at.

As for how much of an income you can make from a sock selling business, it is hard to determine. It all depends on how much effort you put into it, what you sell and your online presence.

As for socks, their value can go up the more you’ve worn them and what you have used them for. As an example, the price that you sell them for can increase if you have been wearing them all day, every day for work as with some buyers it is often the smellier the better. Prices online range from a few pounds to more than £150 a pair, and obviously this can change depending on if you are a new seller or a pro with an established brand and many excellent reviews.

On All Things Worn, there are many sellers who are earning a decent wage from their sock selling side hustle, and some who have even earned enough to quit their day job and turn sock-selling into a career.

It’s up to you how much you list your socks for, remember to do your research and be realistic. Start with lower prices to begin with and be open to offers. It also helps if you are willing to do requests. You may not be able to become a millionaire overnight, but you can turn selling used socks into a successful side hustle.

Where else could I sell used socks?

Although we have created a unique platform that is specially catered towards selling worn items (in our opinion, the best one out there), there are other places where you could try selling/advertising your listings.

eBay - The most popular online marketplace that allows you to sell used socks, including used men’s socks. You can create your own listings and reach a wide audience. However, proceed with caution, eBay can be strict when it comes to selling certain items and I would recommend checking the terms and conditions before you start listing.

Social media - Platforms like Instagram and Twitter allow you to create a profile dedicated to selling socks, where you can share pictures and connect with potential buyers.

Facebook - Whilst you may find some groups advertising the sale of used items, many sellers modelling their underwear are at risk of violating Facebook’s advertising guidelines. (Facebook forbids “nudity or implied nudity” as well as excessive amounts of skin on show.) For those who also like to remain anonymous, you may find it difficult to remain private, unless of course you set up a fake account.

We suggest signing up to websites specifically designed for the sale of used panties so you can be part of a community of like-minded people, this is why we think All Things Worn is the best!


We are sure that All Things Worn has created an exceptional platform where you will sell your socks with ease, from listing to posting, the process is simple, and we are there with you every step of the way.

Remember to create high-quality listings with great quality photos and detailed descriptions, provide excellent customer service and engage with your buyers to ensure success in this unique market. Keep exploring new ways to grow your business and turn your old socks into a lucrative and successful empire. Don’t miss out, make sure you get signed up with All Things Worn today.