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Lynn Sugar IE


mystery pantie of all different styles all worn for at least 24hrs all come with a hand written...

20.00 EUR 214

Sexyruby UK

Lace Panties...

Soft lace panties Enjoy my sexy aroma All day wear and played in Free Uk postage Overseas extra...

18.00 GBP 224

Blonde_ee US

Purple Lacy...

My buyer fell threw 😞 anyone want theses for another day wear there ripe at 2 let’s see...

20.00 USD 200

Wild_sunflower11 US

My Weekends Tied...

School girl panties...

28.00 USD 280

Sweethoneybabygirl US

Old Pink Panties...

I’ve had these so many years( since middle school) and you can tell. Very well worn, ripped and...

25.00 USD 250

CharityGrace US

Victoria's Secret Blue...

Victoria’s Secret Hiphugger Size Medium Comes with 24 hour wear, sealed and shipped discreetly. Add on and customization options are available....

25.00 USD 250

Ortega_Taco_Pop US

🍒 Red Panties...

Cherry red cotton blend panties, size small....

25.00 USD 250

Risa US

Black Silky Cheeky...

These panties are such a turn on cotton gusset. But they are so silky soft on my ass....

25.00 USD 250

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A Guide to Buying Dirty Panties Online

When it comes to fetishes, there is no one size fits all and there are many reasons why some people find the smell of another person's used panties arousing. The reasons are often complex and personal to the individual.

There’s something intimated and exciting about sniffing a stranger's underwear. The scent can be alluring and there are some people who are actually turned on by the scent of their own.

Certain smells can become a trigger or linked to a memory, providing a nostalgic element to the experience. The smells take us back to those unforgettable moments and the feeling can become addictive.

There is also a thrill of doing something naughty, buying panties from a stranger can feel secretive and like a taboo, adding to the exhilaration.

Whatever your reason for buying dirty knickers, this handy guide will help to get you started on your buying and sniffing journey.

Buying on All Things Worn: Finding the Perfect Pair of Used Panties or Knickers

With a diverse and extensive selection available, All Things Worn offers a unique opportunity to explore and connect with sellers who cater to a variety of preferences. We have put together some excellent advice to get you started:

1. Define Your Preferences: Before diving into the marketplace, take a moment to define your preferences. Consider factors such as fabric type, size, colour, and any specific details or features you're interested in. By having a clear idea of what you're looking for, you can effectively narrow down your search and find the perfect pair that meets your desires.

2. Utilise Filters: All Things Worn provides useful filters to help you streamline your search. Take advantage of these filters to quickly find listings that match your preferences. You can filter by size, colour, fabric type, seller location, and much more. These filters will save you time and allow you to focus on the listings that best align with what you're looking for.

3. Read Descriptions Carefully: When you come across a listing that catches your eye, be sure to read the description thoroughly. Sellers often provide valuable information about the item's condition, wear, and any unique features it may have. Pay attention to details that are important to you, such as scent preferences or specific requests, to ensure a satisfying purchase.

4. Communicate with Sellers: Don't hesitate to reach out to sellers if you have any questions or specific requests. All Things Worn encourages communication between buyers and sellers to ensure a transparent and enjoyable experience for both parties. By engaging in respectful and open communication, you can address any concerns and gather more information about the item you're interested in.

5. Leave Feedback: Once you have received your purchase, take a moment to leave feedback for the seller. Positive feedback not only helps sellers build their reputation but also assists other buyers in making informed decisions. Be honest and detail your experience, the item's condition, and any other relevant information that potential buyers may find helpful.

By following these steps, you can navigate the All Things Worn marketplace with ease and find the perfect pair of smelly/wet panties or knickers that align with your preferences. Stay tuned for the next section, where we will explore the importance of maintaining privacy and security while engaging in transactions on the platform.

Why Should I Buy Using All Things Worn?

All Things Worn takes the privacy and security of its members seriously. As a member, you can feel confident knowing that your personal information will remain confidential, and your transactions will be secure. The platform employs strict verification processes to ensure that all sellers are legitimate and trustworthy, protecting buyers from potential scams and fraud.

Additionally, All Things Worn provides a safe and discreet communication system that allows buyers and sellers to communicate without revealing personal contact information. This adds an extra layer of security and helps to maintain privacy for all parties involved.

With these safety measures in place, you can enjoy the buying and selling experience on All Things Worn with peace of mind. So, whether you're a buyer looking for that perfect item or a seller wanting to monetise your gently worn intimates, All Things Worn is the ideal platform for you.

We hope our sellers will satisfy your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, request custom orders from some of our sellers, who are all too happy to please :-)

Here are some of the reasons why you should sign up to All Things Worn;

We suggest signing up to websites specifically designed for the sale of used panties so you can be part of a community of like-minded people (like All Things Worn).

Where else can I buy worn panties?

The panty selling industry is constantly growing. So how do I know which websites to buy from? The growth in popularity can only be a good thing for buyers… It means there are more items to choose from. But how do I know which websites I can trust?

Whilst we would love to have you all to ourselves, we know there are many platforms for buyers to glance at. We recommend you look at all of the platforms to see which one fulfils your needs. (We hate to be biassed but All Things Worn offers more than just selling panties).

Top 5 websites for buying used panties:

These platforms all have different price models. All Things Worn is the most featured and we have over 1 million buyers and sellers. But we’ll let you decide on which platform suits you best.


Purchasing dirty panties isn’t just about finding the right ones, it’s about building up a rapport between the buyer and seller and we are more than just a marketplace, we’re a community of well-worn item lovers.

We know we’re not the only platform for buyers of used panties, but we pride ourselves in ease of use and keeping it simple so If you want a site with the ability to communicate with the seller, search through the diverse range of options available, post a status update, join a community of like-minded people and experience excellent customer service, why not sign up today and let us fulfil your fantasies?

With All Things Worn, you can confidently indulge in your desires while supporting a community built on trust, respect, and passion. Join us today and experience the ultimate destination for all your used panties and knickers needs.

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