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Do you have a used pantyhose fetish? Does the smell of dirty tights excite you? You’re not alone! Our community has thousands of used tights enthusiasts, with hundreds more joining daily!

Whether you’re looking for cabin crew tights, worn after a long haul flight, or teacher tights that have been worn during a long day in the classroom, you’ll find everything to fulfil your fetish!

Our sellers love nothing more than taking off their tights after a long day at work and packaging them up and sending them to eager buyers like you. So don’t delay, join our community of used tights lovers today!

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Hellokatyp US

Nude Pantyhose, Well...

Had these pantyhose for about two years it is time to part ways. I hope you love them...

35.00 USD 350

YourCumSlut US

Full Black Sheer...

Message me if you’re interested...

35.00 USD 350

Suckmykiss CA

Beat The Meat...

… on them, in them … while wearing them … Super sexy black on black pantyhose … you know...

20.00 CAD 146

HeatherSweets4U US

Black Sheer Pantyhose:...

Sexy sheer black panty hose, worn all day without undies at the office. Strong smell, nice and tangy....

24.00 USD 240

Goddess_Pearl UK


£15 for the tights - postage prices are dependant on where you live - international postage with tracking...

20.00 GBP 260

Sweet_dee63 US

Leopard Print Leggings...

Ass, kitty, and feet, all in one package!!! Extra spicy tights worn two days. Add ons welcome!...

45.00 USD 450

Pantycrust US

Brown Sheer Tights,...

These tights are size s/m, and I will be thrilled to wear them for you for as many...

30.00 USD 300

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A Guide to Buying Used Pantyhose

There are quite a few types of hosiery that exist but what is the difference between them? The main two are tights and pantyhose, tights being a thicker material and pantyhose being thinner and more sheer/opaque. Their thickness is measured in something called denier and whilst pantyhose can range from 8-30 denier, tights offer a much thicker coverage on the leg at 40 and above, going all the way up to 300. They both are footed and are situated around the waist or hips.

Men originally wore them, and Queen Elizabeth I was actually the first woman ever documented to have worn stockings in 1560. However, originally chosen for modesty, warmth, or protection, they have become something that we no longer want to hide and are picked for more than just practical reasons.

Tights can come in a range of assorted styles and patterns, and now can also refer to stretchy leggings worn at the gym or for a dance class.

This guide will tell you a bit more about the variety of hosiery that is available and why you should use All Things Worn to purchase them.

Why is there such an obsession with used items?

In today's society there is an overwhelming urge to help the environment and reusing or recycling old and unwanted items of clothing can help. However, the reason for buying items on All Things Worn often stems from a more personal place. Buyers are usually seeking to connect with someone, be able to view them in a sexual way, smell their body odour and feel the clothing that they have been wearing.

The pandemic saw sales of pre-owned items soar due to the fact that people were lacking the ability to get close to another person and looking for other new ways to stay connected.

Why are dirty tights so good?

Would you believe that there is now a recognised fetish regarding pantyhose and tights. There are a number of reasons why some individuals may find them a turn on. There are those that become aroused due to the silky texture, others may appreciate the look of them on a person's legs and some like the idea of the stockings being torn from the legs. Their appearance on the leg can be smooth, airbrushed and firm, leading various people to agree they give a sexier appearance to the leg.

What types of pantyhose can I buy?

Hosiery can be split into four main categories: denier, finish, gusset, and stockings/suspenders.

Denier - the denier refers to the thickness of the hosiery. Items can range in denier from 10-100 and can even go as high as 300, where they become as thick as leggings.

Finish - there are a variety of finishes including, shiny, matt, satin, and wool.

Gusset - a gusset is attached to the crotch area to give the wearer added durability and comfort. They can be plain, cotton, silk or have an open gusset, also known as crotchless.

Stockings and suspenders - these are not full and are either held up by a suspended belt or stay up on their own and reach over the knee/thigh high height.

How do I get started?

Why not start by having a look at some of the listings that are currently available, this will give you a great idea of what to expect when browsing on the website, you can see the sellers and read the descriptions to see if anything takes your fancy.

Get signed up to embrace the full experience and then you can start communicating with the sellers and buying their items.

Filter your search and be specific about what you are looking for. You can filter various categories including- shoe size, clothing size, gender, nationality and many more.

Browse their pictures and read the description carefully before you make your choice. Once you have decided that you would like to purchase, agree on a purchase method, and conduct the secure transaction.

The seller will then post your hosiery discreetly with a reputable carrier. Make sure to ask for your item to be posted in a zip lock bag if you would like the odour to be retained.

Always ensure that you leave a review for the seller and ask that they do the same for you, this can boost your rating and make certain that you become a trusted buyer within the community.

What is ATW and why should I use it to purchase worn items?

All Things Worn is a site that is dedicated to buying and selling goods that are dirty, smelly or full of holes. We have a huge customer base who are interested in buying and selling pre-loved items and have provided a safe and secure environment to do so.

This is our specialty, and we believe we are the number one marketplace to buy used items.


Whether you are looking for a sheer, crotchless pair or a well-loved pair that are of a thicker denier, worn for work everyday, we have you covered. Have a look at some of the vendors and start searching for your perfect item.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and that you now have the confidence to start purchasing the used pantyhose that you are hunting for.

We can continue to support you on your buying journey and will be available whenever you should need us.

What types of pantyhose can I buy?
You can buy pantyhose of various deniers, finishes, and styles, including crotchless and gusset options.
Why do people buy used pantyhose?
People buy used pantyhose for fetish reasons, including the texture, look, and personal connection to the seller.
How do I get started?
Browse listings, sign up, filter your search, and communicate with sellers. Once you find an item, agree on a purchase method and complete the transaction.
How are items shipped?
Items are shipped discreetly, often in zip lock bags to retain odor, via reputable carriers.
Why should I use All Things Worn?
All Things Worn provides a safe and secure marketplace dedicated to buying and selling pre-loved items, with a large and active community.
What is the difference between tights and pantyhose?
Tights are thicker (40 denier and above) while pantyhose are thinner (8-30 denier). Both are footed and worn around the waist or hips.
How should I choose the right pantyhose?
Read descriptions carefully, check seller reviews, and use filters to find items that match your preferences.
Can I request custom orders?
Yes, you can contact sellers directly to request custom orders.

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