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Countless buyers appreciate the opportunity to buy a pair of well-worn uniforn shoes so that they can touch and sniff them.

All Things Worn is a niche platform that specialise in used items. One of those unique items is used uniform shoes. Think of a nurse, teacher, air hostesses or personal trainer, and imagine the sweaty/stinky shoes they wear all day. If this piques your interest, why not have a look at what our sellers have to offer.

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LexRose CA

Military Shoes...

Well worn military shoes. Very sturdy platform/unworn through sole. Worn for 24hrs straight just for you ...

35.00 USD 350

Mariahslovvvin US

Mamas Steel Toe...

Black steel toe shoes...

55.00 USD 550

Thyri US

Black Rockport Work...

Black Rockports, worn at various jobs through the years. More wear time? Let's talk!...

50.00 USD 500

Sammi_Jo US

Bleached Out Green...

Thick green (bleached) half calf boot socks with 24 hour wear included. Extra days $3 a piece. 🧦...

14.00 USD 140

Mistress_Ivy51 UK

Open Toe Nude...

Being nude in colour you can mix and match your outfit. UK size 6. Worn with nylons at...

55.00 GBP 705

BBBallerina US


These point shoes were worn through many of my recent performances. They are WELL WORN!!! This purchase will...

100.00 USD 1000

RailRoadRoxyx UK

Very Worn Work...

Very worn smelly work shoes message me for more picture...

30.00 GBP 384

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Guide to Buying Well Worn Uniform Shoes Online

Why are uniforms sexy? One of the reasons could be that a uniform represents a set of concepts or stereotypes. The person in the uniform fulfils a fantasy or desire for many. Different uniforms evoke different ideas but the actual idea of having sex in a uniform creates a sense of taboo as sex at work is usually prohibited.

They can connote a sense of authority or even submission or service. A policeman’s uniform will demonstrate themes of control or power, whereas a nurse could be seen as nurturing or caring. But what is the fascination with buying used uniform shoes? These workers are on their feet all day, leaving their shoes with dirt and odours that various people may find arousing.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that humans are sexual beings and sexualise everything. Whether you seek to be restrained in handcuffs by a cop or administered medicine by a nurse, your fantasies and desires are acknowledged at All Things Worn, where we have an array of sellers waiting to fulfil your needs.

Have a read of this handy guide to get started buying dirty uniform shoes.

What types of uniform shoes are available?

We have a huge array of sellers who use our platform, and they have a vast number of shoes to sell. We have people from all different occupations, and we are sure there will be something to suit everyone.

You can expect to find uniform shoes listed by firemen, police officers, nurses, teachers, secretaries and many more. You can filter you search to find the exact occupation you are looking for. You can also search for categories such as shoe size, colour, brand and style. The choice is yours.

How do I get started buying used uniform shoes?

Buying well worn shoes is a personal choice and it’s completely up to you what you choose to buy. We have however made it incredibly easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Follow these steps to get started.

Why should I use All Things Worn?

Unlike some of the other options for buying and selling used goods, All Things Worn has actually been created solely for this purpose. We identified that there was no place where lovers of used items could go and feel confident that they can communicate and buy/sell freely and safely.

We have developed an easy to use interface and made the process of buying pre-loved items straightforward. We prioritise the safety and security of our users and have instilled a verification process to ensure that everyone is safe from scams and fraud.

The website also acts similar to a social media platform where you are able to communicate and network with others, enabling you to join an amazing community of other people.

What other sites are available?

Apps and websites that allow for the purchase and sale of used items are always popping up and although the growth in popularity is a good thing, you can’t always guarantee that the platforms are any good. So how do you know which ones to trust?

You will be aware of apps such as eBay or Vinted, whilst they are excellent platforms for pre-loved listings, they specialise more in items that are being sold to be worn again, often in nearly new condition. There are other sites similar to All Things Worn that cater to the dirty used market, however we would recommend that you be diligent when choosing the correct one for you.

Some other sites that you could have a look at are:

Make sure to read through the terms and conditions on each one and be aware that they all offer different price models. All Things Worn is the most featured and we have over one million buyers and sellers, but we’ll let you decide which platform suits you best.


Overall, we think that All Things Worn is the best place to buy pre-loved uniform shoes and we think you will too.

The platform is straightforward and easy to use, the transactions are safe, and the community is supportive and free from judgement. We have a friendly team of support staff who are there to guide who if necessary and we have sellers from across the world waiting for you to get in touch.

Don’t hesitate, get signed up and get buying those stinky uniform shoes today!

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