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Dive into our enticing world of used socks and experience the irresistible scents of stinky feet. Lose yourself in the fantasy of exploring your foot fetish, immersing yourself in sensory pleasure.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to find dirty goods from all walks of life, from knee highs and ankle to sweaty gym socks!

Have you ever wondered how the buying process works? We provide buyer protection through our payment method, KinkCoins, which ensures a smooth, discrete transaction process. Once purchased, our sellers will begin personalizing your clothing, providing an experience unlike any other.

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Sweaty dirty socks, well worn and ready to please you! Every sock purchase includes 24hr wear, 5 custom...

19.00 USD 190

Goddessscarlett UK

Dirty Socks🦶🏼...

Come and discuss what you want with my socks😏...

15.00 USD 150

Curseofcurves_ US

Lavender Foot Mask...

Lavender foot mask to purchase alone or to add on to any order💜 Will come with 1 hour wear...

8.00 USD 80

Armenianangelmilf US


Used smelly socks worn for at least 24hrs prior to shipping. Can customize for longer wear or...

15.00 USD 150

Fetishbabygirl UK

Size 6 Sweaty...

Come and grab your filthy socks 😏...

20.00 GBP 257

Exotica US

School Girl Knee...

Over well worn knee high school girl socks with stretches and a few holes where my toes poked....

35.00 USD 350

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A Guide to Buying Worn Socks

There are many people who now generate an income by selling unwanted items via an online platform. One of those items that is gaining in popularity is used socks. Thanks to the foot fetish becoming mainstream and no longer a taboo, progressively more people are declaring their love for sniffing a stranger's socks, admitting that they gain arousal from the encounter.

But where would you go to buy well-loved without facing judgement? Well, that’s where All Things Worn comes in. We are a platform that specialises in pre-owned items and socks are just one of the tons of things that are available.

Why buy used socks?

Society in general tries to rationalise sex and fetishes, labelling them as either acceptable or unacceptable. A foot fetish, once seen as unacceptable has now become a recognised desire.

Numerous people find worn socks sexually stimulating, unable to give a rational reason as to why. Some find the smell comforting, some like to imagine the seller in them and other buyers want to wear them themselves.

Buying stinky socks is now recognised as a fetish called Olfactophilia. The person with this fetish will gain sexual arousal from smelling items of clothing/underwear and it is actually becoming quite common, with several fetish websites now engaging with it.

What kinds of socks are available to buy?

There is a substantial range of socks available to you, we have sellers from around the world who add new listings every day. Some will make sure that the socks are tattered and covered in holes before listing them and others will simply use them as props for photos before they send them on to a lucky buyer.

Whether you are looking for a particular brand, colour, size, or style, we are sure that you will find something that takes your fancy.

We have a filter section that allows you to whittle down your choices and be specific about what you want, making your participation simple and enjoyable.

Handy tips to get you started buying well loved socks.

As already mentioned, the process for buying dirty socks on All Things Worn is incredibly straightforward. Before you even sign up to the platform, you can have a look at the listings on offer and check out some of the sellers.

Once you have an idea of what is available, the next step is to sign up and start interacting with a few of the retailers. Have a look at their profiles, check out their pictures and browse through their listings. As a signed-up member there is no limit on how many sellers you can speak to.

Read the descriptions carefully and analyse whether the item is right for you. You can ask as many questions to the vendor as you want to ensure you know what you are purchasing.

Choose a method of payment and conduct the transaction securely. Once the item is paid for the seller will post the item, discreetly and with a trusted carrier.

When you have received the item, make sure to leave them a review and encourage them to do the same for you. The higher your rating, the more trusted you become as a buyer/seller.

How much will they cost?

The price will depend on what it is that you are looking for. If you want a cheap pair of socks that have been worn once for a picture and don’t smell at all, the chances are you won’t have to pay very much for them. It is when the socks become smelly or dirty or they have been worn for work over an extended period of time, that the price you pay will start to increase.

If you have a special request for the socks, this is also likely to incur a price increase.

Make sure to browse all of the sellers and ask any questions to them, they may be willing to offer you a deal, especially if you are planning to buy more than one pair.

Why use All Things Worn?

All Things Worn is a website that was born out of identifying a gap in the market, when it comes to buying and selling second-hand clothing/objects, we identify as being the best. We started with shoes and now we have sellers who list various additional items and naughty extra.

We have made our platform secure and straightforward to use, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your transactions are not in any danger and there is no judgement regarding your buying preferences.

We have built a supportive community of individuals who are willing to offer advice, as well as a dedicated team of supportive staff who work hard to keep the website running smoothly.


We have created a website that caters to everything pre-owned, and we hope that you love it as much as we do. We endeavour to provide a safe and secure transactional process for both buyers and sellers, enabling you to purchase as many smelly/dirty items as your heart desires.

Our team is always on hand to guide you if needed but we are certain that you will have a fantastic experience buying those loved socks and will definitely keep coming back for more.

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