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⚠️Trigger Warning Taboo content contained inside that may include some dubious-consent Family Fun content. I do not provide non-consent content⚠️

💯Pretty Feet Curvy Natural Hairy MILF Sapio Playful Flirty Witty SoCal Sweet💯

🚫Skype, Camming, Smoking, Pets🚫

🙋🏼‍♀️Hi there! I like to elevate this nonsense into “experiences”. Why just have a transaction when you can have more?! Let’s unfold together! Transversely, if you prefer JUST transactions, we can do that, too! Have it your way!
Many of you are curious who I am, so I shall share! I am a selfish Piscean, high priestess of ebullient cheer & frequent ire, so it balances out;) I am a mother, divorcee and published author of poetry and prose who last year was teaching Sunday school and stumbled onto the exquisite art of phone s**. A Caller of mine informed me of this madness, and I expanded my umbrella of expertise! I love my s**uality, my sensuality and the power that I gain when I access it. Showing off is my favorite next only to following instructions and pleasing. I am a playful Submissive Brat and identify as a middle which explains the made up words and excessive winks, twirls and sa**. It’s my nature and always has been!

**I endeavor to be transparent about ALL transactions and content I provide**

I am a real-life blue eyed blonde haired pinup 5’6” 36x28x40 142lbs with big soft t*ts, a small waist, cute toesies, curvy hips and a sweet little cunny thatched by soft brown curls, not to mention a squeezable a** you can sink your teeth into! I have a variety of luscious aromas and secretions that enhance my panties, so much so that I thoroughly sniff and put my OWN panties in my mouth! Yum!

👉🏻I currently do NOT vacuum seal
👉🏻Free shipping 🇺🇸ONLY, Int'l 💰
👉🏻I accommodate wet & dry requests
👉🏻I package in plain, padded envelopes
👉🏻I indicate nothing of the delicious contents inside😉

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🥇🎥 Premades As Fresh As A Custom
Full-Length Cinematic Adventures 

🦋ControllingMommy, play, edge, c*m, get orgasm denial, c*m again, luxuriate, get aftercare. You wake up restrained on your back by Mommy who softly explains everything: leave the thinking to me ‘n get a** up for a wet and sloppy milking/sucking combo til you’re used, drained, broken and loved. Lesson #1: How to f**k Mommy. Cowgirl, grinding, c*mming, t*tties hang, bounce, Goodboy! I suck before you bury the seed. Enjoy the only pu**y you're allowed to have! 28min $20

🦋Mommy Catches You Masturbating, you're in my room masturbating again! Show me how you use my dirty panties with your Fleshlight. Let's confess how naughty we are! I want you to have a front row seat to my orgasm while I watch you tug before me. But why f**k plastic when the Mommy Buffet lays before you and c*m inside flesh? I've been hearing you call my name when you pump. I know I want it! 22min $20

🦋Birthday Boy Gets Mommy’s Warm p**, age play a** and pu**y worship (no toys, fingers, tots or plugs), Babyboy has the privilege of servicing all of Mommy’s holes with his mouth and exchanging flavors between them with deep kissing, bu*t winking, pu**y spreading and, you guessed it, p**ING! This birthday will not be forgotten as you are instructed by Mommy how to politely ask for the holes and swallow golden Mommy! Do your job, lick them clean and swallow every drop! 21min $15

🦋Clean Your Creampie On Auntie, I catch you staring as I work out and your hands are down your pants! I’m disappointed but decide to have a little fun and keep “working out” only to deny you as things progress. Let’s not forget the alphabet, DarlingNephew, “i” c*ms before “u”, but you’re going to have to get me off with your tongue! If you do good, LittleOne, I’ll let you spy on more “workout sessions” after we both c*m. Auntie is insatiable! First things first, clean up your mess…with your tongue, of course! *no t*ts* $15 15min

🦋c*m In Mommy’s Dirty bu*t, Mommy confesses she finds you attractive but worries she’s too old for you. Bet you didn’t know Mommy’s kitty was hairy and chocolate hole was filled with a bu*t plug! Make me feel so nasty because I crave it, but you cannot tell Daddy what we are doing! Why would you f**k Mommy’s pu**y when you could have my chocolate hole? a**l f**k Mommy because I want to be your a**l churned up sl*t. Lots of dirty talk, dirty a**, plug, di**o, countdown dump inside Mommy’s bu*thole. Mommy’s GoodBoy! 11min$15
 🦋bu*t Plug ‘N Heels, does it get any better than a s**y, sultry and lusty Milf exploring her new bu*t plug, delicious di**o and vibrator? How about when she’s positively gorgeous and dressed to impress? The Lioness AWAKENS! Exquisite pu**y and a** views! Very sultry, electric and filled with loads of dirty talk! 15+min $15

🦋Lusty, Luscious, sl*t Milf Wife, saucy, cheeky, mildly teasing, your sl*t Wife puts her holes on display for your eyes only so you can see bouncy t*tties as you ride me on the carpet. A pretty little mouth can say the dirtiest things, can't it? Should we leave the windows open so our neighbors see us f**king on the living room floor? You give me such good d*ck because I've been such a GoodGirl so you pound your veiny manhood deep into my hairy snatch. I dare you to nut in my pu**y cause my pu**y will eat that sperm. Lots of dirty talk! 16min $15

🦋Mommy c*ms For Babyboy, when she discovers her panties stiff from BabyBoy’s play, she takes them back, stuffs them n makes a video diary of her spreading, stuffing, vibing as she f**ks herself with a gla** di**o, explosive c*ms n throbbing kitty! $20 25min

🦋Queen of Spades, white husband humiliation, I inform you our marriage has changed as I’m a volunteer for an International Black Breeding Program! I dismiss you, articulate my obsession for black c*ck, seed and my NEED to be the c*m dump of black men! Sloppy bl** job as I look into your eyes (blue di**o). Spill your useless seed on the floor so my Bull can trample it! Lots of dirty talk as he gets his African victory! 11+min $15
🦋Babyboy Sees Mommy p** ‘n c*ms, you’ve been stripped of you clothes in some prank and have been stuck naked in the shower. When Mommy comes in with a gushing urge to p**, you explain ‘n discover her understanding rea**uring—knowing Mommy will know best what to do. As she relieves herself, you discover you have the Mommy Fetish! She doesn’t want to waste that erection and decides to put it to use as push inside Mommy while your entire family is on the other side of the door! But is she satisfied enough to give you your clothes? 18min $18

🦋Mommy Spanks, what happens when her Son embarra**es the family by getting caught trying on a girl’s bra? I take it upon myself to douse Boy’s bu*t with smacks, cracks ‘n stinging slaps in this over-the-knee spankin experience with strict talk, stinging-sounding punishment and exquisite pu**y views! 13 min $15

🦋Ghost f**k: Bettie Is Your Side Piece, the entrée isn’t as good without something on the side. I’m gonna make this real easy for you, just bring the d*ck because when you’re in my bed, that’s all I want from you. Did you just have an argument? Does she not value your? Come melt in me as I take it all, give you my soft pink slit in this Ghost f**k adventure where I do what she can’t or won’t $15 15 min

🦋Bettie Wants To Play, display nasty things! mattress-humping, clitty-rubbing n dirty-talking cinematic adventure where you have a front row seat to my throbbing c*m n sweet voice describing exactly what gets me to c*m! 17min $15
🦋Fart ‘n c*m, It isn’t everyday that a Buxom Blonde opens herself up to you and shared her kitty, c*ms and farts! But I do as I play with my Lush and vibrator all while spreading my creamy bu*t cheeks so you can see my pucker wink and fart just for you! 12min $12

🦋Your Best Friend’s Mom, hungry Milf knows why you showed up, you’re the chosen boy who gets to f**k the friendly neighborhood Milf so listen good, f**k the married pu**y of their best friend without condoms. It turns out this Milf likes a deep f**k with something vibrating in her a**. But it’s breeding time, Mister! Countdown to c*m! Juicy ZOOMS! 17 min $20

🦋Share Mommy (With Your Friend), you’ve grown to love Mommy’s tender affections, so when I kiss you deeply and touch your probates, your friend is surprised and jealous. This sleepover is gonna be fun! You arrange to share Mommy with your starved friend, but you can’t stay away, can you? Pretty soon as he fingers my hairy c**t, Mommy sucks ‘n tugs both of you until you both dump in her. Lots of dirty talking, nurturing, encouraging, excellent views! 16min $15

🦋bu*twink JOI, be a good listener for Bettie, JOI, no penetration, a** spread, bu*thole and eye-winking treasure! You’re lucky, too! Sweet teasing ‘n encouraging as you lust over my pink soles and a**, but you’ll do it because of my bu*thole. Can u see it? $15 15min

🦋Voyeur! This vid is as close to p**king in a window as you can without being arrested: singing, lots of smell appreciation, pubic hair-plucking, mirror admiration, c*cktail sipping all leads to vibrator times, pillow humping and growling orgasms and giggles. I didn't even edit out the household commotion to enhance the feel of this Voyeuristic experience. 35min $15

🦋c*m ‘N Worship Feet, ever wanted to see a tawny skinned Milf play for no other reason than for pleasure? I vibe over my hairy kitty, teasing my nipples, dangling heels off my feet and c*mming so good as I tell you just how to worship my feetsies. c*m and worship! $17 11 minutes

🦋Mommy’s Love, her BabyBoy & his friend are bullied into creating a videolog of them having intercourse with a woman, I save the day—suggesting I be the woman. Watch as I suck ‘n f**k both Boys until all c*m magnificently for a job well done! $20 20min

🦋Little Brother was NOT expecting Big Sister to come home in the middle of night and teach him a lesson of a lifetime: sucky, hairy kitty, d*ck goes where?, pound pu**y, lots of dirty talk, Sister wants the baby batter! Terrific ZOOM! $15 16 min

🦋Dirtya**, I saved so I could make dirty toys and a dirty bu*t for you! My little pucker loves when I slide things inside, lots of dirty talk, a**l beads, gla** di**o, smiles and some farts, too! 12 min $12

🦋c*m For Mommy, fresh from the shower, touch for mommy’s hairy c**t, JOI, edging, Mommy rewards good listeners, give mommy the biggest c*m, thigh highs, lovingly strict 14min $15

🦋Mommy First, age play with Mommy, kissing, 69, suck Mommy’s toes, fill her with c*m, please her before your girlfriend! $15 16+minutes

🦋Mommy Snuggles someone had a nightmare and wants some cuddle-time but his c*ck has other plans! Push that morning wood onto Mommy and play with my heavy t*tties. Didn’t know I like bu*t plugs, did you? You woke Mommy up, and now she wants to be filled up. Take me from behind and don’t stop til it’s done! ZOOMS! Creamy! 12 min $12

🦋Filling Both Holes, Bettie brought 3 toys to this solo play session all about c*mming, No role-play, She describes, vibes, teases her nipples & shiny bu*ton, sensual, erotic and intimate, juicy Zooms 13 min $12

🦋Mommy’s Crusted Panties, BabyBoy is stealing her panties, she uncovers the dark secret & gives head pats while he eats Mommy’s puss, showing Mommy what he’s got! She doesn’t like condoms 9 minutes $15

🦋Mommy Comforts, she deals with Babyboy’s angst! Hand job, encouraging small d*ck, let’s make it grow for my mouth! Deep throat, hump mommy til c*m, smell ‘n taste the puss. Vibrator, di**o, bu*t plug! $20 20min

🦋Mommy Feet, BabyBoy humps Mommy’s feet whilst she rubs, lots of dirty talk, c*m on Mommy’s toes, up-close feet $14 14 minutes

🦋Panty Play, masturbating w/panties, tickling clit and nipples with vibrator wand, creamy di**o pumping, connecting and sensual $15 19 minutes
🦋Confess To Mommy, tell me what you were doing with Mommy’s panties. I also like the way my kitty tastes and smells! Look at my dirty panties today and taste them. Sensual ‘n encouraging, I love how you play with my breasts ‘n enter me, whispering special Boy you are, puss to mouth c*ck play where sensual turns dirty! 20min $20

🦋Mommy Cares ‘n Gives, When Mommy sees how stressed her Boy has been, she wants to offer him some care and rewards for his hard work. How better to decompress than a lick of her kitty and some pumping play until milky seed surges into her? 12 min $12

🦋Tiny Vs Giantess, months of planning for you to eat your shrinking pill, get swallowed, I promise, I display your journey thru my body, to throw you back up after five minutes. It's been your fantasy to glide down my throat, bu*terflies I feel with you inside me, delicious, I begin to have second thoughts about saving you, I begin to lose track of time…36 min $20 

🦋Bratty Sister Controls You, Sister ‘n you start hitting ‘n flirting, it quickly progresses to you falling into your old salacious routine where you do exactly what she says and get rewarded. Creamy kitty, licking, f**king and Bratting by the only girl you’re allowed to have s** with—your Bratty Older Sister! 12 min $12

🦋Physical Therapy, s**y, sweaty, stretch ‘n screw, grinding, POV hand/bl** job, di**o pumping creamy delights, lots dirty talk 21 minutes $15

🦋bu*tPlug Bettie, stripping, bent over spread a**, display plug, kneading, s**y stockings, panties and bras, flirting, f**king in heels, clit slapping di**o fun!
21 s**y minutes $15

🦋Omorashi I cannot focus on polishing my pretty piggies because my bladder is so full! I should distract myself and use my vibrator. I should have planned better! Maybe I’ll wet myself just a little, I can barely hold it so why am I still drinking!? 10 minutes $15

🦋Lingerie Changing Confessions, A Milf sl*ttily confesses as she’s dressing for a party but cannot keep her fingers off herself until, after multiple changes, she has to put her heels up and rub to explosive orgasm with exquisite views, quality and up-close lovins, teasing, stripping, lingerie, dirty talk 21 min $17
🦋 Impregnation, role-play, MANY ZOOMS!, very wet pu**y, a** n puss di**o pumping, cowgirl and countdown to c*m as I seduce, ride and grind until I get what I want: pregnant! $15 15+ minutes

🦋Giantess Vs GummyBearBoy, you just couldn't resist being a Tiny, hiding in Mommy's dirty underwear! Mommy has something in store for you, you're taking a trip inside on the tip of my di**o! See my vagina, creams n pulsing 10 min $15

🦋Friendly Neighborhood Milf, when you’re sweaty ‘n mowing the lawn, guess who’s watching you from her bedroom window. who lusts after a young stud, you get sloppy, creamy compensation I provide as I lay my Milf a** in the dining room table, jack off, spray your load in me $15 15 min

🦋Corrupting Mommy, you were hiding under Mommy’s bed while I fornicated and were discovered! Since Mommy’s horny, and you’re curious, give me what I want or I’ll tell your Dad, stick out your tongue, pu**y to mouth kisses and serving Mommy d*ck whenever she likes. Lots of dirty talk! $12 10 min

🦋RacePlayWow, It goes without saying that this cinematic adventure is unique in that my delivery is taunting, demanding, insulting in fresh ways, enough to tickle the Race Play enthusiasts at large! Why rely on the played out nomenclatures when you can have Bettie exquisitely delivering the awful naughty that makes you twitch? 10min $15

🦋Milf In Crotchless Nylons, Sultry, s**y Milf in crotchless stockings so playtime continues as I wear the pantyhose, vibing over clitty, di**o creamy pumping, di**o in bu*thole, dirty talking, pretty nude feet in stockings, exquisite ZOOMS and displayed feet! 17 min $20
🦋Babygirl Finds Mommy’s Toy, I begin to fantasize about pleasing Daddy when I finds what I learn is Mommy’s s** toy. Dirty talk from a sweet mouth. Babygirl wants Daddy to make her a woman, please like Mommy cannot! 15 min $15

$10 Cinematic Adventures

🦋a**l Beads fresh outta the package, I am lubing up with coconut oil for this light JOI chocolate coated slow burn starring a tight tiramisu bu*t pucker and a**l beads. It goes without saying the lighting and angle is superb as I push each bead into and deeper inside my tiny bu*t-bu*t. I'm taking all I can and lube the beads up with my special concoction of Buxom Bettie bu*t bu*ters Bliss!!!

🦋Farmer’s Daughter p** vid! ZOOM! migrant worker’s race play, how dare you?!, do as I say or else! 10+min $10

🦋Green Teddy, you come home and find me ready for some d*ck! All dressed up and holes to fill up! Toe-sucking goodness! Look at those feet! Vibe until I c*m on your d*ck! $10 11+min

🦋Mommy Face Sitting Jerk-Off, my crotch is thrust unexpectedly onto you in this face-sitting adventure with POV views as you look up at smiling Mommy while you lick and taste--it's that GoodBoy treatment she gives you. So ripe! Pretty feet, Mommy jerks you, your boymeat feels so good in Mommy's hand until you explode in her mouth! Mommy sucks every last drop as you bust your nut $10 10min

🦋Against The Wall f**k, when you want that energy of walking into the room to f**k me where au stand against the wall, where you can taunt my nips, enter my kitty while I stand up, cream your d*ck and get pumped in my hand only to be spilled into my pa tied that I wear all day. A sticky mess is what I crave! 11 min $10

🦋BrotherTime, panty stuffing, exquisite p** shot!, bro shows sis his c*ck, yum! f**k your little sis, please brother! 6+minutes $10

🦋Mommy’s Crusted Panties, BabyBoy is stealing her panties, she uncovers the dark secret & gives head pats while he eats Mommy’s puss, showing Mommy what he’s got! She doesn’t like condoms 9 minutes $10

🦋Play With Myself, sensual ‘n s**y, no toys, only fingers, wet spot in panties, terrific zoom!, rubbing/fingering, pretty feet, growling descriptive 10min $10

🦋p**! Looking up my skirt, vibrating over panties, face-sitting your POV, swallow me! Awesome p** shot! $10 10+min

🦋a** worship, dirty talk, a** teasing & pulsing, sultry, encouraging $10 7+ min

🦋sl*tty Fishnets Heels, I please myself while looking so s**y-sl*tty with only my little bullet—no big toys to block the view! Watch me writhe, c*m and twist my nipples to explosion! 11+ min $10

🦋Playful Mommy, accidentally makes Babyboi hard, I will teach you all about your c*ck getting tugged/sucked! Isn’t Mommy’s pu**y pretty when she touches for you? c*m down my throat! $10 12 min

🦋Vibrator, Ice ‘n NipplePlay, vibing pleasures, giggles and smiles, ice play on my pink pencil eraser nipples and clit, displaying pu**y writhing, playing thru shorts, spread🦅$10 12+ minutes

🦋di**o, Heels ‘n Toes, Oh My! f**king in heels, straddled and squatted, di**o pump and vibe pu**y—oh, heels and polished toes are always on display! 10+min $10

🦋c*m In My bu*t! gla** a** di**o fun, vibrator play, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, cute voice 12+min $10

🦋⚠️NoWayRacePlay⚠️ Do as you’re told! Bad mouthing, serve me! Every name in the book and then some! You are my tool and will do exactly what I say! Need I say more? Toy fun! 10 minutes $10

🦋Stinky Puss/a** I didn’t wash my puss or a** so you may savor me! Taste and smell me as I entice and display my dirty bits! Showing off, queef $10 7 min

🦋Cucky Husband, sweet sl*tty wife has a delicious treat, JOI for handsome hubby in this slow burn tale, I saved some c*m for you, clean me up! 14+ minutes $10

🦋a**Pop, new toy in my *almost* virgin a**!, hurts a little bit but feels good!, suction play on floor, 9 minutes $10

🦋Mommy Knows what you did! Taking my panties and depositing your semen into them is gonna get you a video of my fresh c*mmy panties that I will leave you to play with! age-play, JOI, you’re such a good boy to follow my instructions, and now you know what Mommy looks like when she c*ms! 12+min $10

🦋Mommy Health Lesson, I discover your curiosity and sets into motion a Health lesson, where she opens her legs and introduces her spread hairy lips, squatting over your face, she releases her bra and points out her bu*thole and twat in this no penetration, BabyBoy/Mommy innocent talking lesson! Featuring interesting views, holes and dirty panties! 7min $10

Less Than $10

🦋DirtyPantyPlay(Toys), take a p**k on how a s**y tanned Milf pleases herself as I roll my pu**y and writhe under my vibrator--tickling my clitty and pink pencil eraser nipples--all while I vibrate on the inside with my Lush toy, pull 'n tug on my toy held tightly by my hairy snatch until I absolutely cannot stand it anymore a relent to my orgasm that explodes, pinks my cheeks and creams my toy which I clean with my dirty panties! A s**y, flirty, erotic p**k into an insatiable Milfs playtime! $9 9min

🦋GirliePantyPlay(White ‘n Creamy), I'm a delight--heaven on a stick--in this cinematic adventure, adorably cheeky ‘n hiding something in my dirty girly underwear!!! Watch my cheeks flush, orgasm roll over me and creams drip from my Lush as I fondle my kitty to completion. Where else would I put my juicy creams but right back into my panties? c*m with me! $6 5+ min

🦋White Thong Panty Play, the view is magnificent you can practically smell my kitty custards!!! I vibe over my panties using my little bullet, tickling my twat, up and down my slit and clitty until I can take it no more l, pull them to the side and reveal my furry kitty so clues you can neatly reach out & touch it! Hard c*m, deep pulses&u see it ALL! 5min $6
🦋Dirty Panty Play Heels, fishnet stockings and a bullet vibe my clitty ‘n nipples until I explode to a growling orgasm before displaying crusted panties for you to lick ‘n savor! 6+min $5
🦋d*ck-Sucking, a demonstration of how skilled I am in worshipping the c*ck with my mouth, a complication of two sessions (no c*m) 2:30min $5

🦋Milf Masturbation Clip, a sultry ‘n lusty Milf has no need to remove her panties to cover over my clitty and pretty pencil eraser nipples. c*m see my ooey-gooey pu**y from play as I grunt & growl to ecstasy in this mini vid 5min $8

🦋Strawberry Play, 2nd vid ever! no face, before I had lightening, editing and tripod magical powers, I shot using a pile of pillows but what I created with what I had remains verrrry unique, s**y and unpredictable…Ice play, strawberry as your tongue, until I c*m and shake and contract, damn! 8 min $5

🦋Humiliate! Bratty, pinky sucking bj, giggly fat shaming, farting, sph humiliation vid $8 5 minutes

🦋Pumping di**o In a**, I pump in and out of my nearly virgin tiramisu a** can become chocolate dipped for naughty bu*t bu*ter pleasures! My a** is tight and my bu*thole just won't open! I was worried about how much bu*t bu*ter would be on it! 5+ minutes $8

🦋Nerdy Girl gets naked and plays so dirty, pumping her di**o from front and back, close up zoom shots of Bettie’s s**y bits and all the c*mmies and cream! $5 14 minutes

🦋Tampon Removal, up close messy pu**y, crisp audio and picture, wiping away shark week! 2+ minutes $5

🦋EdgingMilf, with bullet, pretty flower petal lips very juicy ‘n wet, very clear, close and in focus, exquisite lighting, soft s** talk on phone $5 7+ minutes

🦋 Fart Panty, with t*tties out ‘n dirty panties on, I wedge the cotton betwixt my creamy fat cheeks and push much flatulence from my pucker—so much that it’s almost embarra**ing if I wasn’t so pretty! 2+ min $6

🦋Teasing Fat Humiliation Fart, taunting, giggling, name-calling, teasing, bratty nudity, FARTS! all the reasons you’re a loser, Brattily point out how impossible it is for you to partake in my lusciousness but that you can have the farts fresh from my bu*thole! 7 min $8

🦋Berry Panty Play, edging thru panties is my favorite pastime, tease, tickle, grind ‘n wiggle until I pull that cotton to the side and c*m in simple bliss before showing off my dirty panties. Playful, candid, disarming and perfect for the Buyer who is interested in enjoying my panties! 7min $8

🦋Workout Shorts pulled to side, full pu**y, clit rub to orgasm, no face 3.26 minutes $4

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