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If I “Like” your profile without messaging you, I’m not necessarily doing so to gain your attention; I’m liking what I’m seeing based off your photos and or description, and you’ve piqued my s**ual curiosity and interest. You may not have a pair I lust after or haven’t listed it yet, but I’m simply “bookmarking” your profile for future reference!

I’m just a simple mouse looking to get his hands on tasty used panties worn by fine women😍 who CAME IN THEM so that I may c*m TO THEM! I’m particularly attracted to pet*te fit sellers, however, I love women of all shapes and sizes. I should note, I don’t just buy any panty from any seller; I’ve recently gotten a lot more selective with the types, styles, and colors of panties I lust after, as well as the seller I’m buying from due to past instances of going a bit overboard buying from multiple sellers all at once(my p**r PO Box runneth over). Please do not be offended if I do not respond as I’d rather not waste your time since I’ve narrowed my focus to the aforementioned factors.

As to panty styles, I’m VERY partial to v/g strings or strappy thongs!(examples provided in my photos) I know they don’t provide the most surface area to soak up its wearer’s essence, but I’ve always loved how they look on a woman; How the straps sit on your waist, the smol triangle of fabric that sits on your lower back, and the string that runs down the middle of your peach and links up with the thin layer of fabric that barely covers your lips is what gets me rock hard. Plus, they’re the perfect style for easy access by sliding to the side for the following fun activities: dining, grinding, thrusting, and pulsating! Admittedly, I’m also the #1 fan of grool, so the creamier the better😋. Plus inifinity if you can time the wear during your wettest and creamiest time of ovulation; Also not to forget your heightened pheromones during that special time! If you haven't already picked up on it, I absolutely love eating pu**y so it made the transition to the fetish pretty seamless. I am, however, fearful of 🦈.

It is such a turn-on knowing that the delectable pair you’re wearing, while going about your day at work/school/running errands👠 and playing😉😋 in, is just for me💕. I hope that it’s equally a turn-on for you knowing that the pair you’re dirtying up is going out to someone who’s going to enjoy them thoroughly- inhaling your scent, tasting you, and fantasizing about you as I achingly stroke my hard c*ck to c*mpletion. I hope you’re cognizant of what I’ll be doing with it as you feel the gusset rub against your pu**y!

Anonymity and privacy are principles that are of the utmost importance to me, both mine as well as the wearers’. As much as I value those principles there is a unique primal s**ual energy that’s derived from masturbating to panties from someone I’m never going to meet in real life. I can’t wait to stroke my c*ck until I lose all sense of control, go over the edge past the point of no return, and shoot my warm c*m into space whilst smelling and tasting you on your panties! I feel honored having your panties and I hope you feel honored knowing your panties, locked with your scent and taste, were the object of my orgasm.

In addition to the panties, I’m interested in the following if you don’t otherwise have it posted on your page:
1) 2-3 days of wear
2) Panty Stuffing(as much so it doesn’t hurt you)
3) Multi masturbation sessions in the pair
4) Photos in pair/nude
5) Custom video of masturbation in the pair and JOI/JOE(Jerk Off Instructions/Encouragement)
6) Face; I understand everyone has their own limits and I respect that. If no face, would from the nose/lips down be something you’d be comfortable with?
7) Methods of Shipping; I have to ask this because I’ve had the unfortunate experience of a few sellers who thought they could slap a few stamps on a letter envelope thinking it was “sufficient postage”- Sadly it was not and I had to go down the Post Office or pay the letter carrier the balance. While the postal employees didn’t know what treasure was inside, it was still a tad embarra**ing #knowhatImsaying?

I’m looking for sellers who are interested in establishing a connection for repeat sales, as much as respecting one another’s privacy boundaries can afford, as opposed to ones that are more transactional, one and done in nature(nothing wrong with this). I will also write a review after services have been rendered and would very much appreciate if you would take the time to do one as well🙂.

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EekAmouse US

Love a seller that goes that XXXtra mile:) @That_Michelle_Girl

EekAmouse US

I'm not cheating on anyone, but I always get the nervous rush of adrenaline when going to the Post Office to retrieve tasty panties from my PO box. I would imagine sellers have a similar experience when sending off panties either by dropping them off in a dropbox or by standing at the counter.

EekAmouse US

Ladies: What are your thoughts on male pre-cum?

EekAmouse US

With (7) pairs in various stages of wear/to be worn and possibly another (1) in negotiation, I believe I'm satiated.

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