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About GingerPhoenix

Sultry redhead squirter, looking to share <3
I am a cis woman, more femme than not, with freckles and pale skin.
I'm 5'5" tall, a bit curvy with a slightly-chubby hourgla** shape, and exude brightness.
Lately, I'm wearing clothing in the XL/2X range, size 16 to 20.
I lost 50 lbs this year, so that's a big change! I'm getting healthy, and want to share the results as I sweat off these lbs.
I've got a bunch of clothing that is starting to feel baggy on me. I can't wait to share. ;)
Shoe size 9.5 / 10 womens US size.
I'm just now reaching my s**ual prime, and have been insatiable lately. My girlfriend and boyfriend are loving it! Looking forward to sharing with you ;)

Items I'd like to share with this community:
* panties, bras, lingerie,
* leggings, shirts, skirts, dresses
* accessories, socks, shoes, and outerwear
* s** toys, leather gear, homemade lube ;)
* hair elastics with tangles of my hair attached
* water from bath, hair from shower drain, hair from hairbrush
* ma**age lotion bottles that I make and share with you
* nail clippings, foot exfoliation dust, hair trimmings
* discount bin items! mismatched / single socks
* photos, audio recordings, and videos custom made
* domme services, experiences, games, and control
* humiliation, JOI/JOE recordings, and slow reveals

It may take me a few days to return messages.
I have a playful (yet devilish) domme side, and like to tease.
However, I promise your patience will be rewarded. ;)
If our boundaries are clear, and if you are willing to go there, I can be quite cruel!
In the words of Mae West, "Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly."

I am versatile and a switch.
Like everyone else, I have both Domme and sub tendencies, although I'm mostly Domme.
If anyone in ATW considers them worthy of joining my harem, I have a listing for an Application to Join My Harem, for 10$.
Should you wish to dabble with submission, or should you already know you'd like me to conquer and control you, you may message me to inquire. I am not likely to seek you out.
My reputation speaks for itself.
Only the luckiest subs, sissies, servants, slaves, and supplicants have the privilege of my company.
For the fool who thinks themself Dom/me enough to master me - you had better come prepared!
Message me carefully, or I will shut you down.

I'm exploring my s**uality and new areas of kink, lately, and want to share my journey. I'm funny, sarcastic, kind, accepting, and a little bit dirty. For years, I had very Vanilla partners. Now I get to live a more open, proud, joyful life.

I look forward to reserving certain articles of clothing (just purchased!) entirely for the right person.
You can direct me to perform specific tasks, chores, and duties while wearing these items.
Your fantasy is my pleasure. ;)
Of course, I retain control, can always refuse, and will participate in whatever manner I prefer.
I am much more likely to wear and prepare garments for you to wear, then gratefully receive photos of you wearing them for my amusement.
I always keep my promises, though, and loyally fulfill agreements.
I am grateful to, and take good care of, those who decide to worship me.
I don't have much time for chitchat, so I appreciate your respect and tribute as thanks.

You will respect and value me, admire me, and offer / request but not demand.
I will do the same for you, unless you allow me to command you.
While I don't get much play time for social media, games, etc., I prefer quality time.
If I feel a mutual respect and connection, I will gladly share with you short- or long-term.
I look forward to ongoing partnerships with the most respectful and compatible buyers.

Let's talk about s**!
I am bis**ual, loving people of all genders.
I am polyamorous, dating my fiancee (a gorgeous Trans woman) and boyfriend (a cis man).
I prefer people to "mix and match" She / They pronouns, but am ok if you choose one and stick with it, too.
While I adore s** with my lovers, I also regularly take care of myself.
I usually use a vibrator on my clit, but have been known to improvise. ;)
I will gladly answer questions about any / all of these things - we're all learning, and my sweethearts and I choose to live very open and educational lives.

I recently packaged up a pair of well-worn panties for my sweetheart. Her knees got weak every time she smelled them. It turned us both on so much that I decided to explore that further, here. ;) <3 She's taken my heart and soul, but doesn't mind that I share my worn items here. It's a turn-on for me that she knows, and that my s**uality is in hot demand. ;)

I'm just getting started with selling my worn, loved, squirted-upon, or otherwise used things, and will entertain requests!
You can purchase panties and other items I wear daily, at work, or in bed while I pleasure myself. <3
I am losing weight, and would love to share my wardrobe with you.
Yes, I'm both s**y and practical.
I love textures, and have some gorgeous panties, socks, sleepwear, and other items for sale.
I work in scrubs and compression socks, too, if you're interested in workwear. I will entertain offers to wear items for multiple days, of course.
For the right price, I will also sell you my s** toys, but I will make sure to enjoy them thoroughly before I ship.
I'm also open to sharing my gorgeous hair with those whom I deem worthy.
It's really quite a stunning shade of dark copper - auburn.
Fluids, Trimmings, Clippings, and more!
Make a request, and I will be honest about my willingness to fulfill it.

Allergy Considerations:
* I do have a cat at home! She cuddles in my arms each night, so her fur may make contact with my worn items, trimmings, and fluids. Please let me know if you need me to prevent this contact with her dander!
* I have horrendous allergies and autoimmune issues, so I only use hypoallergenic, dye-free, fragrance-free detergent on my laundry.
A glug of detergent and a scoop of baking soda is all I ever need to keep things fresh.
Then, they're ready and bound to get super grunge, stinky, and sweaty as I wear them. ;) No overpowering detergent smells will obscure my pheromones. It's just you and me, dirty and raw.

Of course, each item I share will be shipped discreetly in repurposed packaging. <3
I offer both standard and expedited shipping - we'll look up the costs based on your address, and add that to the price.
I enjoy art / painting, and hope to create a little doodle, watercolor, or other
artsy tidbit in each package I send you.
I'm a very Artistic Autistic, and sharing my creations is a way I show love. As a Chaotic Good, I use my s**uality, power, and neurodivergent creativity with benevolence and care.

I'm excited to discover new things about myself and everybody I'll meet.
Thank you for welcoming me into this great community!
~ Ginger Phoenix <3

⚠️ Generic "Don't Steal My Stuff" warning:
ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.⚠️

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