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I’m just a squished foot slave that was mercilessly trampled under ur perfect feet. Nd u can own me as ur foot salve as u pls.

Also nothing I say will be private nd u can always post it or publicly humiliate me with anything I say.

I’m also into giantess stuff where I’m the size of an ant under a giantess’s feet nd I’m their tiny foot slave nd foot pet (as kinda indicated by my profile name)

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Squishedfootslave UK

I was just wondering do u perfect goddesses like to publicly humiliate ur foot slaves, cuz with me I wouldn’t want any privacy anyways, like I’d want to be publicly humiliated for anything nd everything tho

Squishedfootslave UK

Is it weird that I kinda want a goddess to brainwash me, nd to directly control my mind nd body (so like my body nd mind would be classed as my goddess’s property nd therefore only she would be able to control them nd I’d just be along for the ride). Or like if any goddesses know any spells to control my mind u should put em on me

Squishedfootslave UK

So ngl I’ve been wondering something? Like if all women are goddesses nd all men are their slaves, what does it mean that I want to be a goddess’s foot slave?

Squishedfootslave UK

Is it weird that I’m in the mood to sacrifice my mind and body to a goddess’s feet, so that I can be the mere plaything of a goddess’s feet? Like I should be completely and totally destroyed under a goddess’s perfect feet nd then be publicly humiliated for it.

Squishedfootslave UK

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