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SOLD****Sweaty Pikachu Over The Calf Socks

SOLD****Sweaty Pikachu Over The Calf Socks photo


ScentedLatin... US

5.0 (4) ID Verified

Sweaty just below the knee Grey Striped Pikachu Socks.

Starting at +$15
🔹️2 day wear
🔹️US Shipping
🔹️Pictures for Proof
Workouts Optional

Add ons:

+$2 per extra day 5 days MAX

+$5 if you really want the FULL five day experience. Price available ONLY for ALL 5 days!

🔹️Free Shipping in US

🔹️Heat Sealed Bag

🔹️Discreet Packaging

🔹️Thank you Handwritten Note *optional

15.00 USD 150

Payment Methods

KinkCoins Venmo CashApp Buy Me A Coffee

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Sweaty Socks Calf Knee Socks Striped Grey Cute Pokemon gray Stinky socks Sweaty socks sweaty stinky smelly Size 6 workout socks Workout curvy Sock fetish footfetish fetish

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ScentedLatina US

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ScentedLatina US

Custom Feet Pics/Short...

I'll paint your name all over my soles,my toes,feet, ankles, legs, and booty with a thong your...

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SALE/Well Worn/ Old/...

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About ScentedLatina

🌬You've been blessed by this Goddess for visiting her temple 🌬


🦈 Comes to RUIN the fun for a bit predicted 6/26-7/1


🐚Sell 3 Panties 0/5
🐚Get 3 5 star reviews 0/3
🐚Sell 1 Bra 0/1
🐚Sell 2 Pairs of Socks 0/2
🐚Sell 2 Other Shop Items 0/2
🐚6,000 Profile Views 3,500/6,000

Hi I'm Roxanne! Like the song 🎼🎵
You may call me Goddess or Roxy 💋

👄 I’m always happy to chat with you here
+$5 to move to KIK 👄

I’m a 26 year old very pet*te and curvy Latina (half Mexican half Central American) with itty bitty t*tties, a big booty, and lovely feet 👑

I'm married and feel super s**y sharing my personal stuff with you 🤫

❤️‍🔥 I don’t give away any piece of myself lightly. Please note that any suggestive photos you see here or suggestive photos you purchase will make you one of the very few people alive to witness so much of me without clothing. ❤️‍🔥

About Me:
I love my body 👸
I love to dance 💃
I love video games 🎮
I love coffee ☕️
I love being creative 🎨🖌
I love food 🧇🍷
I love Online Shopping 🛍
I love Disney 🏰
I'm a Cancer ♋️
I'm a Super Introvert 🔇
I'm a Night Owl 🦉
NonSmoker 🚭
Heavy Drinker 🍾
Pink is my Favorite Color 💟
Skryim is my Favorite Video Game ⚔️
---(Of all time currently)

My Stats:
📏 4'11'
💇‍♀️ Brown Hair
👁 Brown Eyes
🍑 41" Booty last I measured
👙 Bras 36B
🩲 Panties Size M-L
👠 Shoes Size 6-7
👕 PJs Size S-L
👚Tops Size S-M
👖Pants Size 6 or M
🩳 Shorts Size M-L
👗Dresses Size S-M
👟 Gym Clothes Size S-L

✨️I would prefer it if you message me it takes so much courage for me to reach out to anybody. I will reach out if I see you revisiting my temple many times though✨️ 👀


🌤 Items I'm currently offering 🌤

🩲 Panties Size M-L

🍓🦈 Old stained panties available

🍋 Accidental Lemonade Panties

👙 Bras/SportsBras

🩱Lingerie Sets

🧦 Socks

🥿 Shoes

👕 PJs and Night Gowns

🤸‍♀️ Workout Shorts and Leggings

👗Any Other New Old or Used clothing I have for you will be in my shop

😷 Scented Face Masks

👩 Lovely Hair

💅 Nail Clippings & Fake Nails

🦶 Foot Dust

🧽Used Bath Loofahs

🗑 Goddess Trash
*Will Vary*

🎲Random Stuff

Used Makeup

Used Deodorant

Used Foot Mask

🍭 Foot/Foot Dust/Stinky Armpit Pops

🍪 Foot Snacks
$20 for bought items
$35 for fresh baked items
Comes with pics, short vids sent via Snap
Price may vary***

👣 I have Premade Feet pics and vids in my instant content

Size 6-6.5, long second toes, pink and wrinkly soles

I'm happy to make you custom made feet stuff so long as my temple rules are followed 📝

$15 for up to 5 custom pics and 1 short vid

🌹🦨 My Scent Info 🦨🌹

🩲 Panties are Tangy Scented and are lightly creamed right before 🦈 week

🧀 Socks have a light cheesy smell after the 2nd day of wearing

💦 The most smelly and sweaty part of my body is my arm pits. It's a very heavy, musty, and spicy smell especially during the summer. The smell often transfers to my b**bs if I sweat enough

💐 My perfumes range from Soft warm sweet fragrance to Strong and citrusy depending on the brand. Ask me for more info!

🧴Body and Foot Lotion Scents
Light Cocoa 🍫 Luxurious Flower 🌸 Tasty Candy 🍬

If you like this kind of stuff
💝 Roxy is your Girl 💝

✨️Please let me know if you want something else! Maybe after hearing you out I can work my magic and customize it for you ✨️

🌎 International orders are welcome for items under 4lbs | 1.8 kg only
(NO Heavy Shoes, including training shoes, sneakers, and the like Sorry😟Lightweight Slippers should be okay. I'll let you know if you are interested 🌍

Add +$15 to each listing or order under 4lbs | 1.8 kg


🔹️ All items are packed in plastic heatsealed bags to preserve smell, moisture, and ensure you are the only person who opens it once I've packed it for you

🔹️Items are ALWAYS packed in discreet packaging

🔹️Free Shipping in US +$15 international

🔹️Individualized hand written thank you note included if requested

💸 Tips are always appreciated for my coffee addiction 💖 I accept any offerings you have for me. Those who tip or offer will have extra blessings sent to them!

Ca💲happ: $PatasGuapas
VenⓂ️o: @PatasGuapas

I have a dog who sheds a lot.
I will do my best to make sure my products meet the same high standards and quality I have for my own clothes and home👗👑
Be aware your allergies may still act up. 🤧


NO FULL Face I want to stay anonymous & mysterious 🦹‍♀️
I’m happy to send lips and Masked Photos to compromise with you

NO Nudity My nude body is only for my King’s eyes 🤴💍
I’m happy to do Suggestive Photos for you

NO 🍫 I'm not that kind of Goddess. Can't force a God of night to bring you the sun 🤷‍♀️
Others in the realm will do this for you.

NO Meetups I don't even do these with actual people I know I'm super introvert haha

NO Live Videos Again super introvert that's why I became a freelancer! I'll avoid this interaction at all costs!

NO Voice its NOT s**y It sounds like, an ugly CARTOON so NO VOICE I'm also not much of a talker I'm a writer

NO Time Wasters! I will not pester you or waste your time so DO NOT waste mine.

NO Race |Underage |Minor |Animal| Incest|
This Goddess has a zero tolerance policy in her temple ❌️

If I said NO here or when you ask I'm not changing my mind.
Some little ant is not going to tell this beauty what to do.
I'm blocking if you get pushy.

💥I'm here to have fun safely. I want you to have fun too!
Please respect the limits and boundaries of Sellers
Thank You!💥

If you read all the soul I put into this you deserve a blessing! 🌬
Screenshot this part for a coupon and show it to me to receive 15% off your first physical purchase 🪙


🛑 Due to the nature of products sold, all SALES are FINAL upon recieving payment. The seller is NOT responsible for lost or stolen item/package(s) Once item/package(s) are out for delivery it is out of the seller's hands. All Sellers apologize for this inconvenience, should it occur 🛑

⚠️ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile, images or conversations in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.⚠️

ScentedLatina currently has 47 items available & joined All Things Worn 3 months ago

Also sells the following:

Panties & Knickers Thongs Lingerie Bras High Heels Flat Shoes Trainers / Sneakers Slippers Socks Pantyhose & Tights Tops Gym Clothes Other Clothing Swimwear Accessories Instant Pics Instant Vids

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