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About NekoSadomasochist

✨ Stefanie | 18 | F | Any Pronouns ✨

My looks:
⭐I'm 5'11
⭐Pear shaped (bigger hips and b*m, smaller b**bs)
⭐Pale with freckles.
⭐Long strawberry blonde hair.
⭐Blue eyes
⭐I wear a 40B bra, L/XL Sports Bras.
⭐Clothes Sizes 16, 18, 20, 22.
⭐I have a 53 inch hip circ*mference.
⭐I keep my pubic hair on, trim occasionally.
⭐I have stretch marks.
⭐Shoe sizes UK 7-8.

About me:
💖I like anime and video games
💖I also love Hentai
💖I love coffee
💖I'm a pesc*tarian
💖I love sitcoms
💖I'm a big horror and thriller film fan

💞College student: Acting and Dance💞

💖 Go here to know more about me: 💖

⭐Kink friendly and all genders welcome. I'm queer myself.⭐
❗Allergy warning: I have dogs ❗

❤️Recently Worn underwear
❤️Long Worn Underwear (2+ days)
❤️Underwear I've m*sturb*ted in
❤️Underwear I've pi*sed myself in
❤️Clothing I've sweated in
❤️Used Clothing
❤️Used Sportswear
❤️Used Tights + Socks
❤️Used s** Toys
❤️Kink content. E.g: petplay and pi*s (main ones).
❤️I can do custom stuff
❤️ Limits: sc*t, face reveal, involving minors, involving animals, involving family members, doing anything whilst intoxicaed.

💗Some of my favourite activities to do in my underwear include: Dancing and sweating in them, masturbating in them while I watch porn, having a gla** of gin whilst I watch Netflix for a night in.💗

💫Shipping is covered in the price listed so no extra charge (UK ONLY). I will discuss shipping costs if you're international.💫
⭐I do my best to keep packaging discreet but I usually don't print labels off. Please let me know if you'd like me to do so for you. All my parcels come with sweets and a note inside. If this is an issue, please let me know.⭐
⭐No refunds⭐

Used Knickers 🌸 £15+
Custom used Knickers 🌸 £20+
Used Bras 🌸 £15-30
Single Photo 🌸 £5
Custom single photo 🌸 £8
Photo set (3-5 pics) 🌸 £10+
Custom photo sets 🌸 £15+
Used toys 🌸 £25+
Used Tights 🌸 £15+
Used Socks 🌸 £10+
Used Clothes 🌸 £15+
Used Pajamas 🌸 £15+
❤️ 2 pairs of £15 knickers for £25 ❤️2 pairs of £20 knickers for £35 ❤️ 2 pairs of £25 knickers for £45 ❤️
💞Additional days of wear, sweat, masturbation, pi*s, amount and other kinks can all add to the prices.💞

🖤You do not have permission to repost or resell anything of mine. It's for personal use only.🖤

✨I usually take Cashapp (my tag is StefanieHorns). Tips and tributes welcome.
I also accept Amazon Wishlist or Amazon Gift Cards. I may do PayPal or kinkcoins for some orders. ✨
✨Amazon Wishlist:
(Please message me to let me know if you have bought me anything)✨

❗Reminder to be subtle when paying for stuff. Type "clothes" if it's used stuff, type "art" if it's photos or videos, "gift" for tips/tributes.❗

Social media:
💕 Twitter (more updates, polls where you can vote on what I do next, kink, pics) - @StefanieHorns
💕 Insta (pics, interests) @stefaniehorns
💕 OnlyFans - Coming soon!
💕 Kik - @LocalSadomasochist
💕 Discord - YanVamp#8382
💕 Curious Cat (Q&A) - @StefanieHorns

💋Messages are welcome, along with any questions you may have.💋 Please keep in mind:
💖 I can not show my face at this time
💖 I'm autistic so please don't get upset if I don't follow an unspoken social rule. I don't understand them, I don't get hints.
💖 Compliments and attention are welcome but remember I'm a person. Don't start with something s**ual and do not make it the entire conversation.
💖 Don't jump in with explicit s**ual scenarios in my messages. If you want s**ting or roleplay, I charge for it, don't ask for it for free.
💖 If you want that, we need to negotiate for it first. I have limits, as I'm sure you do. You also need a chance to tell me how you like things done too.

Age: 18-21

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Curvy

Occupation: Student

Joined: 3 months ago

Profile Visits: 13003

What I Offer

Panties & Knickers Thongs Lingerie Bras Slippers Socks Pantyhose & Tights Stockings and Suspenders Skirts Dresses Tops Gym Clothes Other Clothing Accessories Photo Sets Experiences

Payment Methods

KinkCoins PayPal CashApp Amazon Gift Card Amazon WishList

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NekoSadomasochist UK

MEGA Pu**y Pop...

💗Bubblegum flavored big pop that's been inside my pu**y and coated in my juices💗 I can send you the...

10.00 GBP 140

NekoSadomasochist UK

Pu**y Pops 5...

🎀Buy lollipops coated in my juices and flavour.🎀 Pops come in 5 Flavours before I coat them: 💗Cola 💗Strawberry...

8.00 GBP 112

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NekoSadomasochist UK

I was tagged by @Honeyfilledoasis


What is the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Probably "will you go out with my friend?"
Really common to ask this to random other students when we were at secondary school for some reason 🤷

(Add your own questions after answering the others in the hashtag, let's learn about each other!)

What are your biggest pet peeves?

Question for @Thepantiesnextdoor @Candyclit @AlisssaCat @Kiera_Bright


NekoSadomasochist UK

Good morning! I'll be leaving for a class in about an hour and a half then I'll come back afterwards ❤️


NekoSadomasochist UK

Time to head to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to list those corsets tomorrow 😁. Goodnight everyone 💫.


NekoSadomasochist UK

Whoops, fell asleep in the day 😅. On the bright side, I sorted through my lingerie and found a couple of old corsets I can list ❤️


NekoSadomasochist UK

Think I'm gonna play a film and get to tidying the shit show that is my room.


NekoSadomasochist UK

Guess who hasn't had any sleep? This bitch 😁


NekoSadomasochist UK

About to hop in the shower. Leave some messages in my inbox for afterwards if you fancy a chat ❤️


NekoSadomasochist UK

Hi all! Sorry about not being online all day, I slept in then was more focused on getting food and talking to my family for a bit. I'm here now though ❤️
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NekoSadomasochist UK

Super sleepy so heading to bed. I've got the next 2 days free so I should have plenty of time to be on here ❤️. Goodnight 💫


NekoSadomasochist UK

Ask me astrology questions 💫


NekoSadomasochist UK

I just read something that said "Speak it, believe it & achieve it." and I legit read speak as spank 😂


NekoSadomasochist UK

Added a new photo > Remember to check out my latest photosets if you like being sat on or stepped on! 🖤 #facesitting #photos


NekoSadomasochist UK

"gender is what's in your pants"
Guess my pronouns are good/time then 😉


NekoSadomasochist UK

Tip of the day for sellers: If a buyer talks about something they want and you ask about payment and their reaction is to leave you on read or change the subject, don't bother with them.


NekoSadomasochist UK

Reposted a listing > Random Panty

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