An Introduction to Sexy Astrology

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An Introduction to Sexy Astrology

As some of you may know, I'm a bit of an astrology hoe. Okay, I'm a HUGE astrology hoe. It is my special interest after all. I thought for my next blog, I could do something on astrology and decided to write about the more sexual side of it.

Covering a Few Basics

In astrology, you do not just have your Sun sign. You have an entire Birth Chart, also known as a Natal Chart. Your Sun Sign is the constellation the Sun was in when you were born, this placement is the sign you tell everyone you are that you get from your birthday.

E.g: I’m an Aries. That means the Sun was in the constellation Aries when I was born. This is one of many things you can see on your Birth Chart which is a circular chart that is composed of the 12 signs, 12 houses and many different planets, lines, aspects and more.

All of these things have their own meanings. The signs are archetypes with their own traits, the houses are themes of life, planets have their own themes. I won’t be covering lines as I don’t know how much they link to this topic and I won’t be covering aspects as I’m still researching and learning to read those.

Also important to remember: Astrology reflects, it does not cause. It simply shows you things about yourself and your life, it doesn't make you do anything.

The 5th House

Houses are the themes of life. The 5th house deals with sex among other things like creativity, children, family and romance. Because of this, you can look at the sign here and any planets in this house too. I’d look at the 5th House sign as saying more about your sexual experiences rather than sexual habits or what you’re into. I have a Pisces 5th House with Mercury in there.

For me, I’d say this shows how I've had a lot of emotional relationships with sexual partners. Not necessarily from the sex but more from the relationships overall. I think a lot of the people that I end up sexually involved with have given me very emotional experiences, in terms of learning new feelings, figuring myself out, having a lot of emotional growth etc.

Pisces as a water sign is very emotional, specifically, it tends to be about emotional growth and intelligence, expanding on emotional experiences. Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence so this can again link back to expanding on emotional intelligence here and learning how to communicate better.

Pisces Mercury is a fallen placement which means the themes of the planet are at a disadvantage here. I have struggled with communication throughout my life but I feel the experiences I've had with 5th House themes have helped me in that area over time.

One of the biggest things I value in relationships, especially sexual and romantic relationships is communication which can also be seen by this placement. This fact is pretty unfortunate given that I basically become an emotional bimbo if you date me. But hey, some people are into that so there's still hope!

Mars Placements

The planet Mars can link to pursuit, lust and libido as well as heated emotions, anger, passion, pain, conflict and confrontation. Where Mars is placed in your chart can tell you about what you’re into, your sexual habits, sometimes what kind of partner you attract and what others might find sexy about you. I have a Taurus Mars myself. Taurus is Venus ruled which is a planet that links to themes of aesthetics, attractiveness, money, luxury, pleasure.

This placement along with my Scorpio rising basically means I’m a whore. Joking aside, I do think my Taurus Mars reflects my choice to sell here. The same thing goes for my Leo 10th House of Career, we all know how much Leos love attention.

In terms of body parts, Taurus rules the throat and I often get complimented on my voice by sexual partners and love some good dirty talk. Taurus ruling the throat along with Venus dealing with pleasure and luxury are the reasons Taurus placements are often thought of as being food obsessed and as someone that gets absolutely ravenous after fucking, I can confirm that stereotype.

I also struggle to tell the difference between being hungry and being horny half the time. And yes, before anyone comments, I have tried food play. Wasn’t too bad, and I hope to revisit it.

I’ve also heard an astrologer say that Taurus ruling the throat means I may be into neck kissing and biting which is very much accurate. Mars being exiled in Taurus probably explains why I have some of the kinks I do as an exiled placement means that the planet's energy manifests in an unconventional way.

This placement is in my 7th House of long term relationships which is both good and bad I feel. Good in that I'll likely have a vibrant sex life with whomever I end up with long term but also bad in that it can signify a lot of conflict. The 7th House dealing with long relationships does also extend to long term friends and contracts. So in other words, most of my longest friendships revolve around us being dirty-minded together. Also, I may or may not flash my tits to get a good contract deal.

Mars Ruled Signs

The 2 signs ruled by Mars are Scorpio (in traditional astrology) and Aries. Looking at where these signs are in your chart can show how much of a sexual person you are or how these 2 kinds of sexual energy manifest in your life. For me, I’m a Scorpio rising as Scorpio is over my 1st House of Self and I also have an Aries Sun and Venus. Rising shows your basic sense of personality and appearance.

Scorpio has a very intense, dark sexual energy which, as someone with a very intense stare (a common Scorpio rising trait) that enjoys dressing in darker gothic clothes and lingerie and is constantly burdened with the desire to hump my pillow every night, this being my rising sign makes perfect sense.

As an Aries Sun, I have a reputation among friends as a whore. The main thing friends know me for is making dirty jokes, dressing provocatively, flirting a lot, sometimes being very bold and impulsive when doing so as this is where Aries and Scorpio differ in approach.


Following on from the last section, My Aries Venus means I carry this energy into romantic relationships and what I find to be aesthetically pleasing, how I attract partners. This is also an exiled placement, meaning Venus energy manifests in a very unconventional way as Aries and Venus energy are very opposite. I do have a very unique attractiveness to me that doesn't appeal to as many as I'd sometimes like but I'm very confident in it as anyone with Aries placements would be.

Venus deals with harmony, aesthetics, attractiveness, romance, pleasure. These things are not inherently tied to sex but can be for some so depending on the person, your Venus placement may or may not tell you about your sexual interests and sex appeal. It's very likely to be linked if you have a Mars ruled sign as your Venus placement like Scorpio or Aries.

Much like Aries Venus, Scorpio Venus would also be an exiled placement and your Venus energy would manifest in a very unique and unconventional way. I think the key difference between the 2 would show in flirting styles. Scorpio is Yin (feminine energy), a water sign, and has a mysterious quality so Scorpio Venus would show up as a more subtle sexy flirtation style.

Aries being Yang (masculine energy), a fire sign and having a more bold impulsive energy means that subtle flirting is not really the Aries Venus way. A Scorpio Venus would call you up and have a bit of small talk before letting you know that they're home alone whereas an Aries Venus would just be like "Hey. I'm horny, let's fuck!"

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I love discussing astrology and telling people why they're sluts. Thanks for reading.

By NekoSadomasochist

⭐ Kink friendly and all genders welcome ⭐ 💋 Messages are welcome, along with any questions you may have. I'm happy to chat with buyers and get to know eachother first...

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