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🍯 Honey 🍯

🍑 5’3
🍑 38 C’s
🍑 Mixed
🍑 Pansexual
🍑 Caregiver
🍑 10 Women US 🦶🏽
🍑 Barefoot walker/Giantess
🍑 14-16 Womens clothes
🍑Soft but strong 💪🏽
🍑 Thick thighs and ass
🍑 Landing strip, bush, clean shaved
❤️ kinks: Face-sitting, being spanked, pegging😌

Pet/Allergy warning: I have a cat and puppy.
*I always try to lint roll what I send out, to limit the pet hair*

🐱🌳currently: bush🌳🐱
💪🏽 Armpits currently: unshaved💪🏽

I am a big nerd. I collect pop vinyls and comic books/mangas. I am a photographer/artist. I love to watch horror movies and anime. I listen to all kinds of music. But I have a soft spot for metal. I have piercings and a couple tattoos.

I am a barefoot walker. I’m always walking around barefoot when I care-give. My feet get dirtier when I garden. I love to give myself foot baths when they need a little extra love. My feet/nail are usually natural. I like to get my nails done here and there. I usually don’t wear nail polish.

I use to do doming in person. I feed off of energy. Had a few subs over the years (outside of websites like these). Did a lot of face sitting. A little holding down/ tying up.
I don’t currently have any subs. Have too many things going on.
I know I’m pretty quiet on this site, but I have my own dark side. It comes out more in person than online.
*I only dom based off agreement. I don’t push dominance on my sales without being asked. And I do not do meet ups*
Also after working at a sex shop, I’ve grown to love toys. I have a few of my own. But I love to suggest/tell others what to use. And think about them using it 😌

I’m a curvy gal. I may look soft but I’m actually naturally muscular/strong. I walk about 7,000-10,000+ steps a day. So my socks and panties get a lot of working out.

I am a caregiver, so I’m usually pretty busy. I always keep in touch during the process of working on items. I’m all about communication. I make sure to pass along updates if there are any complications/delays.

I have worked for an adult store for 6 years before this occupation. I love doing some personal shopping or making gifts :) Let me know if you are interested in that.

I love to know that I’m making something that is well appreciated. Im sincere about what I’m doing.
I will always do my best to make sure you get exactly what was requested/discussed.

A lot of my sales go back into renewing my wardrobe. I sell to replace what’s been sold. I do my best to be reasonable.
If my prices seem too high, I’m willing to talk it out. I also set prices to consider shipping cost and cost of packaging.

I do make custom content. I like to make feet content the most.
I’m not always able to make videos right away. Most of the time it’s a 24-72 hour time frame.
I usually charge $10-$20+ for standard video/photo content; depending on what’s asked for and how long the video is.
I don’t make custom masturbation content. I don’t really have the free space to do that right now.
I don’t do much video chats for the same reason. I’m not always readily available to hop on a call.

I’m definitely on here more for the wears. It just works better for my schedule and living situation. I’m always on the go, so wears are perfect.

If you are too shy, don’t hesitate to send me even a little hi. I’ll be happy to start the conversation if you like.

I’m more dominant. Dominant but gentle. I can be mean but only when that’s wanted. Otherwise I just like to be the one in control.

Clothing listed (aside from panties and socks). I have a few items from my closet listed. Mostly tops and leggings. If I’m wearing it, I’m mostly likely selling it as a worn item. However I have a ton of clothes listed from when I was a different size. I have those listed for those who want to wear some cute items themselves.

🐱- my natural scent is light and sweet. The more active I get the more musky/strong the scent gets.

🦶🏽- I’ve heard corn chips. My socks get stronger the more active I am. I’ve had some say that the scent lingers around for a while. I also have wrinkly soles. My week+ wears can get pretty smelly. I can get them to smell in 2-3 days but they are pretty potent with the week plus.

Panties- $25+
Socks- $15+
Socks week(up)- $30 plus
*my week plus socks are great.
Lingerie- $35+
Bras- $35+
Leggings- $30+
Shoes- $30+
Sets (panties,bras,or socks)- $35+

ADD ONS I offer:
🐱 hair
🪒 with hair
Foot dust
No shower wears (3 days)
No wipe (last day of wear)

I’ve had a few ask about snot and saliva. I have allergies all the time so I’m constantly blowing my nose or salivating. If you are interested.

🚫 #(2)- only a no wipe I’ll do.

💌 I generally add shipping to the price, so its all up front. Standard USPS shipping is about $5-9. I’ll only ask for additional shipping fees for more than 3 items. I’ll make sure to let you know how much more if necessary. Thank you.

I have a vacuum sealer and baggies.

📸📹- Instant content.
I try to keep it resonably priced. I know theres a lot of great content out there and it’s hard to pick. I price mine in a way so that you can still enjoy others too. All the kinkcoins I get just go back into my profile. So thank you for checking out my content if you did ❤️

🌟 Reviews: I appreciate them but I don’t expect them. Honest feed back is always appreciated. Even if that’s just a message to me personally about what you liked or what could improve. I am really here to make this an experience for you. If for some reason something wasn’t to your liking; I’d love to know what that was. Help me improve. But if I’m doing good, that helps me know what I need to focus on improving. We are all people on this platform looking for an experience. Help me make your experience the best. ❤️
I also completely understand that I just may not be for you. And I accept that. But I will always still leave a review to show my appreciation for your purchase.
I genuinely enjoy my time on here.

📳I only have a KIK Account.

-I don’t like to share pictures of my face with certain content.

*please don’t leave a comment on CA or Venmo. If you’d like to leave one, please don’t write “panties” “socks”. So my accounts don’t get flagged. I’ve had issues with that before. Thank you 😊 *

I accept kinkcoins for video content

*I’m willing to wait, work with someone about prices. But I would appreciate payment upfront. I’ll put stuff on hold for a few days. But I won’t send content/items without payment first. Thank you.

⚠️ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.⚠️

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This is an old teddy that I’ve had for years. I wear it as a top with jeans...

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