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I am very into sissification. Forced feminization. Forced bi. Sph cei bbc cuckold chast*ty. I love the taste of my own c*m and have given myself a facial. If those things interest you feel free to message me.
Love exploring my sissy side.

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PurePurpleSissysl*t US

I need 22 billion dollars. Then I could have a whole room full of panties

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Anyone else ever in the mood to just suck some clit 🤌🏻🤤😚

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Well spit cum in my bouchée hole plug and spank me it’s finally Friday tgif

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

I got a space bound rocket clit and your pussies the moon! And I’m aim right at you

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

I said ladies you know you bad ❤️🤌🏻

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Added a new photo > It matches my plugg

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Added a new photo > Sissies are prettier with bows and their asses plugged

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Added a new photo > New lingerie and wig ❤️

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Always remember you’re just two clicks away from….

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Are we feeling fierce today?

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Wish I could treat panties like Pokémon and catch ‘em all 😅❤️❤️

PurePurpleSissysl*t US

Just need a good ole bbc Dildo in my life 🤤😅


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