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I am back from vacation and healing, slight delay on digital content 💋🍒
I super appreciate all my lovies checking in! Cherry is alive and well 💜

Queen of Hearts 💘 (ask me why) 😉


Creamy Wet Pussy😻, Jiggly Ass🍑, &
Colored hair 🎨
25 | 5'4" | Hazel eyes💣
135 lbs | Scorpio ♏️ | Tattoos✅️
Piercings: Nipples, Navel/Belly (upper and bottom), tongue, Ashley Lip & Tragus 💚
👙Bra: 36B/C | Panties: Med/L 👙
👣Pretty Feet- US Women 6-7.5👠Cute toes and high arches 👣

🛑✋️ALL sellers: please stop stealing my bio; you will be reported. I will happily assist in personalizing one for you.❣️ I've granted permission for only a few to use my bio as a template.

Hi! ⭐️I'm Cherry🍒 100% Bratty Spicy Bitch, and a big time attention whore. Fire cracker, impulsive, fun. I can be your nextdoor neighbor, bestfriends girlfriend, instructor, innocent virgin girl etc. 😏. I am a Business Major and I work in Property Management. I have no problem being assertive and running shit. I do work full time and I expect you to respect that. I will not always be available but I'm well worth the wait😜, just read my reviews. I am 420 friendly💚and always up for conversation 🤗 I am a companion as well as a seller, but I am not trying to date you lol. I have no intention of wasting your time, so please don’t waste mine and message me with intentions of freebies. My long-term goal is to build trust and an honest seller-buyer relationship w/ you.💋
🥛💦I’ve been called the queen of cream and told I have the prettiest pussy on ATW, if you’re curious, you know what to do📩😘

I’m a Switch; Submissive🤐🪢 & Dominant👸🧎🙇, the best of both worlds. You may call me pet names, babe, love, etc., when I’m not in domme mode, but when in session, Goddess or Miss Cherry is to be used (also Mommy if I’ve given you approval to do so).

Do my photos turn you on? Catch yourself coming back to my page often? Send me a tip for a treat 💦📸 Pay to Play & we have much more fun.
(Amazon & other 💳)
- ask for my email/wishlists; if you buy me a gift, you get to see me break it in😜
❣️I accept all forms of payment❣️
💨Actively looking for 420 buyers who wants to skype/receive smoking videos or pictures Weekly/Daily.💨 nude smoking sessions available hehe.

I am not here for drama👎.
👍I am here to fulfill your needs and fantasies, as well as please myself. I joined with the intent to sell foot content. I quickly began offering other items and content; and now things I never thought I would! I’ve found some new kinks as well as brought back a few that I’ve suppressed over the years. I am Fetish Friendly!😉 Foot 🦶 Ass🍑💨Fart, 🚽🪠, &💪 Armpit Slaves 🙇‍♂️ are welcome. Human ATMs are welcome🤑I enjoy others watching me and have so much fun making custom videos/photo sets; especially when wearing items or nothing at all, just for you. I get hot knowing I’m wearing something specifically for you! I truly get off just as much as you do, when you receive my items💦. I want you to embrace me completely as you taste my juices & sweat and inhale my scent.😤

👃Scents👃: My natural sweet aromatic pheromones♀️. Armpit💪(with or without deodorant). 🌹Sweet perfumes(can go without). Mens colognes can be requested. Light corn chip with vinegary notes, 🦶 Sweat🥵. Essential oils. 🌱Weed💨.
😋Taste: Tangy & Sweet💦👅

👑🧎‍♂️Dear Subs, Simps, Wimps, Pigs, & Bitches:
I am naturally more of a 👩‍🍼motherly/soft domme. I like laughing at you and being cute about it. I can be ruthless also. 😈 I enjoy sharing my dirty little sluts and pimping them out. They have fun and it pleases me to control their pleasure. 🔐I am a very strict domme. I do not like disobedience!🤬 However, I do enjoy giving punishments.😈 I am very into Findom 💸 and I understand that it's not for everybody. I won't push it on you. But I do love my little piggies. 🐖
➕️I am huge on boundaries. We are all adults on an adult content selling website, I ask and expect that you make anything and everything clear. I respect boundaries/limitations unless we discuss pushing them.➕️

Dear Dommes, Doms, Masters, Kings&Queens👑:
I am aware that I am A Bitch and also Thee Bitch but I'm not YOUR Bitch. I could be though. Let's discuss it 😜
I am very choose-y with who I allow to dom me. Don't think you will dom me for free just because I like it. Again, this a selling site, please don't make it awkward when it comes to payment. I enjoy submitting fully but I do have limits. I expect them to be respected. I wouldn't mind discussing them with you. I can be a very naughty disobedient slut ⛓️or a very good little princess. 👸

📦My physical orders include (as supplies are available):
🚚Signature 🍒 print padded envelopes (depending on size, liners & small polaroids are sent via standard letter envelope with a US postage stamp unless tracking is requested)
🚚1 Daily DIGITAL proof of wear update picture. (For wears)
🚚1 Sexy Sticker
🚚 Thank you card w/ 💋
🤫discreet packaging available
- $2 discreet envelope & label
-$2-10 discreet box depending on size
😈💌Handwritten letter or Kinky instructions $10 💋😈

❣️Items will be in Ziploc bags to hold their scent and moisture❣️
❗️All sales are final / No Refunds / No Replacements❗️
You pay shipping unless I agree to other terms. International shipping is allowed. My responsibility is fulfilled once your package is shipped and I’ve provided you with your tracking number.
😙Ask about my monthly subscriptions to save on shipping🚚

Some of what I Provide/Fulfill:
-sexting/longterm/short term, videos/photos/messages
• Solo G-drive Access: $50 monthly/$100 lifetime.
**access to specific folders available, prices in listing, toilet/lemonade drives available also**
• Boy/Girl G-drive Access: $70 lifetime.
•Physical Polaroids $10 per or 3/$25
•Custom videos
1-3 min not nude $10 with face $15
3-5 min not nude $15 with face $20
$5 per every 2 min(after 5 minutes)
1-2 min nude $15 with face $20
3 min nude $20 with face $25
3-5 min nude $25 with face $30
$5 per every min (after 5 minutes)
ANAL is a yes for me but ask for the add-on.
•Digital Photos
$5 per custom photo
$20 for 5 photos
$30 for 10 photos.
Nudes - $5 or 3 for $10
Selfies - $3 per or 4 for $10
Non nude fetish pics - 1/$2. Or 6/$10
•Tattoo videos & pics
•Smoking videos & pics
•Panties & lingerie
•Masks - Ass, Arm Pit, Foot, Mouth (hot breath or Saliva), Boob Sweat, Pussy
•🍭Pops 🍭- you choose how you want them flavored by Cherry 🍑🍋😻👅
(Other candies/snack items available)
•Birdfeed(chewed) snacks - $10
•Foot snacks - $10-40
•Foot dust: 1 tablespoon $15, 1/4 cup $50
•FACE * add on price varies depending on content*
•Stuffing 🍑😻👄- $20 w/video (panties)
•Tenga 🥚's - $40 w video $30 no video
•Findom Contracts📜💰- Don’t you want to be my #1 piggie?
•Live Web Cam, depending on request $1-10 per minute.
-ignore/worship sessions
-smoking and/or drinking session
-playtime sessions
-sleeping session
-ratings, all
-try on/undressing
-therapy with Cherry session
•Voice recordings - $1 per minute
•Tasks and/or punishments
•Sissification & packages
•Pre & Post Orgasm Play: Edging, Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Masturbation Schedules
•Bondage and Restraints
•Clothing & Shoe/Slipper Wears
•Undergarment Wears
•Used sex toys
•Weekly/monthly femdom/findom arrangements.
•Body hair - limited, ask
•Drain hair
•Nail clippings - $10
•Brush hair - Weekly collection: $10, Monthly Collection: $25
•Ash tray items - Weekly collection: $10, Monthly Collection: $30
•Bedding, towels, & other materials.

**Pricing can vary depending on addons/wear length/brands. This is always disclosed when confirming orders**

Are you interested in something I do not have listed? Don't be shy! Message me and make a request. I always treat everybody with respect🤗 and firmly believe in providing a JUDGMENT FREE experience. I do not kink shame. If I feel your request is something I cannot fulfill, I will politely decline and refer you to another seller who can. Maybe you are new to the site and don't know what you want? Tell me a few things about you and let me put together a Cherry's Choice package just for you. 🍒💋

✋️I do not have many "hard no's" anymore. These are them and if they aren't respected you'll be blocked and ignored:
🔴I will not do anything having to do with animals.
🔴Bugs creep me out. No insects or spiders at the fuck all.
🔴I will not rub s🟤🟤t on my body or touch it without gloves.
🔴No meet ups. Do not ask.
🔴If I say no it means no.
🔴I will not write degrading terms on my body.
❌️I will not work with a hostile or pushy buyer by any means necessary. You can take your pussy pushing self off my page. I will always try to accomodate and send off in a timely manner however I expect understanding when life and things occur as sellers are not robots. We are human beings with lives outside of ATW. We also sell things that come off of our bodies etc, we must take our health seriously to ensure the smoothliness of the fun here!
❌️ I WILL UNDER NO MEANS WORK WITH BUYERS WHO LOW BALL OR DO NOT RESPECT MY PRICES. I am an experienced and well respected seller with a reputation for a reason. I occasionally offer discounts and deals for return buyers. I also work with budgets. But you need to let me know yours 😉😉
❣️half no on vomit. If I'm hungover I will cover your fetish kink but I will never vomit on demand. I will never play with my puke. I don't mind you playing with it tho bahaha 😈🤪

✋️💣ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.💣✋️

Now for some fun: if you've read this far, message me a #1-10 with a sentence or two about your biggest kink/fetish; the rest is a surprise🙊

Or message me "Cherrylicious🍒💣" for a free spin of my weekly promotion wheel.

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I have had an ad for photos but not for videos! So here is a video ad 🤗...

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📆April promos💨(Mention Bio):
-Tip me with a 💚 to get a free gift! (All tips are going towards my Miami Trip in May!)
-$4.20 - 10 premade pics - you choose
- 10 minute smoking sessions $15
- Socks Buy 1 Pair / Get One Half Off

AromatiCherry US

Work is crazy busy today, I'm on lunch now and was able to respond to half of my message. I'll get the other 18 of ya when I'm off in a few hours!


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AromatiCherry US

I did not get to respond to all messages yesterday i'm going to respond to more shortly!


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AromatiCherry US

Still haven't responded to all messages but I'm working my way there !

AromatiCherry US

Added a new photo > I'll let you lick my toe jam for desert. Hehe my toenails are so long it's getting caught under there! Saving it for later I guess

AromatiCherry US

Finally off work! Crazy busy after a holiday. Will respond to messages when I get home(:

AromatiCherry US

Almost able to continue my wears!!! I'd say 1.5 days and I'll be white & creamy again hehe


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AromatiCherry US

Responding to messages in the morning! Just woke up to pee haha. Finishing shopping for my sissy package tomorrow hehe sooooo fucking happy with how it's coming out


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AromatiCherry US

Excited to make my videos this week and continue with my next wears!!


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AromatiCherry US

Gooooood morning! Well afternoon haha it's the first time in a long time that I slept in a little bit. Finally responding to messages from the last few days. 💜 I'm not taking on every new order until I'm caught up, but you can still run them by me ;)

AromatiCherry US

Tenga eggs being delivered today, I'm catching up on orders slowly but surely! Face should be okay for videos soon 🥰


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AromatiCherry US

If you want to buy me a Thai tea or Vitenamese coffee, I'll love you forever

AromatiCherry US

I have a Dr's appointment this morning and my allergies are kicking me ass fml. I'll be back in a few hours


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AromatiCherry US

Finally got my phone on the charger, I'll talk to yall tomorrow lovies

AromatiCherry US

A few more Vials out. Can't wait to catch up on videos


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AromatiCherry US

On my way to the post office this morning hehe

AromatiCherry US

Finishing my sissy package Thursday and I hope I get to make my videos for her too hehe


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AromatiCherry US

Just got home from my mom's, ugh my throat is killing me. Tea & bed. I'll talk to people tomorrow 😘😘


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AromatiCherry US

Dealing with family today and work but should be available in a few hours! Have some tracking #'s to send hehe

AromatiCherry US

Video is almost done loading, poured another glass of vodka. Who is drinking with me? I'm usually a cognac girl


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