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Hi guys!

Tend to buy more photos than physical items at the moment

Fave socks - Normal above ankle/calf socks (white, pink or grey most)

Fave shoes - Airmax, Dunks, Jordan’s, Airforce and black boots (combat boots, Docs that kinda stuff)

Fave thing to buy - Domination photos that requires an extra person and requires face of the woman (the other person may hide face if they want). Also like shoe smelling photos

Due to this unfortunately I don’t really do business with people who don’t show face. I don’t push people to do that as I respect their wishes but I wouldn’t really do business so my apologies ❤️

Don’t have Cashapp or bank. Only can do business via Kinkcoins at the moment and Revolut 🙏

If any of this is your cup of tea feel free to message!

Over and out! Be kind to each other ❤️

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Zen5005 UK

Happy one year anniversary to me! Been a great year on here, made a handful of good friends and experienced some new kinks I never thought of before. You’re all amazing and thank you for everything all of you do for us buyers and fellow sellers ❤️

Zen5005 UK

It’s one thing to feel meh but when you don’t even know why properly, it makes it worse 🤣😅

Zen5005 UK

My mood swings are ridiculous these days 😅🙈

Zen5005 UK

One problem with the warmer weather starting is people wear trainer socks more 🙈😅 #HateThem

Zen5005 UK

Think the ball gag might be my new favourite toy when it comes to customs 😈🙈

Zen5005 UK

Appreciation post to all you sellers - You’re all diamonds 💎

Zen5005 UK

When a girl is sitting down with a leg crossed and a little bit of sock reveals between the trousers and shoes 🥵😍 #ItsTheLittleThings

Zen5005 UK

When someone tells you they’ve been dying for me to message them. That hits in the feels so much! Thank youuuu 😍❤️ #YouKnowWhoYouAre

Zen5005 UK

Do you girls prefer to wear thongs or g strings? ❤️

Zen5005 UK

When you’re at Asda and spot a woman wearing Airforce and white crew socks 👀🥵

Zen5005 UK

Been told to see a therapist for my shoe smelling kink. Way to put a guy down as if I’m not embarrassed about it enough 🙈😅 #HappyThursday

Zen5005 UK

Having my first GFE experience today, something different! You know who you are 😜❤️ #BranchingOut

Zen5005 UK

Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday ❤️

Zen5005 UK

Bought off a male seller for the first time on this site tonight. Wasn’t even expecting it and even for a straight guy like me I feel like I’ve slightly turned 🙈😈

Zen5005 UK

The unseasonably warm weather is making me more unwell than the normal winter temperatures these days 😂 #DoesntMakeSense

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