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***SELLERS, PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY IF YOU SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I DON’T REPLY*** I prefer to reach out by myself, in my own time, when one of you catches my eye on the dash. Truth is, I don’t have enough time or money to play with even a fraction of the Sellers that I’d like to and I also have Sellers that I’ve played with in the past who I’d like to play with again. All of this makes it overwhelming for me at times, and I’ve found the best solution to be limiting my interactions to those I choose to initiate. I mean no offense by it and whether we ever play together or not, I wish you the best of experiences in your kinky ATW journey.


I like female feet.

I like the way that they look, from the delicate heels, up the graceful arches and silky soles, over the softly-padded balls all the way to the tips of your cute, little toes. 👣😋

With how they appear from different angles and all the ways that you can move and pose them, they are highly-erotic and a source of endless fascination to me. I also absolutely love the way that they smell.

For all of the wonderful women who have shared your feet with me, thank you for helping me to safely explore some of my kinks and fantasies, completely free from judgement.

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Added a new photo > Yes I am Canadian! 🍁 Do you have a problem with Canada or are you just surprised that we have internet service up here? 🤔 We're actually quite technologically advanced! The only reason we still get around using dogsleds is because of the high price of gasoline...

HeWolf72 CA

Added a new photo > 15 cards; each of them as unique as the Vixen they represent 🤩. Over the past three months I've had a wonderful time engaging in a variety of experiences with these beauties. It's been an amazing way to discover new Sellers as well as reconnect with ones who I'd played with before. In my nearly three years on ATW, this is the most enjoyable community experience I've ever had and these cards will bring back these fond memories every time I view them for the rest of my life 😊 The #VixenVault featuring @Jade_Minx @FieryRedhead @Momster @Jadorejaas @ChasingSavannah @WiscoWonder @Lusciouscutie @SexyRena @Dani_velvet @ChronicCinder @BrookesBottoms @Drtypeach @AromatiCherry @SmokinBaddie and @Thefetishprincess_of_sweets

HeWolf72 CA

Some of the experiences I've enjoyed on the site are when a group of Sellers bands together for a joint offering. Used to be I noticed it mainly for fundraising events, but I'm seeing it more and more as a regular thing now which is fantastic! Not only are they a lot of fun, but they're a great way to discover new Sellers!

Some of the ones I've experienced include:

4 Girls 1 Drive with @Eloise_West @Kinks_and_curves @Letti and @MrsG and
(I got the Foot drive because that's my main fetish 😛👣😋, but they do offer Tits, Ass and Pussy drives as well).

The #VixenVault featuring @Jade_Minx @FieryRedhead @Momster @Jadorejaas @ChasingSavannah @WiscoWonder @Lusciouscutie @SexyRena @Dani_velvet @ChronicCinder @BrookesBottoms @Drtypeach @AromatiCherry @SmokinBaddie and @Thefetishprincess_of_sweets
(kinky collectable cards and, as with the shared drive, an awesome way to get to know these Sellers better as well)


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