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Gender: Male

Preference: Female Sellers

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About Bingbong


Oh, Hi.

I'm Bingbong, most call me Bing or Mr B.

I'm a very experienced buyer of fetish items so I'm not new to this, I'll always abide by the boundaries and comfort levels of the seller first and foremost, I'll be laid back and easy to work with but please don't take my politeness as an excuse to take liberties. My ethos is to try to be the best buyer a seller has worked with.

I'll try and reply to as many messages as I can if you message me, but please bare in mind that a reply doesn't mean I'm going to buy something there and then, or at all. If I contact you out the blue it's because I want to buy something from you, I will not waste your time by messaging just for idle chit chat without intent to buy.

I mostly buy videos, photo sets, audio recordings and occasionally panties or gym wear (physical items UK only).

I only buy from females sellers.

I'm a boob guy predominantly but I'll buy whatever catches my eye.

Nudity is NOT necessary nor is Face etc so if I ask or inquire that doesn't mean it's a requirement I'll always be happy to work to a sellers boundaries.

Video/Photo styles I enjoy are - Shower/Bath - Oil - Strip tease - Masturbation - Insertion - JOI - Nipple play - Wet T-shirt - Clothing try on - Braless top/hard nipples - Sheer/semi-sheer

I don’t buy physical items from outside the UK and I only use CashApp.

I’m NOT into feet/shoe related things, I've no interest in subscribing to OnlyF*ns or similar paid services.

I'm also NOT into Findom nor am I a simp, paypig or sugar daddy. I won't worship you or be a slave/pet or daddy.

I do expect sellers to respect me and I will respect you so don't push, guilt, demand or expect a sale from me because this is a luxury, I’m here to have fun, I don’t “need” to buy anything.

And....that’s not actually me in my profile picture.

Age: 30-40

Joined: 1 year ago

Profile Visits: 27732

What i'm looking for

Panties & Knickers Thongs Gym Clothes Photo Sets Video Clips

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Bingbong UK

Anyone who knows me will know that I never rush a seller to sort out an order, I full appreciate the time it takes, other orders you may be fulfilling and the life you life outside of here.

That being said I’ll never understand the mindset of people who join the site then block you randomly after agreeing the order.….it’s like do you not want to sell?? Or buy for that matter 🤷‍♂️👀

I guess now I know why I’d been waiting patiently for a week to get a reply about payment 🤣🙄


Bingbong UK

I always try to avoid making a post after I've been drinking but now I've finish work for xmas I'm a wee tad merry and I want to say y'all a sexy bunch of motherf***ers, keep being awesome and kinky. To my fellow genuine buyers keep being the best buyers you can.

I'll be sitting here with a tumbler of rum listening to some Sabaton and head banging like a walking pigeon!


Bingbong UK

Okay so for the last hour or so I’ve been exclusively watching titties bounce and jiggle on tik tok, unashamedly…..🌝 #JustBeingHonest


Bingbong UK


Thank you for the tag @UndeniablyKinky & @BlossomApple94

Height: 5’8
Shoe size: UK 8
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Tattoos: 0
Piercings: 0
Fave colour: Orange
Fave drink: Cointreau

Repost with your answers and tag a few people!



Bingbong UK

I keep seeing regular faces creeping my profile, almost makes me feel guilty of something 👀


Bingbong UK

I was just going through some of my saved posts/comments on "Re dd it" and came across this beauty of a joke from a few years ago. Enjoy.

So this older gentlemen's sitting at the bar having a drink when the bartender comes over to check on him. The older gentlemen says to the bartender,

If I show you the most amazing-outrageous thing you've ever seen, how about drinks on the house tonight?

The bartender responds

Haha, it really is a slow night. Sure old chap you can have a go at it - why not?

So the old patron pulls a hamster out of his coat pocket, along with a tiny baby grand piano, and the little hamster starts playing Beethoven! Wow, right?

The bartender says,

Now that was incredible but I've been working the bar a long time and I have seen some shit. Well played though.

The old man says alright, then he pulls out a little frog from his other pocket, sets him up on the bar and the frog starts singing Sinatra!

Alright, alright, says the bartender. You got me, that's incredible. Drinks on the house!

Another gentlemen that had watched the scene was in disbelief. He said to the old man

That was incredible!!! I will give you one thousand dollars for that frog!

Without a thought the old man agrees and trades away the frog.

The bartender chimes in

Whoa man, how could you sell that frog, it's priceless!?

The old man smiles and responds,

Not really. You see, the hamster is also a ventriloquist.


Bingbong UK

Dialling the clock back to 2008 listening to the album We'll Live and Die in These Towns by The Enemy - at the time thinking the music was awesome and now....those lyrics have taken on a profound meaning, they're deep and hit hard.

"rolling out the carpet to regrets
now you're not so young it's too easy
to be a dreamer, wake up and be free
your clock is ticking fast friend, believe me
you only get one chance, can you hear me"


Bingbong UK

It’s a bit of a relief but you can’t believe how great it is too come back and see so many more decent buyers around.

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