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AWAY 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 AWAY


Oh, Hi.

I'm Bingbong, most call me Bing or Mr B.

I'm a very experienced buyer of fetish items so I'm not new to this, I'll always abide by the boundaries and comfort levels of the seller first and foremost, I'll be laid back and easy to work with but please don't take my politeness as an excuse to take liberties. My ethos is to try to be the best buyer a seller has worked with.

I try and reply to as many messages as I can but please bare in mind that a reply doesn't mean I'm going to buy something there and then, or at all. If I contact you out the blue, it's because I want to buy something from you. I will not waste your time by messaging just for idle chit-chat without intent to buy.

Fair warning below! It sounds more miserable and serious because people just don’t read bios, I am actually an alright guy lol.

I have zero issue with being messaged but please if you do DON’T offer me anything I’m not interested in. If you haven’t bothered to read my bio then I’ve no interest in you and no time for your lack of effort.

————[What I enjoy]————

I mostly buy videos and photo sets.

Occasionally panties or gym wear but only from within the UK.

Females sellers only.

I'm a boob guy predominantly but I'll buy whatever catches my eye.

Video/Photo styles I enjoy are - Shower/Bath - Oil - Strip tease - Masturbation - Insertion - JOI - Nipple play - Wet T-shirt - Clothing try on - Braless top/hard nipples - Sheer/semi-sheer - s**y ASMR -

————[What I DO NOT enjoy]————

I’m NOT into feet/shoe related things, so no socks or tights. I don’t want bras or cuck/sissy, p****d or [email protected] items.

I've no interest in subscribing to OnlyF*ns or similar paid services. I don’t buy google drives outright or pay monthly fees.

I'm also NOT into Findom nor am I a simp, sissy, paypig or sugar daddy. I won't worship you or be a slave/pet or daddy.

————[My terms]————

Nudity is NOT necessary nor is Face. If I ask or inquire, it doesn't mean it's a requirement. I am always happy to work within a seller’s boundaries.

Once an order form is set up, I will send payment ASAP. Payments will not have any reference that will risk your account. Once orders are concluded I always leave a review.

I don’t buy physical items from outside the UK.

I only use CashApp.

I’m not an ATM and you aren’t a vending machine, therefore I expect sellers to respect me and I will respect you. Please don't push, guilt, demand or expect a sale from me because this is a luxury, I’m here to have fun, I don’t “need” to buy anything.

And....that’s not actually me in my profile picture.

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What i'm looking for

Panties & Knickers Thongs Gym Clothes Swimwear Photo Sets Video Clips

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Bingbong UK


No point asking me if you have anything that interests me when you don’t offer the things I’m interested in….aaaaaannnnd you don’t use my payment method 👀

Still get bl0cked for being polite about it and there’s me thinking that feature was for genuine reasons and not because you can’t make a sale.

If you’d read the bio you’d have saved yourself a wee bit of time there chum 🤪🤦‍♂️


Bingbong UK

Added a new photo > It may well be 35 degrees here, but I need this. The entertainment is splendid 👀


Bingbong UK

PSA: Buyers watch out there’s an account(s) going round giving out Whats App numbers wanting to give you stuff DON’T give out your number or message the number!!

Sellers pass the word to your buyers please and give them the head up 🙏


Bingbong UK

Pro tip of the day:

If you want to stop sc@m phone calls just lead them on, block your ears and then load up a jump scare scream from YouTube and turn that son bitch up to 11.…pow, mind fucked forever they’ll constantly be thinking the next time they ring someone it might happen again ✌️🤙


Bingbong UK

As much as you ladies bring some 🔥 content, seeing and hearing that Lancaster fly overhead made me twitch 👀🤣 ✈️


Bingbong UK

I never feel less evolved then when I bite my tongue eating 🤦‍♂️😖


Bingbong UK

It never ceases to amaze me why you’d take the time to write a detailed bio about preferences, limits, likes and dislikes for members to read but then not make the effort to read other peoples? 🥴🙄

Please read bios it saves a lot of time and questions

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