For the Love of Custom Fetish Items (a Buyer’s Perspective)

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Buyer Buyers’ Perspective
For the Love of Custom Fetish Items (a Buyer’s Perspective)

Roughly a decade ago, I bought a pair of socks through another website. There was no direct contact with the person doing the wear, which made for a cold, impersonal experience that brought me none of the excitement and enjoyment that I had hoped for in purchasing a worn item. Discovering ATW, I finally found a place to properly indulge in my fantasies!

For my money, nothing makes fuller use of this remarkable community of ours than my chosen topic...

Customs. Your imagination is the limit!

While technically anything besides pre-made content can be considered custom, for the purposes of this blog I will be defining customs as something where direction from the Buyer and creativity from both parties is part of the experience. I haven’t met a Seller yet who didn’t enjoy doing customs; for many, it is their absolute favourite thing to do!

Being able to communicate with Sellers directly and freely means we can request whatever our individual heart's desire. For example, what we’d like to see the Seller dress in, how we’d like them to pose for pictures and videos, any props that we’d like to see used, a particular fantasy theme or a storyline we’d like to play with. If they don’t have a listing for something, just ask them. However...

Always Respect the Seller's limits

Everyone has a limit to what they are comfortable doing and it varies widely from person to person (if they claim to have no limits, then run!). Most Sellers will list in their bio what things they do and don’t offer. These aren’t open for debate. If there is something you’d really like to have done and the Seller isn’t willing to do that, simply look for another Seller who will be comfortable meeting your needs.

You may find that you are interested in something the Seller hadn’t encountered or considered before. In those cases, it’s especially important to communicate clearly. Make sure that the Seller understands exactly what sort of experience you are seeking and that it’s something the Seller is comfortable doing. The idea is to always play within their limits. In my experience, this has rarely been an issue since I've found the community to be an extremely kinky bunch!

Less is more.

My first custom video request, I had a detailed list of extremely specific things I wanted to see. The Seller included everything I asked for, but also surprised me by filming a two-minute segment to end the video which went off script. This part still showed me what I wanted to see, but in a way I hadn’t considered. That part quickly became my favourite part of the video, and the experience taught me a very valuable lesson. While it’s important to let the Seller know what sorts of things turn you on, what you'd like the Seller to wear or what poses you'd enjoy seeing, it’s also beneficial to leave enough room for them to play in. This means requesting an appropriate number of minutes, pictures or pages for your experience as well as not holding too tightly to your script (for instance, I often give dialogue as an example but then invite the Seller to express the ideas in their own words).

There are a couple other things that I think are important to keep in mind with detailed lists or scripts:

  1. Presenting a Seller with a full script to read from the start can be overwhelming and doing so prior to payment is presumptuous in my opinion and risks wasting an excessive amount of their time. I believe it’s best to give a brief summary of what you’d like, listing anything especially kinky or sexual, asking if they’re comfortable with it and how much they’d like to be paid for it. Then after the order is created and paid for, supplying the more detailed request.
  2. We’re all human, so the more things that you list, the more likely one of them will be overlooked. Be kind to your Sellers if they do happen to miss something and if there are any parts that are crucial to the fantasy you have in mind, be sure to emphasize how important those ones are to you.

Basic Elements

There are several options when considering a custom and all of them provide a slightly different experience.


Seeing the Seller’s body laid out in a still image is perfect for letting your eyes slowly wander over every inch and really take in their individual beauty. It’s also nice to be able to instantly flip from pose to pose or run a slideshow containing a series of shots.


Focusing less on specific poses and more on telling an overall story, video gives the Seller more ways to express their unique personality in bringing your fantasy to life. For Sellers who are comfortable using their voice in videos, guided worship and jerk off instructions can both play a part in the fantasy (and if your Seller of choice isn’t comfortable using voice, I’ve found that captions make an excellent substitute, especially if your Seller has a way with words) and if the Seller is comfortable showing part of their face as well, there’s practically no limit to the amount of nuance they can add. So much can be expressed through physical movement, and there is simply no substitute for watching the Seller tease us, slowly stripping away their clothing to reveal the bare parts that we’re craving to see!


Leaving all the visuals to the imagination, focusing purely on the Seller’s voice makes for a different experience; almost like a kinky guided meditation. I also find that flipping through a photo set of the Seller as they describe all the things they want you to do with them makes for an excellent combination!


I imagine that for most readers, letters will be the one element that is least explored. Neither seeing nor hearing the Seller, it can seem to lack that unique touch and with our physical senses not being directly stimulated in the same way, it makes for a more cerebral experience. However, there are some major things that I love about letters, and they play a big role in many of the fantasies I engage in here.

  1. They allow the Seller the freedom to describe exactly what they are thinking and feeling during, before or after the fantasy encounter has happened. I get a real thrill out of reliving the fantasy knowing how they experienced it as well.
  2. They are physical objects in themselves. Held in the hands, they make the fantasy feel more real and they have many opportunities for further personalization. On top of the Seller’s style of writing, small drawings, stickers, perfume, lipstick kisses, polaroid photos or any number of additions can be added to make the letter more unique and add to the fantasy.
  3. Building on the fact that they make the fantasy feel more real, one thing that I love to do is to have the letter reference a souvenir that is enclosed within. This can be anything from a worn item (which most Sellers will have readily available in their shop) to a physical object connected to the fantasy location.

One of my fantasies involved a hotel encounter around Christmas. The Seller mentions in her letter mischievously stealing an ornament off the tree in the lobby where we met and enclosing it as a souvenir of our time together. Holding that ornament in my hand while reading the letter, imagining our fantasy encounter together (filmed as a custom video), makes for a powerful experience. I hang that ornament on my tree every Christmas as a kinky secret hidden in plain sight and think of her every time that I see it.

Other Possibilities

On top of using the various customs and combining them in different ways, it’s also possible to create a much different experience in the way those customs are ordered and used. Here are a couple of fun options that I’ve personally experienced:

Surprise Customs:

For Buyers who are owned or have a long-term relationship with a specific Seller, it can be a fun experience for everyone involved if your Seller arranges for a custom order with another Seller… Not knowing exactly what you’ll receive can add some excitement to the mix while, at the same time, being sure it will be something you’ll enjoy since the Seller knows you so well.


Another thing I did recently was to request a short video from several Sellers as part of a group fantasy scenario I had imagined. There were no additional requirements for the Sellers involved; the videos were all purchased and filmed separately to be edited together by myself once I received them all. I chose to do this as a video, but this sort of shared fantasy could also be done with pictures or letters. In fact, I’m thinking of one right now involving custom photos and a deck of playing cards....

A wonderful dance

When you share your deepest fantasies with a Seller and they add a special part of themselves to really bring those fantasies to life, it is a truly magical experience for all parties involved! I hope that I’ve managed to capture the excitement I feel and that sharing my experience is interesting and useful to others.

I encourage any Buyer who hasn’t tried customs yet to take the plunge. If there’s a type of fantasy you find especially hot, reach out to one of the Sellers you’ve enjoyed playing with and let her blow your mind!

To all the wonderful Sellers who bring our fantasies to life, thank you for all that you do and for making our world a more beautifully kinky place!

- HeWolf72

By HeWolf72

***SELLERS, PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY IF YOU SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I DON’T REPLY*** I prefer to reach out by myself, in my own time, when one of...

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Kendal Your blog was very enlightening! Very educational to have a buyers perspective!

Ardenaz @HeWolf72 It’s very useful!! as someone who is very shy to ask about custom videos these tips are very good and give me an idea on how I should approach a seller I’d like to buy from. I’m really happy with your blog 😄

Wolf386 Wow 🥴 You're really good at this. Amazing blog here!

ChloesCloset This was fantastic! A great perspective to have. Thanks!

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LeeTheBoneRanger @BrookesBottoms Agreed, Quality not Quantity, right X

Alexibun Well said! And you always know where to find me. 😉

BrookesBottoms @LeeTheBoneRanger If you did the custom & physical item everytime it's be less special. The few times you can do it, make it that much more special 💕

LeeTheBoneRanger @HeWolf72 She is a sweetheart!

HeWolf72 @LeeTheBoneRanger Absolutely! I'm just working out details with one of those ladies right now (you were right - there was no need to wait before contacting her 😊).

LeeTheBoneRanger @HeWolf72 That's lovely to hear, Mate, nice one! And yeah, totally plus we seem to get on with the same gorgeous ladies too;=]

HeWolf72 @BrookesBottoms Phew! 😌😌😌 Thanks, gorgeous!😍 I can always count on you to put this fiercely independent, not-even-a-bit-owned pup 🐺 back into line 😂😂

BrookesBottoms @HeWolf72 don't worry I'll knock you down a few pegs😜

HeWolf72 Thanks @TinyTattedCutie - I love hearing that! (the part about helping to rekindle your love for what you're doing, that is 😊. The other stuff is great too, but I'm trying to contain my ego at the moment 😜😂)

TinyTattedCutie Loved reading you, rekindled my love for what I’m doing. You’ve got an amazing way with words!

HeWolf72 Thanks everyone! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! 😊 @Ardenaz That's one of my hopes in sharing this - that it has something useful for both Sellers and Buyers! @LeeTheBoneRanger Thank you, my friend! You've been a role model to me in so many ways 🤩! It's cool that we've had such a similar progression here, unbeknownst to each other until now! @BrookesBottoms As you've amazed me through the years, gorgeous! 🤩😍 You've inspired me and explored with me from the start. I thought you were going to warn people to not heap too much praise on me though! 🤔 Not only did you fail to do that, but you praised me yourself! With my ego ballooned to the point that it has, I'll be insufferable for next few weeks at least! 😜😜😜😂😂🤣🤣

Peace Bravo!

LeeTheBoneRanger @BrookesBottoms Can't do it all the time but when I Can, it's the best!

BrookesBottoms @LeeTheBoneRanger absolutely! The custom mixed with a physical item 👌 perfect

LeeTheBoneRanger @RoseThorne You and Me both!

RoseThorne @LeeTheBoneRanger Customs with wears are so much fun for both ends of the deal. I love it

LeeTheBoneRanger How did You break into My brain?!;=] I Joined here exclusively to get wears but didn't take Me long to switch and love custom vids nearly as much, ESPECIALLY To accompany a wear so this reasonated! Awesome read, Man!

Ardenaz Very well written and you've shared some very valuable tips for both new buyers and experience buyers as well as for sellers. Thank you!

Suckmykiss This is so well written - It is definitely a wonderful dance !

AmazonVixenHW Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

RoseThorne This was a great read, I love this!

Tattooedbarbie2005 Awesome!!!😍😍

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