A Buyer's Perspective on Sellers

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A Buyer's Perspective on Sellers

What Makes a Great Seller?

A seller will never be perfect. Not to everyone at least. My idea of a perfect seller could, and most likely would differ from the perspective of another buyer. This is the basis of my experience and what I come to expect from a seller whether they are new or pretty much well established in the community one way or another.

When I first joined All Things Worn, I had no idea how to go about contacting sellers. I was nervous. I imagine new sellers have the same feeling on how exactly to make sales and interact with potential buyers. You don't want to make a bad impression so not knowing what you truly can and can't do is a little daunting to get off to the best possible start.

From my own personal experience, I love the idea of giving new sellers a chance. Because it's something new. While I respect sellers who are a big part of the community, I love discovering new stories about other people. But this can also result in building everlasting friendships with sellers too and this is also a huge bonus for me.

Why Do I Enjoy Giving New Sellers a Chance?

As I mentioned, the idea of discovering something new, with someone new is refreshing. It's also the idea of finding new items or new ideas. All my ideas relate to that of a seller. Their personality and how they generally come across. A lot of ideas for content may well cover a large array of sellers, but some ideas can be specific to that one particular seller or a smaller group of sellers.

I certainly don't want to take advantage of new sellers. So if they are unsure, I always advise them to consult other sellers if they believe my idea on pricing is too low as well as other factors that may not be quite adequate enough for the proposed idea(s).

Everyone deserves a chance. Sometimes patience must come from both the buyer and seller to make it work.

What Do I Think Sellers Should Do Before Joining?

First of all there must be a reason for anyone to join. It could be a referral from a friend, or perhaps a non-serious suggestion that may have otherwise been intended as a joke but you've taken it upon yourself to make it happen because you have become curious. It could be due to personal circumstances, such as financial gain. Especially in the recent worldwide pandemic.

I would however at least hope that when a seller does join, they have an understanding of exactly what they are getting into. Perhaps they have a vision of making it work for at least or month to see how it goes, or perhaps longer. Maybe this vision will change once one month passes and so on because of course, you are sure to gain knowledge of others and yourself as your journey progresses.

I am not a fan of sellers that join for purely a money-driven financial gain. This for me rather kills the whole idea of what this community is about. I would hope a seller is here to make people happy, as much as been happy with themselves. A sense of adventure. A journey to pursue.

What Do I Hope To Gain From a Seller?

I know not every seller I interact with will be there all the time. Maybe due to their own personal life away from this idea. Or perhaps they are successful enough here that sales are more of a priority. This for me is not a problem, because that is truly the idea behind it all, making it work for you.

I do however admire any friendship I can take from meeting anyone here. I am very fortunate to keep in touch with some lovely ladies here. Some on a daily basis and some just as when respecting other errands they may have in their own personal life.

What Advice Would I Give To New Sellers?

Know why you are here. That reason could be just about anything. No one else truly needs to know, but as long as you do, this can be your first springboard to making yourself become a success even for a short time here.

Know what you want to sell. Be comfortable with what you intend to offer. Try and be clear on the kind of content and items you wish to offer. It's really no good suggesting you offer anything and everything because I am 100% certain there will be at least something you will not be happy to do and this can be a little disappointing to a buyer.

Understand your prices. I'm not against the nature of providing an average price for a specific item or request, but you are your own person and you should be able to decide on how you wish to treat and charge your respective customers. I am not a fan of sellers who set a price, then seem to settle on a lower price you provide to them. This feels like a sign that quick sales are your priority and this is not always a good way to go. In my opinion, while maybe not all the time, it can suggest you want to sell quickly and not really give the time necessary to make your buyers feel welcome. This leads to doing a little research. Ideally before joining, but of course there is no problem in learning much more after you do join.

As a buyer, with gained experience, I have my own prices in mind based on my previous experience with that from well-established sellers. I would never want to cheat someone on how much they deserve for their efforts. However, just like in general life, if you can save a little, then take that chance where possible. Just because I don't agree with your set price, doesn't mean someone else won't. Sometimes paying less for an item or content can also lead to more ideas at a similar price. So in the long term, it may actually be a win-win for the financial gain.

I say this, but you could also argue that for less, means less effort from a seller. Paying more may suggest more effort. But, there is a balance that must be appreciated. The effort comes from the nature of someone. Why they are here, and what they truly want to provide.

My Concluson of An Ideal Seller!

Understanding yourself and your limits are essential. Be happy and be comfortable with yourself. It may take some time to truly know your boundaries, so take it step by step. Don't have the idea of charging for absolutely everything. The foundation of a sale, in my opinion, is based on discovery. An example would be to show your collection of bras – unworn, in a bundle photo. This for me would be a true highlight of initial trust from you as a seller and also a stepping stone to working together for eventual paid idea's or items.

Be patient. Be happy. Be proud of who you are.

By Thomson737

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