Escapism in Kinks and Fetishes

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Escapism in Kinks and Fetishes

Getting lost in a kink

Doesn’t it feel great to lose yourself in a kink or fetish for a bit? To let go and just feel like yourself, no putting on a mask for the outside world or hiding who you are! It is an amazing feeling getting lost in it all for a bit.

An alter ego

Sometimes as a seller it feels like I have an alter ego, Kinks is part of me , she is a big part of my life , when I’m on site or working on listings , when I get an idea or I’m out and about and I see something and it sparks my imagination, she is always reminding me she is there. Whilst writing this is makes me wonder if anyone else feels this way including buyers.

Sometimes I want to be more like Kinks but then I realise I am her! I am that kinky, open minded, creative woman. It’s a real confidence boost, sometimes getting lost in who she is fully and in kink is the break I need.

My escapism

Selling is my way of expressing a huge part of myself, a very intimate and private part of me, it is a way to escape and show the community what I keep hidden from the outside world. As I have mentioned above not putting a mask on.

When I am on the site, I am able to explore, I am able to build my confidence and chat with like-minded people.

I understand being on the site is an escapism for buyers but be mindful it can be just the same for sellers, I get a lot out of what I do including what I get from it personally.

It’s important to protect the escapism.

It is vital to protect the good here! For some this may be the only place they feel they can get that escapism, the only place they feel comfortable or able to explore and open up.

I have just mentioned how it is an escapism for me and also a huge part of my life but it’s the same for others and that should be remembered and respected.

We are all here for various reasons and enjoy different things, keeping the community spirit going is important as well as just being mindful of others.

Don’t yuck someone’s yum!

You may not always understand a kink or fetish and that’s fine but remember someone else may enjoy it and it might be their escapism just like your kink is for you.

Helping someone escape

It’s a wonderful feeling being someone’s safe space. I love when a buyer lets go and for the period of time we are spending together it’s just us! Everything else in that time doesn’t matter, they are free to indulge, play and explore. We can escape together! Get lost in a fantasy, dive into a fetish or whatever you need.

It can be a real confidence boost for us both.

Why is it important to escape?

Because we all need to do it occasionally, we need something that’s just for us, we can learn a lot about who we are and what we enjoy!

When I am having fun and spending time with a buyer or working on a new idea I get to escape, I’m not the person the outside world sees, I am not the woman buying milk or doing my day job I’m Kinks! I am letting my filthy imagination run free, I am talking dirty, I’m sharing something with someone that only we have shared.

Sometimes we hide ourselves, our complete, true selves, it is important to let that inner kinky person free to play, to escape and be them for a bit, it can be refreshing.

Keeping it healthy

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having some time to yourself and letting go, immersing yourself into the world of kink but in my opinion, it can become unhealthy.

It is important to be honest with yourself, is it still just a little bit of fun or are you noticing a change? Is it becoming an unhealthy necessity?

Are you keeping control of your budget and life outside the site?


It’s ok to take a break if you need it, I myself have got too involved, constantly on and refreshing, it become less of an escapism and more of an overindulgence and that eats into my personal life and time.

It can be easy for the fun to become less fun and something you do out of habit so just check in with yourself and make sure that the time you’re spending on site is how you want it to be.

By Kinks_and_curves

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Kinks_and_curves Thank you all so much

AllAnne Well done love it 😘

LeeTheBoneRanger Yes KinkMeister!! Absolutely Awesome read! Xx

TheGrandGrizzly How strange that this resonated with me, for me it’s a bit of escapism life has been a bit harsh lately and this has kept me going, my kink is quite old fashioned been a round for a long time and I’ve seen so many new kinks it’s a bit of an eye opener, great read lovely words

Kkinkky Lovely read, well needed 💜

MrsG I love so much about this 💖😊 'Don't yuck someone's yum' Best advise!!!

CurvyQueen95 If I was going to write a blog, it would be this ❤️ absolutely love this ❤️

BlondeBritney30 Love this, so true and worded so beautifully x

Horny_milf Very well writen ❤️❤️❤️

Kintsugi Love this! As you said, balance is important, but escapism (and engaging with another facet of myself) is the main reason I'm here.

MarieRose Absolutely love this so much!!!! 🫶🫶🫶

Fuzzbox3000 sounds like fun he he

Mumscreationsbyd Love this once again what a great read , I find myself it’s a great escape from my normal life and I too get loads out of it . But defo need to take a step back and slap oneself at times when I feel it’s too much ! Thanks for the blog xx

Sandie_Pup_UK Kinks I just want to gibe you the biggest hug rigjt now after reading this blog. My escape from from the things I see in the Emergency department I work in is to put my head into my petzone and just let go and be a pet pup. Thank you thank you thank you so very much for wrighting this you sweet lovable lady. 🐕💋💖

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