New To Panty Selling? Here Are Some Tips and Etiquette!

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New To Panty Selling? Here Are Some Tips and Etiquette!

Welcome! We all love seeing new sellers and new buyers and we want nothing more than for everyone to be successful (selling or finding what you’re looking for). I think I can make the assumption that we are all here because we like to please (and of course the money is an added bonus).

I’ll start off by saying, if you’re here for a “quick buck” this isn’t the platform. We all only have one vagina, 2 feet, 1 mouth etc. etc. so there is a literal limit for physical purchases, and the actual profit isn’t great.

So if you’re here for the money, you may be disappointed, but if you’re here for the fun, keep reading and let’s work together to make sure everyone is happy, respected and successful!

Read a Buyer’s Bio

There are so many different buyers here, all looking for different things! Don’t waste your time (or the buyers time) by messaging someone when you don’t even offer what they are looking for.

This is also where many buyers will write whether they are owned, and IF they are owned, whether or not they can chat or buy from other sellers. If you feel you may be a good match, sure send a message, don’t be pushy and don’t go for a sale right off the bat, that often turns the buyer off.

Don’t Try to Lure Owned Buyers

Each and every domme/sub relationship (or owner/pet, mommy/baby and other dynamics) have different rules. So just because someone is owned, doesn’t mean that they can't or won’t buy from you. HOWEVER, the buyer SHOULD have written in their bio what they are allowed to participate in. Messaging buyers who are owned is disrespectful and makes you look uneducated in the kinks & fetish world.

Stick To Your Boundaries!

If you want to bare it all, Good for you! Get it Girl! If you don’t, stick to your boundaries! Don’t “give in” for money. You can be a successful seller without baring it all (I’m extremely PG13 and thriving). I will admit, it’s hard to see other ladies blossoming and surpassing you in sales, non-nude sellers are a niche and once you find yours you 100% can be successful!

Have Patience

It took me almost 1 month to make my 1st sale!

As I mentioned above, it’s not a “quick buck” like tiktok makes it seem. Many of the buyers want to feel a connection. What good is a pair of panties or socks without the lady inside of them ;) Having that fantasy and connection is super important.

Also, just like we experience scammers, so do buyers. So it’s natural to be sceptical of a newer seller. I know it’s tempting to give stuff up for free or discounted or something in exchange for a review, however, the seller turnover is SO high, if girls are always coming in giving stuff up for free or cheaper, then what’s the drive to actually “purchase” anything.

Don’t Overwhelm Buyers

I’m sure you’ve noticed, the amount of sellers vs the amount of buyers isn’t exactly even. The sellers WAY out number the buyers, I hear from some buyers that get upwards of 20 or 30 new messages a day (I've once heard of over 50!). Imagine if you had 20 or 30 text messages or emails that all expected a response. It’s extremely overwhelming and I know of MANY buyers who’ve chosen to leave as it’s not fun anymore. It’s way better to build those connections with a select few at a time to really build that fantasy. It’s literally impossible to keep up conversations with THAT many ladies.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Pictures

We don’t like Dick Pics… sending a thong pic, nude, titties, feet etc. etc. is literally the EXACT same thing. It is an unsolicited picture! Don’t send it! Also, you can be getting money for those photos!

No Nudity on The Dash

This is literally right under as a notice right before you post your photos, however it tends to get missed A LOT. So, I’ll repeat, no nudes, no titties, no nips, clits, assholes, dicks, etc. Make your money!!! Again, if sellers are giving this up for free, what’s the urge to actually pay for them?!

Don’t Undersell Yourself

We all only have our own bodies, so for physical items, there is a literal barrier. Consider what YOU want YOUR profit to be. I’ll try to use different currencies to make it work for other people. So an average pair of panties is about $6 - $8 Cad (depending on the brand) (so $5 - $7 US or 5 - 6 Euro). Now factor in, your envelope, your vacuum seal bag (or zip lock), a little note or other packaging items you may include (let’s assume around $2 cad - $1.50 US/Euro or ), your shipping ($2 cad - $1.50 US/Euro), your time to communicate, your time to go to the post, the amount of time to make the listing, your time with the wear photos.

Even if you sell your old ruined panties (i bet you still wear them), you’re going to have to replace them. Figure out what YOU feel comfortable making. Assuming we use the “cheaper” $6 panties, If you sell for $15 cad ($12 or 11 Euro), you’re making $5…. FIVE DOLLARS! ($4 US or 3.60 Euros).

And again, there are ALWAYS new sellers coming in, it’s constant. So if you’re thinking “I’ll sell them cheaper for a month or 2 to get some reviews then up the prices”' There are ALWAYS new girls, If you undersell yourself, then no buyers will pay “full price” as there are always going to be girls selling for cheaper. You want your items and page to reek of QUALITY not just quantity.

Keep it Positive

I know there are many ladies here who are needing money and using this as a way to boost their income. HOWEVER, no one wants to buy from girls who are always sad sacks. You don’t want a pity purchase, You want to be wanted, desired, not a charity case.

Leave Reviews - Helps Other Sellers

Reviews are big for both Buyers and Sellers! They help other sellers know what they are getting into, are they bargain hunters, time wasters, looking for freebies, etc. etc.

Be Aware of Kik Scammers

If someone is going to KIK right away, they are a scam, no Sugar daddies here

Not really etiquette, but more so scam awareness, there are no sugar daddies on this site (okay, maybe not NONE, but I’ve never seen a true sugar daddy here). If someone is asking you to go to kik right away, they are a scam. Report and block.


Recording others without their permission or knowledge is wrong, stealing someone's article of clothing or shoes to sell or use in a video is wrong. Cumming on, pissing on, licking (etc) someone else’s things without consent is WRONG.

If someone wants this, sure you can go ahead and role play. But I do hope that people are gaining consent prior to abusing someone or someone's things. And I think this goes without saying but NO MINOR ITEMS!

Respect Everyone's Times

This goes for sellers and buyers, new and old. Everyone has a life outside of ATW. Not everyone can answer right away, some may take a day or 2. If you want to set a time frame for payments, you most certainly can, but be upfront about it.

If a buyer is interested, he will keep the conversation going. You don’t need to try and push the conversation forward if it’s not going anywhere. And a little note for buyers, if you’re not interested, please be honest. You don’t need to be rude, but a simple “I’m sorry but you aren’t my type” “You don’t offer what I’m looking for” or something similar is always kind.


Always be upfront and communicate! Life happens, delays happen, communicate them. If you end up having a wait, make sure you don’t ignore the buyers who are waiting. Just because you have a wait, doesn’t make their order any less special to them.

The experience is half of the purchase. Communication during the wear is almost always appreciated, again, so the buyer knows you’re thinking of them, you didn’t just put the panties on and forget about them. It’s all about the Experience!

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