Interview with a Panty Buyer

Interview with a Panty Buyer

Hello! My name is Bee, otherwise known as FortuneCoochie here on ATW! As a newer seller, it’s important to me to get to know the individuals I am doing business with, which is why I’ve interviewed one of ATW’s top buyers, SharedPubicSpace.

Not only did SharedPubicSpace have a lot of information to offer in regards to the thought-processes of a buyer, he is also an absolute riot, and always entertaining. I hope that this information helps both sellers and buyers understand that everyone is unique and prefers to conduct business in their own way.

Hello SharedPubicSpace! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me today. Do you have a name you prefer being called other than SharedPubicSpace? Thanks for having me. You can call me Bobby, or Bobert for short haha.

You’re a funny guy! That’s why it seems you get so much attention from sellers here on ATW. What made you want to join ATW? I heard about it through a friend, joined as a joke, but then after looking at the items there was actually some good shit on here.

What do you define as “good shit”? Gym shorts. Gym. Fucking. Shorts.

What is it about gym shorts that you like? I find that the uploaded image from the seller is appealing, and it’s taboo. I like the smell and general naughtiness of having the item.

Does a seller have to be wearing the item in order for you to purchase from them? Yes

What kind of communication do you like to receive from a seller? Basically, she’s just easy to talk to and gets to the point as much as I do. I had a seller who I didn’t end up buying from because she wouldn’t actually talk about the sale. It was all “Hey how are you” “How’s your day” “So what’s up” even while I’m actually asking about a specific product. I like directness and humor as well. Sensualness doesn’t do too much for me because I just assume it’s all fake lol so it means less.

That’s an interesting take! I do find that you are different than our average buyers in that sense. In my short time on ATW, I have found that most buyers actually like chatting before buying. It’s refreshing to have a buyer like yourself be direct, it makes it easier on us sellers! What’s your favorite thing that sellers do? It’s never expected, but I always am ecstatic when a seller sends extra pics of them wearing gym shorts as a sort of “photo diary” of the transaction before shipping it out.

What do you mean by “photo diary”? She’d send me photos over the course of a few days showing herself in the shorts. Gooooooood shit.

Absolutely good shit right there. How often do you browse the ATW dashboard? Pretty often, that’s how I see new stuff. If they’re verified, and if they are attractive to me, I will check out their profile to see if they have gym shorts. It’s funny because I’m not verified, but I won’t buy from someone who isn’t verified. It’s a bit of a double standard.

True, but you do have the reviews to back you up! Do you use the search? Yes sometimes I search for gym clothes.

Fair enough. What’s your least favorite thing that sellers do? I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite thing, the sellers I have worked with have all been incredible! The one thing I could suggest though is that sellers first ask before doing certain extras free of charge. For example, a seller kindly came in the gym shorts I ordered from her free of charge, however, that’s not really what I get off on. The intentions are great, the end results aren’t bad, but it’s a good idea to first ask your customer if they’d like an additional service before doing it.

Absolutely. Do you have any advice to sellers before reaching out to you? As I said before, make sure you’re verified, that’s important to me as a buyer. Make yourself visible, don’t be shady or vague. By that, I mean be proud of your body type and show that, don’t manipulate what you look like too much. Model the stuff that you are selling if you can, it makes a product much more attractive to buyers like myself. Great pictures don’t need to be professional, but good lighting and angles are important. I also like when sellers have a lot of listings – it makes it more possible that they will have something that I’m looking for.

What makes certain sellers stand out to you? When they follow up without me asking, and when they go the extra mile. For example, I had a seller message me that the package arrived, and that made me feel good. I don’t want to get the vibe that the seller isn’t enjoying the transaction, it makes me feel creepy. I also appreciated that one seller showed me her art – I thought it was so cool to get to know her more than just pictures and words on a screen.

Sellers are human too! We do have other hobbies and passions – I love that that seller shared her art with you. Do you prefer newer sellers, or ones that you have worked with before? I like the sellers I have bought from, but it’s always something special to discover someone new that I really vibe with. I’m very selective with who I work with, so it’s not always easy to find the right sellers.

Do you have advice for other buyers? Be wary of really enticing items that are really cheap, because it’s most likely a scam. Look through the pictures and the rest of the profile before purchasing, because many of us are specific about our fetishes, and we want to always be sure that who we think we are doing business with are who we are doing business with. Buyers, I also suggest you put yourself out there to get the full experience of ATW. It’s fun to be able to be open and get to know each other honestly and as a community. Sellers reveal and give us so much, it’s nice for us to give them back some honesty about us so we can have more of a comfortable human connection.

Bobby then asks me: What do sellers want out of a buyer?

Ah, turning the interview on me! I would say my ultimate buyer “turn-ons” are when a buyer knows what they want, and sends the money quickly. That’s why you’re actually the ideal buyer! You get to the point, which helps me because then I can focus on pleasing you instead of figuring out what you want. A Buyer “turn-off” for me is when they don’t read your profile or listings and asks you questions that are answered on your profile. I take a lot of time putting up listings and making my profile informative, so when buyers disregard this by not looking at it, it becomes disheartening and annoying. Thank you for your question!

We’ve done business together, Bobby. What was your first impression of me and my profile? I thought you were a scam because your profile picture seemed too professional. It looked like a Getty image, and I thought you were fake haha. However, I appreciated your first message, it was specific and not a simple “hey, how’s it going handsome?” After looking at your other images, you seemed legit. I liked how you were verified and that you had reviews already. I also appreciated seeing you frequently on the dashboard. You are always fun and it’s nice to see you interacting with other sellers. It makes it seem more like a community, which I like.

I appreciate that Bobby, thank you for your honest feedback! My last question for you is what do you like best about being a top buyer? I enjoy being visible, because more sellers will message me. It brings eyes to my profile, but also there’s an influx of the thing I want. I was told that since being #1, more gym shorts have been posted, and that gives me more of a selection of what I want.

That is indeed cool. Is there anything else you’d like to mention before signing off? One thing I wanted to mention was that some people, both buyers and sellers, use ATW as a place for venting. It is unappealing to me because it seems unprofessional. For me, ATW is a fun marketplace, and the boohoo stories seem to take away from the experience in my opinion. Overall, I love ATW and I like most people on here.

Bobby, thank you for your time and thoughtful answers. You are a great addition to the ATW fam, and I look forward to seeing you more on the platform and interacting with you! No problem, thank you!

I hope that this information proves to be helpful for you here on ATW! Please be sure to reach out to SharedPubicSpace (especially if you have gym shorts!), he’s a lovely and hilarious gentleman. Also, feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions or if you would like to be interviewed yourself! Have a lovely day here on ATW!

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