A Buyer's Point of View: Receiving Dick Ratings

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A Buyer's Point of View: Receiving Dick Ratings

Hello! I hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful day! The King is back at it with another blog. Previously, my most recent blog A Buyer's Point Of View: Living With Anxiety, gave an insight on buyers with anxiety.

Today's blog, I am going to discuss my journey in getting dick ratings. I am someone who has gotten a lot of dick ratings by dozens of women and I absolutely love it. It is one of my favorite digital orders to complete. Theres a lot to be discuss, where shall I begin?

What Are Dick Ratings?

This has to be discussed because there are still a lot of people being introduced to this world. Dick ratings is as simple as the name. There are different types of dick ratings, theres honesty, praise and humiliation. The basic way to explain is that dick ratings are basically when you send a picture of your Penis to someone and they're allowed to give a number rating from 1-10 or 1-5 and they discuss in detail what they think about it.

When you choose the category "honesty", the person you sent your dick picture to will be completely honest on what they like about it. It can be something you may or may not like to hear but that's up to you to take the risk! When you choose the category "praise", the person who receives the dick picture will tell you all the good things you want to hear about your dick. How much they love it and how much they worship it, everything has a truth behind it. When you choose the category "humilation", the buyer who sent the picture will get their dick degraded by the seller.

Why Do I Personally Like Dick Ratings?

Personally since I can only speak for myself. I love getting dick ratings because I love to hear a womans opinion on what they think about my dick. So many women have their preferences and I love to hear different opinions. For example, it amazes me how I am in America and I have the access to a dick rating transaction with a seller from Greece or the United Kingdom. That's like opening a whole new universe to me because never would I have thought that my dick pictures would travel around the world more than I have. That idea just amazes me and it makes me more eager to get dick ratings from even more sellers.

I personally choose the category "honesty" because I have a lot of confidence in my dick. I have gotten amazing feedback on my dick and it honestly makes me feel good every time I do the transaction. I love to hear sellers say they love how big it is, what exactly they will do to it if we were in person. It turns me a lot to know what a seller from Australia would do to my dick. It has definitely given me a lot of confidence which can help with my interactions since I am someone with social anxiety.

I used to pick the category "praise" because when I started, I was very nervous on what other women would say to about my dick. It turns out that we see ourselves differently to how someone else may view you. We're so used to our bodies because we see ourselves everyday. The person who is giving me the rating is not used to seeing me so she will have a different perspective on me than I do myself. Another thing I want to jump to is how shocked I was at the sellers who love doing dick ratings.

What Shocked Me The Most

This is the most interesting part that I am going to discuss because it goes deep into the subconscious mind. I am going to be completely honest with you all, I thought the majority of women thought all dicks were ugly. Throughout life and on other social media, I have been told that women sometimes get a lot of unsolicited dick pictures from men who don't know any better. So much so that I thought the majority of women find dicks ugly in general. Turns out I was completely wrong and it honestly shocked me to know the truth behind it. The truth is, everyone has their own opinion and I shouldn't take the opinions from a few people and generalize it with everyone thinking they all think the same.

This is where the subconscious mind comes in. We all have to stop thinking that everyone thinks the same and stop letting a few people speak for everyone. Everyone has their own voice and can speak for themselves. The energy people put out on the internet is most likely the energy you may not see in person when you interact with them. I used to see a lot of people on the internet say dicks are ugly. Well not everyone thinks dicks are ugly, from my experience doing dick ratings, the sellers love the idea of seeing a man’s dick because we all come in different shapes and sizes. That's of course if it is consented and you pay her instead of sending an unwanted picture.


To end everything off, I still remember when I first saw a listing of someone offering dick ratings. I was nervous but I decided to do it and I loved the results I got. Now I am someone who's not addicted but just loves getting dick ratings in general from sellers. I love the idea of what others would do to my dick because it turns me on. I love the idea of what someone who is foreign would do to my dick. Dick ratings are my favorite digital order and it will stay that way until I say "that's enough". Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Yours Truly, The King.

By NycKing159

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