👥 Tag Team W/ 24 Hours Of Denigration 😈

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👥 Tag Team W/ 24 Hours Of Denigration 😈 photo

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MommyandMe US

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Rather than a one off experience, feel the belittlement all day.

Your 24 hours begins once you confirm your order. Confirm your preferred contact methods with me and be flooded with reminders from multiple sellers on why we are superior, and why you're nothing. This could be but is not limited to text messages, emails, phone calls, voice clips, videos or if you're not even worth that - tailored memes and gifs.
* When interaction would take place will be at each individual dommes discretion, schedules, and time zones.

** All Dommes will provide the Light Intensity plan, intensity is increased individually with the level and how many Dommes you choose to upgrade.

*LIGHT Intensity - $85*:
This is usually light spirited teasing or mocking. Several Dommes will randomly contact you via your various provided contact methods. This will have approx 30 mins total contact/interaction from each randomly.

*MODERATE Intensity $85 +$70*: (Includes 2 two hour Dommes)
Full on Humiliation: Stingy, mean, and mildly cruel. TWO HOUR interaction time is a $35 add on per Domme on this experience(2 are included in the initial price, more can be added). All other Dommes remaining in the group will contact for approx 30 min total randomly throughout the day.

*HIGH Intensity- $85 +$150*: (Includes 2 unrestricted Dommes)
Degradation. Mean. Cruel. Really Harsh. Dehumanizing. UNRESTRICTED interaction time is a $75 add on per Domme on this experience(2 are included in the initial price, more can be added). All other Dommes remaining in the group will contact for approx 30 min total randomly throughout the day.

**all additional Dommes will need to be paid separately. Payment info will be provided to you.


85.00 USD 850

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MommyandMe US

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About MommyandMe

Yes, I work with my real mom…. 😈 look at my posts if you want to see her.
🌟 We are #1 Top Sellers for Monthly and Weekly multiple times (see below in bio)🌟

ABOUT ME: (👩🏼 -Minnie-) 👸🏼#payprincess
🛑 Safeword is UNICORN 🦄
I fantasized about selling my panties for a very long time. When I found out about socks, my mom agreed to do it with me and we took the plunge. Since joining I have gotten into Domination, Humiliation, CBT and many other kinks (I am not what meets the eye 😈). I have fallen in love with what I do and pleasing my customers. I take every order seriously and my prices reflect the time and effort I put into your order. When you order an item from me you can expect to hear from me throughout the process and most likely receive at least one picture. I like to make my customer crave their packages on another level. When I am not doing this you can probably find me on a horse somewhere 🐴…. I love to ride.

ABOUT US: 👯‍♀️
Me (👩🏼-Minnie-) & My Mom (👩🏻‍🦰-Mommy-)
We are 18 years apart in age. We are starting a side biz together after I told my mom to sell her panties when she said she needed to get some more retirement money. We joked about the name MommyandMe and decided “why the hell not?!”. We have expanded since starting since so many of you love how taboo we are. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know if there is something you want that is NOT listed on ❌WHAT WE DO NOT OFFER❌ list and we will let you know if we can accomplish your needs. We love learning new and different kinks and NEVER judge. We look innocent, but no question will offend us or scare us off.

💋sock tea popsicles (with extras too!)
💋toenail clippings
💋gym clothes
💋worn bras
💋 pu**y pops
💋used chapstick/makeup
💋masks kitty/a**/face
💋panty liners
💋chewing or wearing food/gum/candy
💋trash bin of the week collection
💋hairbrush & hair accessories
💋loofah, bath water, razors, drain gunk
💋 feet pics/videos
💋crushing videos
💋ignore videos
💋giantess pics/video
💋licking videos
💋shoe-play videos
💋ABDL videos
💋peddle pushing videos
💋custom videos
💋adopt a bill
💋paypig drains
💋girlfriend/domme for the day. Good morning/night texts, text through out the day and free pics.

🚫No live video chats (skype/whatsapp etc)
🚫Race Play
🚫Absolutely NO meet ups

❌If what you’re looking for is not on my “what we don't offer” list, feel free to reach out and ask. We love custom requests 😘

💰💰**TIP HERE**💰💰
👩🏼 -Minnie- :
💲Cashapp- $mommyandmesockstoo
💲Venmo- @minnie-socks
💲Paypal- @mommyandmesocks
💵 ❤️Please do not put anything in the reference box as some girls are having their accounts frozen causing issues for both buyers and sellers ❤️ 💵

🌟Weekly #1 Top Seller 2022🌟
-Jan, Feb, Mar, May, June
🌟Monthly #1 Top Seller 2022🌟
-Mar, June
🌟Font Page Seller weekly&monthly 2022🌟
-Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
🌟Font Page Seller weekly&monthly 2023🌟
-Jan, Feb

💲PRICING💲 🌟Prices subject to change based off type request
👩🏼 👩🏻‍🦰 🩲 Minnie OR Mommy Panties-
$35 for a 1 day wear +1 ‘extra’, vacuum seal them while they are still wet unless requested otherwise. I send all panties with a thank you card. Add ons are +$5
‘EXTRAS’ available:
Additional day, Masturbation, p** in them, Forget to wipe after p**/p**, Streaks, pu**y stuffed, working out, horseback riding

👩🏼 👩🏻‍🦰 🧦 Minnie OR Mommy Socks/Pantyhose-
$25 for a 2 day wear. Minnie has a very strong vinegar smell. we offer a small variety of sock options but prefer low cut/no show ped socks. Add ons are +$5
‘EXTRAS’ available:
Additional days (max 5 days total), stuffed with edibles while worn, Walk outdoors (soil & dirt), anything else you can think of?

👩🏼 👩🏻‍🦰 🎥 👯‍♀️ Minnie AND Mommy Videos- get a quote! Pricing depends on effort, time, level of taboo, etc… dont expect to pay less than $70 for a video with both of us.

👩🏼 👩🏻‍🦰 🎥 Minnie OR Mommy Videos-
get a quote! Pricing depends on effort, time, level of taboo, etc… dont expect to pay less than $10 per min for the first 3 mins.

👩🏼⛓ Minnie Experiences- $1 per minute. Will include limited pictures and clips. I offer domination including- CBT (personal favorite), humiliation, degredation, punishment, forced experiences, foot worship, financial domination (another personal favorite)

💸💕 🐷 👸🏼 #payprincess 👸🏼 🐷 💕💸
All findubs are welcome to tip or stay around for the real fun. I f**king love money and I am a princess with a shopping addiction. I offer, drains, debt contracts, wallet holding, adopt-a-bill, and TPE. -Minnie-

👠 Mommy Shoe Size- 8.5
👠 Minnie Shoe Size- 9
👙 Minnie Bra Size- VS 36 DD & 38D
🌟Shoe and Bra costs will depend on how much they were purchased for.🌟

📦 shipping 📦
🎥 For digital content: All content will be shared, via Google Drive, with an email of your choice. Please download any content you purchase.
📬 discreet packaging and vacuum sealed for all items
✉️ +$5 for USA west coast customers and for any orders under $20
✉️ International delivery costs will depend on your country. Send me your postal code and I’ll check for you!

❗️ IMPORTANT: Any content sold to you is to remain for your personal viewing use only. You may not share with others. You may not use it for monetary gain. You may not upload it anywhere, including social media and Pornhub, or legal action will be taken. I remain the owner of the original content and, therefore, own the rights.

⚠️ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile, images or conversations in any form or forum, both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. It is also recommended that other members post a notice similar to this or copy and paste this.⚠️

MommyandMe currently has 156 items available & joined All Things Worn 1 year ago

Also sells the following:

Flat Shoes Trainers / Sneakers Boots Socks Pantyhose & Tights Tops Gym Clothes Other Clothing Accessories Photo Sets Video Clips Experiences Instant Pics Instant Vids

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