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💕 February Goals 💕
- Reviews 45/55 🏅
- Followers 295/330 🤩
- Pop a review cherry for a buyer 🍒
- Get Badges 3/3 🥰
- Panties sold 2/3
- Socks sold 1/4
- Would love to crush some goodies beneath my little feet 🦶🏻

🩷 February Sales 🩷
- Anything pink or red in my shop is 10% off 🩷❤️
- Mismatched socks receive two extra days wear with purchase 🧦
- All toys sold come with 1 oz spit vial or come used.

I’m Atlas 👋🏻
Kinda shy 🙈 If you’re shy too, give me a follow and I can make the first move.
Really weird 👽
Enjoy all things creepy and spooky 💀
I’m 33 years old, 5ft 5in, 168lbs, Natural 38 C, soft bod
Shoe size 8 👟 Size L/ XL 👙
A blonde at heart but currently a bluenette 💙
Blue eyed lady 🩵
Luscious forest of curly hair 🌳
I’ve got a thicker build, short with a heavy chest and little flint stone feet 👣
I love video games. Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fallout, Diablo are some of my current favs 👾
I’m a bit of a nerd and enjoy a little MTG and D&D when I get the chance.
Big movie buff 🎥 If I’m going to watch a movie, it’s going to be a horror/ sci-fi- especially the classics. I’ll geek out over Tarantino films if you have the time 👻
Baking is a passion of mine- even though I’m gluten free, I can promise I’ll have a recipe you’ll love 🧁
I have an artsy side and enjoying painting and doodling 🎨
If I can’t be found, it’s because in my garden 🌻
I really enjoy a good hike and some tent camping on occasion ⛺️
I will never pass up a chance to go fishing 🎣
I am a lover of all animals and an owner of dogs and cats 🐶🐱 [Allergy Warning]
I have a live in partner of 9 years 👥
Smoke friendly 🍃
*I do have a vac sealer* 😊
Just out here trying to survive 🧟‍♀️
I do work a full time job so please be patient with me 🙏🏻

Everyone is welcome on my page 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Kink friendly ❤️

I accept PayPal, CashApp, Amazon Giftcard/ Wishlist and Kinkcoins! Details further down 😉

🖕🏻If you made it this far please note: I don’t work with buyers who are bigger dicks than what they’re packing. I will not tolerate unprovoked rudeness for free. If you’re going to be an asshole anticipate a bill and to be blocked. And if you’ve been blocked, there’s no unblock fee- lost your chance.

If you find yourself in conversation with me, decide I’m not your cup of tea, saying you’re not interested at the moment is what I prefer over being left on read 🙂

I’m open to sub/ dom play. Consider myself more of a gentle domme but willing to humiliate you to your liking ☺️

I’m looking to fulfill your used-item craving. Please let me know what I can do for you and we can work something out ☺️ I use unscented detergent, don’t really do perfumes and wear natural deodorant so my fragrance isn’t masked with overbearing smells. I love the idea of relinquishing a piece of me to a stranger. Don’t be afraid to let me know what you’re going to do with the items you buy, sometimes that works out to help me make you a better purchase 😉 I’d like a buyer who is direct and willing to communicate their desires so I can better serve you.

🤗 What I offer but not limited to-
(Item prices DO NOT include shipping. All clothing items come with 24 hour wear, proof of wear photo. Extra days, add ons and additional photos at additional cost. All items come vacuum sealed and packaged in discrete boxes or mailers).

Panties 🐱 $25
-I have panties and thongs, your choice or I can pick a pair for you. Comes with 24 hour wear with extra days and add ons available.

Bras/ Sports Bras 👙 $35
-My tits make any bra great. I have a bunch of VS bras, usually 36- 38 C cup and sports bras usually L- XL.

Socks 🧦 $20
-I’ve got a lot of my Holey, dirty ankle and tall socks available for purchase and custom wear.

Shirts 👚 $25
-I have a variety to choose from, but don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for something specific. I also wear men’s clothes if you’re looking for my scent on something more discrete.

Jeans 👖 $45+
-Almost all my jeans are American Eagle Outfitters. I don’t have them currently listed, but have many styles, washes and cuts available. Sizes range from 8 to 12.

Shoes\ Sandals 🩴 $25+
-I have a few items listed but reach out if you’re looking for something else.

Boots 🥾 $50+
-Check my listings for the varieties of boots that have dawned my tiny little feet

Dresses 👗 $30+
-Ask me if I don’t currently have listed

Canvas Painting 🖼️ +25+
-Feet prints, sits and tits
*Still haven’t been someone’s Picasso

Candy & Snacks 🍭🍿 $15+
-Chewed up, spit out, stepped on, worn, soaked, dusted, covered in my partners cum- how do you like your snacks?
-You can always have my leftovers
*Would love to feed someone something like this

Baked Goodies 🎂 $
-I’m decent in the kitchen
- Come to me with your fetish food inquiries 🧁
*Rice crispies and carrot cake are some of my specialties 💅🏻

Squishing/ Crushing ✋🏻🦶🏻👙 $15+
-I’m very much enjoying this, please don’t hesitate to stop over for all your squishing and crushing needs
*HMU. Plenty of shoes in my listings if you’re looking for a little more than my tiny bare feet

Couples Items 🫂 $15+
-Condoms, shared wear on socks, shirts and boxers, some content, cream pie panties, cream pie vials, cum rag panties, blowjob vials, photo angles, audios.

POV 👀 $
-What perspective do you enjoy? ☺️

Foot Fetish 🦶🏻$
-Take a look at my little toes, soles and heels.
-Tickling, stepping, crushing, moisturizing, stroking, foot job, worship
-Pick a polish color for an additional $5

Vials of your choice: comes in 1oz vial or 3oz containers 🫙 $15+
-Pick your poison and have an Atlas flight.
-Name a taste or texture you’d like to experience
*Curious? Let’s get you a sample pack

Hair from my brush or shower 🪮 $15+
-You have the opportunity to know what my wild and luxurious blue hair feels and smells like. Off a dry brush or collected out of the drain. Your adventure.
*Slightly offended no one has wanted any of my beautiful Smurf locks

Garbage Contents 🗑️ $10+
-Ask about weekly specials as it is emptied and refilled through the week.
*Be my first garbage goblin! 👹

Used Dental Hygiene Products 🪥 $20
-Every want to taste the inside of my mouth? Now you can with used floss, toothbrush head or swished up mouthwash
*My dentist adores me 😬

Videos $5+/ minute
-Ask me what you want to do and we can work out a deal.
-Foot Worship
To name a few, but open to new ideas.

Photo Sets $4- $5/ pic
-Get ahold of me to see what we can do.

Custom Audios 🔈 $4+/ minute
-Receive a recorded audio of me saying anything you’d like, anyway you’d like 😛 Want to be humiliated? Told Happy Birthday? Beg you to cum for me? I got you 😉

Ratings 🍆 🍑 🍒 💦 $5- $35
- D, V, Ass, Tits, Cumshot- whatcha got?
-Humiliate, SPH, worship or honest (my fav)
-Can be done in private, with a friend or all across the dash 😆
*Looking to make someone cry or smile

🦈 I don’t have cycles due to birth control, so I don’t offer those items.

Open to some new experiences! 🎉

I’m still exploring the wide world of kink and fetish! If there’s another item you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to ask! I will do my best to provide you what you need within the budget you have. I’m willing to negotiate within reason.

Currently only shipping in America 🇺🇸
Mondays and Fridays are usually the best ship out days for me.

💰 Pricing begins at a set minimum, circumstantial to item with additional costs depending on your preference, which will be discussed before purchase. All products come with 24 hour wear minimum and begin at time of payment for custom wear. Same applies to photos and videos, they’ll be created post payment. Sealed in a bag for preservation of aroma. Discrete packaging bubble mailers, envelopes and flat rate boxes. Postage prices and packaging to be discussed before payment and ship out. You will be messaged and given a tracking number when item is shipped out. All sales final. No refunds.

⚠️ ATTENTION: All individuals or institutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or associated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution ⚠️

No’s as of now-
I won’t show my whole face, I believe a little anonymity is sexy ❌
Meets Ups/ Dates ❌
Full Nude ❌

Add ons:
Extra Day $5 for socks & $8 for panties
No Shower $10 🛀
No wipe $10 🧻
Lemonade $5 🍋
Spit $5 💦
No Deodorant $10👃
Additional photos with wear 📸 $3+
Let’s see what clever concepts you can come up with 🤭

💰 Payments Accepted-
(If you are purchasing through external sites, please leave any notes blank and mark family and friends for payment. We don’t need to be getting flagged for any reason 🙃)

PayPal: AtlasPreis (friends and family option please)

Cashapp: $AtlasPreis

Amazon Giftcard

Amazon Wishlist

Kinkcoins (subject to price increase due to this being a more difficult way for me to receive my funds quickly).

❤️ If you’ve come this far, thanks for stopping by and feel free to follow me, shoot me a message or leave me a tip as a way to say hello and make me feel welcomed 💋

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Old Dirty Blue...

My old dirty blue bath mat is at least 8 years old and has been used consistently by...

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Atlas US

Evening to all! Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve had a slow start to a busy day!
February has begun and I have a few goals and deal for the month.

💕 February Goals 💕
- Reviews 43/55 🏅
- Followers 303/330 🤩
- Pop a review cherry for a buyer 🍒
- Get Badges 0/3 🥰
- Panties sold 0/3
- Socks sold 0/4
- Would love to crush some goodies beneath my little feet 🦶🏻

🩷 February Sales 🩷
- Anything pink or red in my shop is 10% off 🩷❤️
- Mismatched socks receive two extra days wear with purchase 🧦
- All toys sold come with 1 oz spit vial or come used.

Atlas US

Reposted a listing > Old Dirty Blue Bath Mat


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I just have to say, I LOVE all the REAL bodies here. Show me the cushion, the stretch marks, the dimples, curves because it is sexy AF! Ive struggled with my body for a long time but seeing so many gorgeous women flaunting flawlessly with ‘imperfections’ has done wonders for my self image. There are so many yummy bodies that the mainstream medias do not highlight. So post that pic. Wear that little outfit. Get naked. We ain’t scared of a little realness baby 😘

Atlas US

Added a new photo > Goooood morning! Hope everyone had an explosive Valentines Day! I’m available for panty wears and more! I will be on more this weekend starting tomorrow! I have a few things lined up for some very patient buyers, but don’t let that stop you from coming by and saying hi 👋🏻 Looking forward to meeting some new people 🥰

Atlas US

You’re on a first date with a girl and you go out to a nice restaurant. You soon realize girlie can put it away and eats like a full grown man. You find it:


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Atlas US

🥰 When they send a Valentines Day tip just because 😍 I’m so grateful for you generous buyers!!!

Atlas US

Added a new photo > ❤️ Happy Valentines Day! Everything pink or red in my shop is 10% off and if you book a panty wear with me today, you’ll get free shipping 💌 I hope buyers are spoiling their favorite naughty valentines and sellers are feeling beautiful and loved 💝 Have a great hump day all!

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Atlas US

Morning loves! Still working through messages, still open for panty wears and still kicking. Hope everyone enjoys this Tuesday no matter how you spend it! 🌮🍒🦶🏻⚽️

Atlas US

Added a new photo > Just saying 😏


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