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I'll reach out if I'm interested in buying from you.

Mainly interested in custom foot domination and humiliation videos. Experience and price are two key factors that I take into consideration when deciding who to buy from.

I don't like to engage in trivial chatting because it's taking up too much of my time and energy, please respect that. If anything I prefer to chat about ongoing or potential orders with sellers that I'm interested in purchasing from.

Starting a conversation with "Hi, how are you?" or similar phrases is a clear indication of not having read my bio before messaging me and I'm therefore not going to reply to those messages.

I'm not here to leech free content off of hardworking sellers. I've been #1 buyer multiple times. If I'm browsing your profile more often than you'd like, then it's because of my p**r memory. I unfortunately can't recall all sellers listings and prices at the top of my head.

I might seem like a di*k from what you've read in my bio, but please take a look at my reviews, they'll paint a different picture. Thanks for reading!

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Socks Accessories Video Clips

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Good evening! Anyone available to film a custom humiliation video pretty much straight away? (No face or nudity required.) Please like this post, then I'll browse your profile and potentially reach out with more details about the video. 🎬

Avalanche NO

My profile is now safe for y'all's sensitive eyes to browse through. Apologize to those who were previously offended by the images.

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🎬 I'd like to buy some custom videos. Foot domination and humiliation videos. 👀 Mainly from sellers that I've not worked with before.

✅️ Please like this post if you might be interested and I'll check out your profile. 😄

Avalanche NO

I'm mainly purchasing custom videos on ATW. One of the reasons why I prefer to reach out to sellers rather than them reaching out to me, is that price obviously is a factor I often take into consideration when buying something. I mostly reach out to sellers who have their custom video rates visible on their profile. This is because I've had some awkward conversations/situations with sellers when I try to ask them about what they charge. It's often like this (simplified):

Me: How much do you charge? Do you have a rate per minute or something similar?
Seller: Well, it depends on the type of content etc.
Me: *sends request*
Seller: That'll be *amount*$/£. Shall I create an order?

Some sellers even jumps straight to asking about preferred payment method.

So it seems like some sellers jump to the conclusion that I wish to buy from them even though I'm just asking for simple information about the service that they provide.

Not complaining, just explaining my PoV. Hope everyone have a lovely Saturday evening! 😄

Avalanche NO

Usually when I get a message from somone who have obviously not read my bio I ask them about it and they go silent Ninja mode.. 😆

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