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@Pchn888 - My King, Kindred Spirit and my top buyer💋🙌🏻 Buyers - If you want to emulate anyone on this platform, he sets the bar for kindness, generosity and positivity toward sellers
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🏆 Over 15K profile views in 3 months, over 100 followers in 2 months, over 200 confirmed paid orders and growing!!! 98% of my buyers have c*mmmm back for MORE!!!! Find out what they are narcotically addicted to and can’t get enough of…. 🔥🔥🌊🌊

🏆 🦄 If you desire a Queen 👸🏻 who is both a good woman and a bad girl, then here I am!! 😈 (Also, resident rare unicorn… c*mmm find out…)

*** Revamping my profile and leveling up… more to come soon… stay tuned my lovelies!!! 😘

***BOOKED for Pantyhose/Nylon wear until 4/1/23… I been pre-booked solid for 4 months!! eeek 😧 I can’t help it!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s a hot product!! 🥵💦😈💋… and I honor all my amazing clients’ place in line! AND I wear them daily for work with my dresses and skirts… would be a shame for them to go to waste and stay in my possession… message me for nylons ASAP!! I can ship fast!

***BOOKED for Panty Wear until 4/7/23 🤯🤯😳😳 WOW!!! I have been pre-booked/prepaid for panty wears since 1 week in for 4 months straight!!!!! I have not washed a pair of panties this whole time as they keep getting bought off my body a month in advance!!!! My buyers are amazzzzzing, and as such, I spoil them!!! 💦💦💦💦

**AVAILABLE for bra/wear immediately

**AVAILABLE for lingerie wear immediately

**AVAILABLE for sock wear immediately!

***AVAILABLE for custom content & s**ting/roleplay immediately! Message me for rates!

***AVAILABLE for toys, accessories, goddess/sub items immediately!

🩸I think it’s ridiculous that I have to say this, but FYI, I am of the female s** and therefore menstruate. I am on a birth control that affects my cycle in sometimes unpredictable ways. As such, I may not wear your items according to when originally planned due to nature’s plans, unless you desire shark week items. If the natural way my body’s biology behaves delays when you thought I’d be wearing your items, I’m willing to work with all patient and respectful buyers while you wait!! I seek to do anything at all possible and will go above and beyond to make your experience a great one, and I a**ure you content that I can offer while you wait will be more than worth it and will only not only keep you engaged but further increase the excitement.🔥🥵😈

I live to invigorate your masculinity… or.. femininity 😈😘 Seductive, pa**ionate raven-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, red-lipped vixen. Sultry voice, insatiable s**uality, erotic mind, educated, professional, cla**y. I am an erotic writer and into all kinds of kink and fun. I am heterofluid/bis**ual💜💓💙🏳️‍🌈and do not like to paint myself into one box nor will I do that to you. I am a Leo Divine Goddess and mostly identify as a switch. I am a naughty, dirty, kinky c*msl*tty/c*mhungry milf with the most electrically high s** drive! 🥵 I don sophisticated office attire by day, casual vibe yoga leggings and hoodies in my down time and as much lingerie as I can get my hands on by night… wouldn’t you like to get your hands on it too?

Name: I like being called Kitten 🐈‍⬛, Good Girl, among other pet names that you’ll only learn if you earn this level of engagement with me, but Goddess, Queen, Mistress or Madame works.. or just call me Lexy…
Gender: woman (she/her)
Relationship Status: Divorced/single
s**uality: Hererofluid/Bis**ual 🏳️‍🌈🦄
Zodiac: ☀️ Leo; 🌙 Libra
Location: East Coast US/Eastern Time Zone
Role: Switch with higher sub tendencies, but I can just as easily cater to all the male subs on here as a doting Domme, brat, rope bunny, DD/lg or M-FD/lb.. good girl/bad girl ident*ty complex idk 🤷🏻‍♀️😈😇🙇🏻‍♀️

What I offer: 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Worn Items (All priced @24 hours wear - add $5/day for additional days, unless otherwise stated or discussed) Almost all worn items may be combined with photo/video content/proof of wear or combined with a related experience or custom request - simply ask!

📆 For optimal taste/scent/creamy deposits, I recommend at least 2-3 days wear (panties) and 3 days for nylons. For socks and my lifestyle (professional day job), I recommend at least 7 days wear, additional days fee & shipping negotiable!

👙I have a HUGE lingerie obsession and MULTIPLE dressers dedicated to lingerie alone!!!
🩲Panties (Thongs, G-Strings, Cheekies, Hipsters, Bikinis, High-Waisted, Standard Full-Back Panties) 💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍 I have just about every color/design imaginable! $25-$35
🦵🏿Pantyhose/Nylons $25 (Some high end brands will be $35-$45)
🦵🏿Thigh Highs/Stockings $22
🦵🏿Tights $25 (High end: $30-$45)
🧦Socks $20
🧘🏻‍♀️Leggings/Athletic Gear $36 (unless high end brand) My LuLuLemons & similar others are $125-$165/pair as the lowest they retail is $98
🤸🏻‍♀️Bras/Sport Bras $25 (unless high end brand)

Pricing varies by type/listing:
👩🏻‍💼Dress Pants
🛌 Pajamas
🧸 Slippers
👙Lingerie (teddies, bodysuits, princess/babydolls, boustierres, leather, latex, vinyl, roleplay costumes, matching sets, chains, harnesses, pasties)
👠👡👢🩴🥿Shoes (flats, heels, wedges, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, boots)

🦋Masquerade Eye Masks
🦋Inserted pearls
🦋Used s** Toys (Tenga Eggs, Vibes, di**os, a**l Plugs
🦋 Cuffs/Bondage Gear/Sensation Play Items, Wooden Sp**ns, Etc.

Pricing as follows or free surprise with orders of $40 or more! (Mention in your order)
🍭 pu**y, a**, foot or mouth pops $5
🍬 pu**y, a**, foot or mouth gummies: $5 for 5
🍪 Fetish cookies/brownies $5 (I’m a really good baker!! 👩🏻‍🍳 Just let me know what essence of me you want infused in your baked goods!)

📸🎥🎭🎨🎬🎧🎲Content & Experiences:

📸Photo Sets: 1 Photo: $5, for 2-3: $3 per pic, for a set (5-10) $15; sets of 15-20: $20-$30
🎥Pre-made or custom sp*t tease video $15
🎥Pre-made short videos $13-$15
🎥Pre-made long videos (3-15 minutes) $20-$50
🎥Custom videos $40 (8 minutes)
🎥JOI/CEI videos $40 (8 minutes)
🎥 Femdom/Foot dom/humiliation videos $40 (8 minutes)
🎥 Giantess/tiny man videos $40
🎙Audio recordings $10
🖋😈🥵 Erotic poetry readings $20
❤❤️❤️Monthly subscription panties - $40 (2 panties @2 days wear each every month
🖤🖤🖤 Monthly subscription pantyhose $60 (2 pantyhose @3 days wear each)
💙💙💙Monthly subscription socks - $50 (2 pairs socks @3-4 days wear each)
🤍🤍🤍 VIP/FastPa** - (1 per month; limited to 3 months max to allow others a turn): 1st in line for your choice of panty or pantyhose queue. For one lucky buyer, this allows you to cut in line ahead of others in my highly coveted queue and not wait the entire month or longer for me to wear and ship your items. $100 + the cost of your order
👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 GFE - Girl Friend Experience $25/day or $75-$100/week (includes cute good morning/good night messages, short tease video clips, 1-2 sessions of texting/flirting/s**ting per day, surprise photos/videos if you’re being a good “boyfriend” and respecting me/spoiling me with tips)
🤳🏻🫦s**ting (with a set of photos/videos; may or may not be live/in the moment content depending upon my circ*mstances) up to 30 minutes: $25; $30 for 1 hour
🤳🏻🫦s**ting while you remote control a s** toy from your phone $50
🤳🏻🫦s**ting while you remote control 2 s** toys at the same time from your phone $70
🤳🏻🫦s**ting while I remote control a toy on/in you $70
💄Makeup/Fashion Tutorials $25

Pricing varies by content/experience/time involved:
💭Custom Fetishes/Special Requests
💚🔒🔗💳 Findom (Custom 📝”Honey-Do” 👨🏻‍🔧 List Findom Experience Coming Soon! Watch My Listings!)
🕵🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍💼👸🏻🧛‍♀️ Roleplay
🍆c*ck and c*mshot Ratings
👫🏻🧍🏼‍♂️Cuck Content
🚽 Content
🚿 Content
🕯🧊 ❄️🔥Temperature Play
🍓 🍒 🧁 🍯 🍫 🍌🍆🍋💦🫧🍭🍪 Sploshing/Food Play/Wet/Messy Fetishism
🗣👂🫦 Auralism Experiences
🥷🏼Sneak/Taken Items Fetish Experiences
👀 Voyeur POV Content

Disposables/My Lovely By-Products:

😷 Surgical face masks (saturated in pu**y, a**, sp*t or foot smell)
😮‍💨 Inhalers infused with pu**y or foot smell
🕯Hardened wax used on my body during temperature play
🤤 sp*t
💦Used Panty Liners
♻️Used Feminine Wipes
🩸Shark Week Items
🍋 Squirt & Lemonade
💅Fingernail/Toenail Clippings
🦶Foot Dust
💅Pieces of Powder Dip/Gel Shellac from Manicures/Pedicures
💆🏻‍♀️p**l from Facials
🧖🏻‍♀️Used Exfoliants & Sloughed Dead Skin
💄Used Lipstick/Chapstick
💄Used Makeup
💄Used Makeup Brushes/Sponges/Applicators
👁Used Faux Eyelashes
👁Tweezed Eyebrow Hair
💇🏻‍♀️Hair from my Brush, Shower, Sink/Vanity or Floor
💇🏻‍♀️Used Hairbrushes
🦷 Used Toothbrushes
🤤🪥sp*t from Brushing My Teeth/Gargling with Mouthwash
💇🏻‍♀️Used Bobbypins and Hairties
🛁 Used Razor Blades from Shaving pu**y, a**, Legs and Underarms
🦷 Used Floss/Flosspicks
🥤Used Straws That I Sucked On for Drinks
👁Used Soft Contact Lenses (-1.75 & -2.00)
👁Used Contact Cases
🚮 Lint & Trash Bundles
🧹Contents from my vacuum trap/canister

Vials (1-9ml)
🤍 sp*t
🖤 pu**y c*m/discharge
🤍 🍋
🖤 My used bath water
🤍 My favorite perfume(s)
🖤 Mixed My sp*t/Male c*m from bl** job

I’ve already had several HAPPY buyers receive d*ck ratings from me and I’ve been asked by several more, so my menu of offerings is below:

🍆🍆🍆d*ck and c*mshot Ratings Menu:

- 1-10 number rating and short written message that you may quote/tag me: $5 ⤵️⤴️🚫💯🛐❤️‍🔥🏆
- Voice note/audio recording 1-3 minutes. I have a naturally sultry, seductive speaking voice, am asked to do public speaking in my professional life, read erotic poetry and have been a singer my whole life, so my rate will be slightly higher for a voice message than other SW: $12 😧👂🫦
- Video in lingerie: $15 💋🫣
- Partial nude (my discretion) and masturbating video talking, whether with JOI or worship/encouragement/honest/SPH/other humiliation, whichever you order, tips requested if I employ your fetish in any creative way: $20 😈😈
- Partial nude (my discretion)/custom fetish and masturbating video until I c*m, your name or custom word written on me and your name aloud as I c*m: $45 😈😈😈

P.S. My ex-husband had a micro penis 🥕 with an array of s**ual dysfunctions, so if SPH is your thing, I am a well-versed expert in this area!!

I’m naturally into (kinks/fetishes):

🍑🕳a**/a**l play/rimming
👨‍👧Light Age Play (Daddy/little girl)
📸🎥Exhibitionism/showing off
😵🤮🌬🫁Gagging/choking/ breath play
⚧🦄Group play/multiple partners
👧🏻Hair pulling
⛓Impact play
🫦👅🤤or*l fixation
🚫🎆💥💦🥴🤬🤯😭😖 Orgasm control/edging/denial
🌆Public Play
🧠 Sapios**ual
🍓 🍒 🧁 🍯 🍫 🍌🍆🍋💦🫧🍭🍪 Sploshing /food play/ wet/ messy fetishism
🌡Temperature/sensation play 🕯🧊🚿🪶
🧸Toy play

I’m willing to/naturally good at:
🚼Breeding play
🐺 🦊 🐈‍⬛ Primal/pet
👻 Spectrophilia/succubus/incubus play
🍋 Urophilia

No-Gos/Hard Limits:

❌Don’t call me baby or good girl when first approaching
❌Harm/use of animals
❌Anything involving minor children/pedophelia
❌Live Video or Audio Calls
❌Race, race play, hate sp**ch
❌Rape as play
❌Name-calling unless consensual within the context of a paid experience (ask first what names are okay to call a seller; I’ll ask likewise)
❌Seeking my personal information or location details
❌No full face unless I choose to share it in purchased content
❌I will not mail you 💩
❌Message bombing
❌Stalking behavior just because you see me online; this is commerce, no hard feelings, but sometimes I’m handling the logistics of orders and don’t have time to chat.
❌Hara**ment, misogyny, aggressive/pushy or otherwise manipulative, pa**ive aggressive, controlling behavior or language, coercion/attempts to degrade or disrespect toward content/pricing
❌Political or religious rants

About me: Writer | Singer | Violinist | Executive Secretary (so I am the literal fantasy)👩🏻‍💼 | Pa**ionate Mystery | Curious | Positive | Dark | Deep | Fluent sarcasm | Narcissist survivor | INFJ

🪬I am discreet/zero drama and promise to always respect you as a person (unless you’re paying me to kindly disrespect you😈) and to always respect your s**uality, ident*ty, anonymity, kinks, fetishes and desires. Just because something is not listed on my page in no way means that I’m not open to your particular request; message me and just ask! I am a naughty, dirty, kinky girl down for A LOT! But first things first: consent, respect, boundaries, discretion and good manners please!

🤭🫣😬🤐 Are you shy/hesitant to approach or start conversation? No worries! I got you! I’ll be offering a limited/discreet contact form soon; simply fill out your interests and confirmation of wanting to order, and I’ll take care of the rest in a low contact/completely respectful, discreet and private manner that matches you. Still too shy to express what you want? Did you realize that most people may not even know what they might be into until it’s suggested? I’m a completely safe place to explore what you don’t yet know about yourself; I simply ask that you not waste our collective time with no intention of setting up an order. I’m introverted too, but you may follow me, and I’ll take that as a sign to approach you first and break the ice warmly and respectfully. You’ll feel comfortable with me in no time.

📆I promise to maintain adequate communication throughout a transaction that is appropriate to the type of request and pride myself on consistently meeting the timelines that I establish for my queues and orders/ship date estimates. However, I am just 1 person, fulfilling many orders, and life does happen. If that’s the case, and I anticipate a delay in our timeline, I will reach out and communicate as soon as I know and when to an expect updated timeframe. I ask that you keep watch on your messages until our transaction is closed.

🕐 I also ask that once an order/items are agreed upon, that timely payment is made. All orders not paid in full within 24 hours will be canceled. (unless otherwise communicated).

⛔️Scammers/players be warned: I will not go offline to arrange a transaction. I manage all orders through the ATW order screen.

😇I promise not to be pushy/aggressive; I will not chase you for a sale. We all hate the pushy used car salesperson. And my items/content/reviews speak for themselves. If you’ve indicated interest or interacted about specific items/content, I will ask questions to learn your requests and preferences, and I may touch base to see if you’re still interested. I want your overall experience with me to be exceptional.

🤗 If I approach you first, it’s because I’ve looked at your profile and read your bio (if you have one). I’ve reviewed the list of “what you’re looking for.” Please do us sellers a favor and completely fill out your bio with those item selections and add specific requests in your bio so that neither of our time is wasted with messaging.

📍🇺🇸 📫 If you are outside the US and do not ever consider ordering from US sellers, please say so in your bio; I’m always open to virtual content and experiences. I’m also willing to bargain shipping prices if the order is worth it to do so. I’ve shipped to several countries abroad already with success/no ha**les/items arriving quicker than you think, and I’ve worked to make it in my buyers’ budget by absorbing some of the international shipping costs. Just ask!

💌 I do not carbon copy generic greetings and promise you genuine conversation.

💙💙 I pride myself on my sincere and genuine personal rapport in interactions (any questions about this attribute, just read my reviews). I insist on my own personal integrity. Respect (both ways) is extremely important to me. I am a million times more likely to go to the ends of the earth for you if you show me respect. Respect me, my time, my energy, my attention, my body, my mind, my availability/schedule and the effort that I put in to wearing items for you and the many ways that I put attention into the details of your custom content. Respect my decision to do or not do business with you; it’s a two-way street, and I respect your options as a buyer just as you should respect that I realize I am not for everyone and we may not be a compatible buyer-seller match. Peace to you; everyone is free to peruse many sellers on here. We all have our own unique brand and standards. My clients will come back to me and c*m for me because of who I am and my quality time and attention aren’t easy to come by. I’d rather a quality experience for us both than a disappointing one for either.

🤗❤️🏆💰Tips for personable rapport, my time and attention always welc*m, and ALWAYS deliciously rewarded!!!

Venmo: @LexyNoir
PayPal: @lexynoir or @lexy828
CashApp: $Alexa725
*Spoiling List via Amazon Wishlist in Progress*

💵 Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) I am in the service industry, and what is more personal and quality than the services that I offer you here? What’s worth more than any other service anywhere? 🔞💻🖥🆓You can get porn anywhere, for free. You’re coming here, with the understanding of paying a price, for a personal experience. That personal experience involves my time, attention and, if you want it, (my personal preference) the growing of interactions that hopefully establishes an intimate and very personal long-lasting working relationship. My time with you is time away from my children, away from my home responsibilities, away from my regular day job, away from my friends, family and other social options that I have in person. I could be anywhere, with anyone, but I am choosing to spend my time with you on a transactional site, offering the service of my time and company to begin with. I’ve already had my prices disrespected, so allow me to be clear here. I am the creator of my content and the experience of me is not up for you to debate (or compare with others - all women are unique and set their own bars for quality and prices. We also all live in varying socio-economic regions and have differing financial situations. The cost of living burden may be a factor. Bottom line - do not disrespect pricing. Simply decline). I know my value, and my worth. I feel that women are ma**ively undervaluing themselves in the s** and services industry, and for any content, experience or item here, none of it is free. The behavior in messages that displays an expectation that I spend a long time chatting, s**ting or sending photos without an established order paid up front will result in you being blocked or reported. As I mentioned above, for those who respect me, for those who pay and tip well, I will naturally want to do absolutely anything and everything for you. I am more willing to flex on pricing when someone treats me well, repeats business and bundles multiple items/combines content with wears, etc. My bottom line is any experience/content on here is not worth an order of less than $20, with the exception of a few items marked below that or a flash sale when I’m feeling generous. $20 barely buys me lunch. $20 is barely a tip to a server in a restaurant, and I am providing something so much more personal than that, sacred access to aspects of my body as well as the personal devotion of my time to you. $20 sometimes barely covers the original retail of the item and shipping, and you’re paying for many days of my time as well as the personal touches you get from that. Buyers: If a seller has given you a degree of her time and energy beyond a few basic preliminary questions to determine needs/requests, the least you can do is tip for the time and conversation. Respect and etiquette will allow for a much more quality experience for all sellers and buyers in this community. The great buyers are setting themselves apart from the rest, not in their sheer volume of orders or working with multiple girls, but rather in treating sellers with high amounts of respect and positive interactions. Spoil us; we’ll spoil you - it’s pretty simple.

🤷🏻‍♀️Why am I here?

💓💟🏳️‍🌈 I love it here so far! This is a great, non-judgmental and supportive community. I pride myself on being the least judgmental person you could ever meet. I’m open and accepting to everyone, all s**ualities and ident*ties, and their individual kinks, desires and curiosities. I’ve always been highly s**ual and pretty open minded, but I’ve grown in that over the years as the more I’ve been open to trying, I’ve ended up liking more and wanting to try more. (You may find this resonating with your path as well! That’s great; let’s converge our paths and go even further together!)

⛓😈This is the perfect community I’ve found for me, because fetlife, while freaky, is not my cup of tea. Yes, similar kinks and s**uality, but the majority of local people on there are just not for me. Please also educate yourselves on psychological safety/emotional intelligence when it comes to BDSM/kink play. I’ve observed way too many amateur online experiences here that are not doing it right and healthfully; the abuse of which is psychological harm to one or both parties. I absolutely refuse to carelessly handle BDSM/kink-related roleplay and scenarios. Read up and understand the difference. If any seller/buyer does not first respect/gain/offer consent, then no careless arrangements should be made. Further, this is a little of a speakerbox for me, but after centuries and generations of patriarchal male dominance and misogyny and abuse of s**ual superiority, I find it appalling that women operating as “dommes” over submissive men are repeating the same mistakes that men have been exerting over our s** for centuries. Dominance is a huge responsibility to not be taken lightly; care for the submissive is paramount. Any rule/task/ask cannot be arbitrarily commanded just to boss someone around. All rules/tasks/asks need to have a higher purpose and meaning behind them. They need to either deepen the bond or serve toward developing the submissive either in the D/s dynamic or in life as a person. Do your research and don’t enter into a play scenario that may be unrealistic to do so via a transactional online space unless in the scope of fantasy. A confident, grounded, stable and secure dominant who has read the literature will not make you fear them; instead you will naturally desire to submit to them. Submission is your gift, your decision. Feel/sense the difference and decide who to submit to accordingly - do not do so lightly!

✝️📱Everyone in my area (Bible Belt) is pretty judgy about s** and ident*ties, etc. Buyers - keep buying to keep me out of that scary dating p**l 🎣 , pleeeease!! Believe it or not, ATW is a better personal experience for me (having respectful one on one interactions with my clients) than dating!

🖋📓 I’ve posted my erotic writing on social media, and all the BS “community standards” on social media means there’s really no uncensored free expression of art for content creators like me… Being censored/restricted on other platforms is stifling to one with a creative mind and rampant horniness…

💝This is the first platform that I’ve found where I feel supported, respected and empowered in what I naturally like to be and do. And I truly hope that I can be a part of the same for buyers. I find it incredibly fulfilling to be a part of someone else’s kink journey or to be a part of anything they are doing to grow in their own awareness of their s**uality. Be YOU!! I’m here for it, and I couldn’t be more happy for each and every buyer and seller on here seeking a path that better aligns with who they actually are as a person. We are all here for a reason, and income aside, I get more fulfillment in seeing someone’s satisfaction in my content or items, because what it really means, is that they are being more true to themselves with me than they can maybe be to the outside world, or at home. This world, and US society in particular, is far too judgmental and limiting when it comes to s** and s**uality, which is a part of our biological makeup! This is who you really are!!! So I invite you to be the fullest and most real version of yourself with me! How freeing and healthy is that feeling - the permission and space to be yourself! ✌🏻

🙋🏻‍♀️ 🏬 The sellers: Good women aren’t threatened by other good women; they help you keep your crown on straight! I am also finding inspiration from other sellers and I equally support other women and other creators too! I am zero drama, and if I’m looking at your page, it’s because you’re doing it right, I’m in awe of you or girl crushing. 💞💞💞 I’m here to support, encourage and learn from one another. 🙌🏻

💦 My ex-husband and several ex-boyfriends used to say they could catch my scent from across a room and grow instantly hard… sometimes my own pheromones (especially when doing these multiple day wears for you lovely people 😈) will waft up to my nose and turn even me on, knowing how potent and s**ually charged I am and how much you’ll soon be enjoying the same! 🥵🔥

🍍🍒 🍓🍌🥥🥑🍭 I’ve done my research and am not new to or*l etiquette. My daily routine involves eating certain foods that ensure the best tasting/scented c*m. This is a commitment I keep for my clients. I do not drink energy drinks, I do not consume soda/carbonated beverages other than sparkling water, and limit processed sugars (I’ve also tasted c*m when one’s diet was not healthy, and there is a difference).

📚 Please educate yourself on female biological functions. Menstrual/ovulation cycles mean that discharge is not always at its peak creaminess. The queue is the queue. If you require ovulation items, you may kindly pay the premium as it will interrupt my order queue for others.

💧My daily routine involves obsessive hydration (I drink way more than the minimum requirement for water). Hydration does WONDERS for liquid production and keeping all things healthy/balanced.

👩🏻‍⚕️💊 I do not smoke, do not do drugs and sparingly drink alcohol (I’ve swallowed a lot of c*m, and yes, these things matter in the taste of one’s c*m). You may decide your purchase accordingly. Further, my daily routine involves many vitamins and probiotics that both keep all of my areas bacterially pH balanced and also maintain the best biological material for you.

🩸I have a 5 year IUD inserted; therefore my p****ds are infrequent, if at all, and light. Great news for most buyers, it allows me, most of the time to maintain wears throughout the month! ***February 2023 UPDATE: I just replaced with a new 5-year device, and as hormone levels are readjusting, I’m experiencing unexpected multiple p****ds in the same month. Believe me, no one is more dismayed by this than me. I will communicate all interruptions and offer free add-ons to anyone delayed by my female cycle in this adjustment p****d. However, if you have a genuine interest in shark week items, message me.

🏩 Your mental health matters. The nature of personal conversations means you may feel comfortable confiding in and opening up to me; I honor your vulnerability, and everything you say will remain in confidence, UNLESS something you message me signals that you may have thoughts of harming yourself or someone else. If you say you’re not doing well, I’ll take your word for it and take it seriously. I’m sensitive to those in need, and if you don’t appear to be in a good place and in crisis, I will be concerned about your welfare and will respond accordingly by asking the administrators to seek medical or professional help for you. Please respect my helpful/empathetic nature by not carelessly using language that implies a cry for help if it isn’t truly your state.

📭📦💌 I will ship in discreet packaging and do my best to not write in a girly handwriting on your mailing label (if discretion is needed). Shipment originates from a discreet pseudonym of “LN Distributing, L. Noir or LN.” I will work toward printing mailing labels in the future.

🖋💌🎀 I put special care into each package, hand-write a personal note to you that includes a little something extra from me!

🐈‍⬛ Allergen notice: I have a cat in my home. She does not sleep in my bedroom and make it a point to keep cat hair off my garments and items and am religious about lint-rolling, vacuuming and maintaining good smell standards in my home. However, disclaimer that if you are allergic to be aware, traces of pet dander/hair may or may not be on my items.

🚭 I am a non-smoker, and my home is smoke-free. Overall, I am a very healthy, clean and hygienic individual (excepting that standards for wear that you order and pay for).

🚫Absolutely No Refunds🚫
Due to the nature of worn items/custom content, I am unable to offer a refund unless I cancel the order on my end. All items and content are custom to each order/experience. I do my best to fulfill custom requests using the descriptions and parameters you give; being very clear and specific is important. Custom buyers: Visual samples (photos/videos of what kind of content you’re looking for) would help! I’m not a mind reader, so given little instruction or vague details, I’m left to my own interpretations of your custom request. No two orders will be exactly the same. Should you change your mind after payment is made, you will not be refunded. Timeline of my queue will be communicated to you at the time of transaction. Every effort shall be made to deliver custom requests in a reasonable timeframe; however I have a family, regular day job and real life outside of the online world; patience and flexibility with my schedule is appreciated. While no refund requests shall be honored; I do however sincerely care about your experience as it pertains to the things within my control. If reasonable, I will attempt to accommodate concerns on a case by case basis. If I go above and beyond when I’m not required to do so, give me a kind shout out in your review or throw me a tip please. Additional time spent on additional footage or pleasing you has a value that should be compensated.

📢💙🙇🏻‍♀️ I am humbly grateful for anyone who chooses to spend their hard-earned money on me and carve out time for me. You are not padding the pockets of the already wealthy when you support SW; you are bridging the gap when dirtbag exes don’t honor their child support obligations to us, you are helping us to pay the bills and keep food on the table and a safe roof over the heads of our children (shout out to all the hard-working single moms like me covering it all! 🙌🏻), you are filling up our tanks with fuel, you are helping us with necessary repairs and maintenance on our vehicles and homes, you are helping us to pay for medical bills, you are funding ballet lessons or school/activities fees and dues. Most likely (at least I can attest for myself), your money is not being spent frivolously on excesses. Your purchases help us make ends meet. And for this, I am immensely thankful to all of my clients. 🤗

📊📈🏆 March Goals:
Top 1% of Sellers - ✅ Met as of 12/4!
Within Top 3 Pages of Sellers (Weekly & Monthly); 1/25 Update: Within top 4-5 pages daily
Hit 10K Profile Views ✅
Hit 15K Profile Views ✅
Hit 20K Profile Views
Reach 30 5 ⭐️ Reviews ✅
Reach 45 5 ⭐️ Reviews
Badges: 3/4
Write My First ATW Blog: 0/1
Live Event Buy-Ins: 1/20
Tribute Photos by Buyers: 3/3 ✅
Post Unique Listings (Experiences/Bundles) 0/3
Panties: 35/20 ✅
Pantyhose: 14/10 ✅
Socks: 4/10
Shoes: 0/4
Leggings: 0/3
Bras: 0/3
Instant Content: 5/10
Custom Videos: 42/20 ✅
Disposables: 2/9
Shark Week Items: 0/3
c*ck Ratings: 1/5
GFE: 4/2 ✅
Monthly Subscriptions/VIP Pa**es: 0/3
Sploshing: 1/4
s**ting: 0/6
Auralism Experience: 0/2
Roleplay/fantasy girl Experience: 2/2 ✅
Vials: 4/7
Dash Drain: 1/2
Collaborate w/another seller: 1/1 ✅
Give badges to my best buyers: 7/3 ✅
Give badges to my fellow sellers: 7/2 ✅
Give kink coins to helpful sellers: 8/4 ✅
Give tips/buy drinks for other sellers: 8/3 ✅

⚠️🚨Unblocking fee: I no longer have an unblocking fee because those I’ve blocked I’ve done so for good reason due to the nature or degree of behavior that caused a user to be blocked. I don’t ignore red flags 🚩 Be respectful, kind and mindful of your intentions or don’t do business with me. I promise you the respect that I expect to receive.

Peace, love and lots of delicious, messy, wet c*m!!! 💦💋Lexy

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Gray-Blue Smooth Silky...

Scrumptiously smooth and silky in cool metropolitan gray/blue, this super soft and next-to-skin thong was made to be...

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LexyNoir69 US

Royal Blue Half...

c*mming oceans 💦💙🌊 in these Royal/Cobalt blue soft, smooth, shiny, next to skin half cheeky panties… buy them...

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Added a new photo > One seriously cannot fabricate the kind of creamy cum my buyers are spoiled with…. 😋🤤🥵🥰😍💦🌊😈

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Added a new photo > Taking off my nylons at the end of my work day is suuuuch a chore 😮‍💨… why, oh, why do I not have you here to do it for me… with your teeth? 😈🥵

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Giveaway post on my page… got some extra kink coins from @pchn888 to add to the mix!! Giving away to buyer and/or seller!!! Cummmm nominate your favorites on my GIVEAWAY 🎉🎉🎉 post!!!

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Added a new photo > When I have others who outright ignore my vacation message and my shark week message, and I give due updates to all those with pending orders, and I have one who r*ports me, but then sweet, wonderful ones like this, as patient and kind and gentlemanly as can be… these are the buyers that make it all worth it to keep creaming my panties!!! 🥰💕💋

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Added a new photo > The frequency at which I’m doing giveaways is almost something to start placing bets on… for those feeling lucky… had another buyer situation directly after my posted “away on vacay/messages might not be answered quickly” and “orders on hold due to shark week” messages posted to my bio… therefore… drumroll… 🥁 another GIVEAWAY!!! Kink coins for a deserving seller and buyer.. post your nominations below and why they need a little positivity right now (or deserve)! 🏆

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Added a new photo > What it looks like when you go on vacation and half your trip is business (and business attire is clothing optional 😈) 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Added a new photo > Sharing a view of the Southern California sunshine ☀️ 🏖️ from inside @pchn888 ‘s panties… it’s a view you reeeally have to cum experience for yourself to fully appreciate!! Loving the relaxed, happy and positive So Cal vibes! ✌🏻 🌊

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Added a new photo > **GIVEAWAY still in full swing on the pinned post on my page!!!!! GIVEAWAY* 🥂✨ I had another buyer retaliate in his review for my honest review of how he does business.. Another who changed mind after custom video was ordered… Going to spoil a seller with his money and spoil a buyer with the 6+ minute video he ordered (features nylon/lingerie play, masturbation,reveal pu**y and ni**les, shows mouth/lips/tongue -screenshot here is from his video) Nominate your favorite and most deserving sellers and buyers by 1) Liking my pinned post and 2) nominate your favorite buyers or sellers and the reason they deserve to win… even if it’s yourself!! Extended this giveaway to 1:00AM tonight Western time since I’ll be in a different time zone then!!! 🏆🏆🎉🎉💕💕


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Added a new photo > ***Away on Vacay 3/9 - 3/14 Available for sexting, remote toy control and custom pics and videos while away - send me a message!! See my profile for my current wear schedule!!! Send me an order during my trip, and I’ll spoil you with a freebie!!!!!

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Added a new photo > Feedback like this from loyal, devoted repeat buyers says it all!! 🥹🫶🏻🙏🏻💕🥰 I am so grateful to buyers who show appreciation and keep cumming back to buy from me again and again!! 🥳💕🥰


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