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Not new at all when it comes to this line of work. Work with me & find out what I’m about. My 5 stars reviews outweigh my 1 stars. Personally I prefer to build a connections with sellers before buying. I’ve found in the past it makes for a better experience for both sellers & buyers. Custom videos are more my thing. Preferably try on hauls in lingerie, panties, & other clothing

⭐️⭐️⭐️WiscoWonder 💸😈🙇‍♂️ big favorite of mine!!!
⭐️⭐️⭐️Thiccckredhead Is definitely a all time favorite 💸😈⭐️ followed ⭐️⭐️⭐️Nikkestoes 💸😋♥️

🚩🚩🚩I DO NOT CARE for pushy sellers. I’m not a beta male. I won’t send a payment just for following, viewing, or chatting with you. If we speak on an order and you make one without me telling you I’m payment ready. You will NOT be paid🚩🚩🚩

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LordEric2197 US

Well really hate that I gotta start doing this. If I can easily see that you’re pushy, negative or no reviews, and flat out rude or begging. YOU WILL GET BLOCKED. And it will be your lost!!! Stay out of my dm unless you read my bio!!!

LordEric2197 US

@Nikkistoes tagged me and @NaughtyNursie started!

The dash is a dull place to be today 😴 So let’s liven it up and spread some ❤️ …

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LordEric2197 US

Buyers give @ShesA10 a message for me 🥵🥵 such a naughty girl 😉 you won’t regret it

LordEric2197 US

I’ll be getting back home sometime today!! Will start requesting orders again soon. I appreciate all you beautiful lady’s who sent over my request!!! Keep up the hard work. I’ve been very impressed by a couple of you 😍😍😍

LordEric2197 US

I’m heading out of town really soon for the weekend. If payment has been received please continue on filling orders and send away !!!! I’ll check them at and make sure to get back to everyone ASAP!!! Going to miss all you lovely lady’s I’ve been working with. Some of the most amazing content I’ve ever purchased on any site. Keep up all the hard work lady’s !!! ♥️🖤💸

LordEric2197 US

I’ve loved my short time here so far !!! I appreciate everyone who’s completed orders for me. All of you lady’s have been phenomenal!!! Promise to get around ASAP to anyone else I’m currently trying to working with 🖤♥️💸

LordEric2197 US

Where are all the black woman at on here ?!?!? Messages me !! Let’s see if we can work together 🖤🤤💸

LordEric2197 US

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