How to Keep Things Healthy 'Down Under'

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How to Keep Things Healthy 'Down Under'

Hello beautiful people! I've just hit my two month panty selling anniversary-one month of it being here on ATW-and I wanted to share a few tips and tricks I've learned about how to keep things healthy 'down under' (can you tell I'm Australian?). When I first started selling, I had other sellers contacting me asking how I manage the 3 day plus wears without getting thrush, so I've done a deep dive into vaginal health and how to avoid putting yourself at risk during those longer wears!

First and foremost-what is thrush and how does it happen?

Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast known as Candida albicans which lives naturally in the body. It is not an STI. Vaginal thrush is an extremely common occurrence that approximately 75% of people with vaginas experience in their lifetimes, usually more than once. A number of things can contribute to the imbalance of candida in your vagina such as hormonal changes, antibiotics, diet, medication, soaps, and last but not least, your underwear! As annoying as it is, it's easily treated, but it's how to keep a healthy balance that's the tricky part.

This is what I believe to be the most important step-knowing your body!

How much discharge do you usually produce? When do you see changes in how much you're producing? What might be causing those changes? Discharge is the vaginas way of 'self-cleaning' which is pretty flipping cool when you think about it. I wish my house did that. The vagina makes around 1 to 3ml (about one teaspoon) of discharge per day, but this can vary for many reasons including what part of your cycle you're at, birth control, and your daily activity. Getting to know your 'normal' is essential so you can easily identify any changes. I recently found out that black underwear + long wears is a big no for my body. Yes- the colour black. Black absorbs heat and creates a warm, humid environment; the perfect combo for thrush! Once you've found your baseline, the next step is knowing what materials work for you.

Finding the right material will change the game.

Your underwear is cuddling up to you all day, and in this business, we're looking at wears longer than the average time period without any commando breaks. All materials have their own pros and cons so it's important to find what works for you. These days there's so many materials options when it comes to underwear that it's almost overwhelming, but it's also a great opportunity for trial and error. This is where we look at synthetic fibres vs natural fibres. Synthetic fibres are, in general, not breathable. "Breathable" here meaning how absorbent they are. Synthetic fibres such as elastane, polyester, and nylon don't absorb heat and moisture like many natural fibres including cotton, bamboo and hemp, causing them to become trapped around the vagina and creating the perfect environment for thrush to thrive (try say that 5 times fast). Medical professionals will tell you that natural fibres are best when it comes to underwear, specifically cotton. Cotton is the most breathable and absorbent fabric which minimises the chances of disrupting the delicate balance of your beautiful vagina's microbiome. That being said, cotton underwear aren't always what people want aesthetic-wise. We all love a cute little satin lingerie set! You just need to find out how to wear it without risking your vaginal health during the long wear orders.

The next thing to consider is sizing and fit.

No one likes underwear so loose that your vulva is just poking right playing peekaboo. On the other end, no one likes underwear so tight that they dig into your hips and cut off the blood to your legs. Tight-fitting underwear can cause too much friction (and not the good kind). On top of that, if you're wearing too-tight synthetic underwear... your vagina deserves better than that. You want to find the sweet spot in the middle where they have a comfortably snug fit and air can circulate properly. This doesn't mean you're stuck with granny undies for the rest of your life-although they are comfortable AF. As long as you have the right size for you, you can wear any style you like. Brand sizing is wildly inconsistent so always go by their size guide! You may be a size 10 at Bonds and a size 6 at Calvin Klein. Thoroughly annoying and unnecessarily confusing, I know.

How to manage long wears.

It's recommended that active people and people with heavier discharge change their underwear twice a day and omit them entirely at night. This is where things get tricky in the panty selling business. The best things to do during long wears is to take mini breaks. If you notice you're starting to get some irritation or things are getting hot and heavy, try go commando for an hour or so or have a quick shower. This will help prevent the accumulation of heat and sweat. If you live in a humid environment or love to break a sweat at the gym, this is especially important. Keeping the area cool is vital. Try wearing loose clothes to get some air flow going on up in there. The temptation to wash with heavy soaps or sneak in a little FemFresh wipe can be hard to resist here, but those products will mess up your microbiome and make things worse. Plus, it'll mask your natural scent and that's not what we want here!

Lastly, every vagina is different!

Vaginas are beautifully unique. No two vaginas look, smell, or react the same way. What works for one may be the complete opposite for another. Maybe you can wear black underwear without any trouble at all. Meanwhile, I just look at black underwear and I feel my vagina glaring at me. Like I said at the start- find what works for you. Try a bit of everything until you find the right fit and fabric. Play around with wearing different materials for different periods of time to see how your body reacts. Pretty much this is just me giving you permission to go on that shopping spree. You're welcome!

To put it all simply...

  1. Know your body
  2. Find materials that don't irritate your bits
  3. Make sure you're wearing the right size for you
  4. Take small breaks! Free your flaps and let them breathe for a bit
  5. Skip the harsh soaps & detergents
  6. If a specific type of underwear disagrees with you, put a time limit on that wear

Some brands I like (not sponsored but if you know someone who knows someone, put in a good word for me):

Best for comfort & environment - Boody $$: Their underwear will make you feel like you're sitting on clouds. Bonus points for using sustainable materials, having fair trading conditions and giving back with every purchase. Best size range from XS/6 to 4XL/24

Best for comfort with style - Nat'V Basics $$: Another environmentally conscious brand with butt comfort in mind. Great size range from small/8 to XXXL/18-20

Best comfort budget option - Bonds $: Their sizing is definitely inconsistent but good when you find the right one. Not great on the ethical and environmental side of things but a good budget option with a good size range from 6 to 20

Best sexy budget option - Asos $: Like Bonds, Asos it also not great environmentally. It's so hard to find a good budget option that's also environmentally friendly! They do have a great variety and amazing size range from XS to 6XL

Best for sexy & environment - Eco Intimates $$$: Environmentally friendly, sustainably made, and sexy. They have a wider range of lingerie and a great size range from XS/8 to 2XL/18

Best for sexy - Kat the Label $$$: Easily the sexiest variety of lingerie and underwear with a good size range of XS/6 to 2XL/16

Have fun, be kind, and love your vagina,

Lousia Carter x

*I am not a medical professional. Please take this as general advice and always consult with your doctor if symptoms persist. *

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