My Journey as a Seller on All Things Worn

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My Journey as a Seller on All Things Worn

Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to share the story of my journey here at ATW. Maybe some of you can relate and maybe this can help out a few of you that feel the same way I do sometimes!

Starting out

When I first started my journey here at ATW, I thought I was incredibly lucky as it didn't take too long to start getting orders in while my friends had signed up and didn't make any orders for months! It felt amazing having people trust me with their orders after just a couple of weeks being a seller and I can never thank my first lot of buyers enough for having the faith and trust in me that they had!

After a few months

After a while, orders started drying up as I didn't have a lot of time to be active due to personal reasons and responsibilities. I started to feel like I had failed as a seller and that what I was offering just wasn't good enough! I contemplated seriously reducing my prices to the point where I would be losing money just to try and get new buyers in again, but I spoke to a few amazing sellers who really helped me realize that sometimes these things happen, and it doesn't mean I failed as a seller. I stuck around for another month or two before I had to take a step away to focus on personal responsibilities.

My break

I stepped away from ATW for about 3 months and realized that my confidence had significantly dropped once again after coming away and I missed the excitement of making and fulfilling orders, I missed the awesome people and the community, and it really got me down. I tried to stay away and build my confidence in other ways, but with everything that was happening in my personal life it was difficult! I stayed away as long as I could and the longer I stayed away, the harder it became to come back!

The fear of coming back

Now I am a rather anxious person anyway, but the thought of coming back to ATW and having to start all over again was terrifying! I was afraid that I had lost all of my old buyers and once again worried that what I have to offer just wasn't going to be good enough! There are certain things that I personally don't offer such as nudity, calls and video calls, but that is a personal choice as much as I would love to, I know I don't have the confidence to offer that. Maybe one day I will but who knows. I thought that by not offering these things that people wouldn't be interested in me and what I have to offer but deep down I knew that the community would welcome be back with open arms because that is just how amazing this community is!

I came back!

I eventually decided to come back to ATW, and I am SO glad that I did! My old buyers started coming back straight away and I appreciate them so much for having the patience to wait around for me to come back! I still have times on here where no orders come in no matter how much I post, how much time I spend on here, or no matter what I list but I now know that it doesn't mean that I failed as a seller! It just means people may not want what I have to offer at this specific time, people may not be able to afford to make orders like they used to and a million other reasons!

Personally, I can still get down when no orders are coming in and sometimes, I feel like it's my fault and I'm not good enough, but I try my best to work through it and remember that its only temporary! And I think that's very important to remember! Especially for new sellers that may not make any sales for quite some time and those who may feel like giving up! Like I said at the start, I was very lucky to have buyers after a couple of weeks of starting my journey as a seller but if you stick at it and put the work in, people will notice you and people will want to order with you! Sometimes it just takes time!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and my first ever blog! It means a lot and I hope that it can help some of you guys that may feel like giving up! This community is amazing and super friendly, and I know I wouldn't have come back if it wasn't for the community and the sellers that reached out and gave the confidence boost that I needed! 🥰 🥰🥰

By LittleGem

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LittleGem Thankyou for all of your lovely messages! It means so much!❤️❤️❤️

VelvetBelle Thank you for sharing your experience! 🖤🖤

BlondeBritney30 I totally get this, I’m currently just getting back from a break away. The lack of orders can be hard and can make me feel like a failure. I try to remind myself all my reviews are 5⭐️ for a reason. So hopefully it will pick up again soon. Thank you for writing this ☺️☺️

MumscreationsbyD Absolutely love this ❤️ I think it’s safe to say the majority of us as sellers feel the same way at some point xx it’s nice to step away at times . And I will always welcome girls back ❤️❤️

Petite_Milf I could relate to a lot of this! Great blog thank you ❤️❤️

SammieWithThe36ETits Love this xx

DGBunny Resonate with it sooo much! After the initial high as new seller the low has hit me really hard but we gonna keep going 😉

MarieRose I resonated with this a lot!! I too had to take a break and was so nervous to come back! I also feel you with the confidence thing. I fricken love doing orders for people on here!

Sultrysiena 👏🩷👏🩷👏🩷👏

LeeTheBoneRanger You need to be fiercely proud of yourself, you have to be extremely brave to come to a place like this to sell and you have my total respect! Am so glad you're now able to see the valid reasons, like in my case not being able to afford as much as i used to, as opposed to feeling like you've failed because nothing can be further from truth! Xx

The_Shudz A very well done doll and a huge Pat on the back for sticking it out and getting to where you are now.

Katiex 👏 👏 👏 ❤️

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