How I Went from A USA Today Bestselling Author to Sex Work

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How I Went from A USA Today Bestselling Author to Sex Work

The title really says it all.

Like most people going through a rough patch, back in 2018-19 I was searching for a healthy outlet. I had gone through some tough times in life and was feeling really low. After discussion with a therapist, it was recommended I find a positive way to express all the emotions I was feeling.

I had always been a reader—an avid reader. Back in my school years there wasn’t a time you would catch me without a book tucked between my hands. I devoured it all from sci-fi to romance, fantasy to paranormal. I loved getting so lost in a story I completely forgot about the real world. Even as an adolescent, that feeling was therapeutic to me.

Flash forward to my adult years, I set books down. I became a mom and worked jobs, and spent my free time focusing on the family I was building. It wasn’t until 2018 I landed a job that allowed me loads of free time while on the clock. It was an absolute DREAM, but I found myself getting bored easily with nothing to do. But I found books were still there, beckoning me to slip into their pages again.

I devoured everything I could find and found myself falling in love with romance novels. The fantasy of the ‘perfect’ love story spoke to me. It made my mind wander and think of my own stories or how I would change the novels I was reading to make them ‘better’ in my opinion.

At that point, the idea to actually write a book was just a flimsy dream. I had no idea how the publishing world worked. I didn’t know where I would find an editor, and most of all, I didn’t think anyone would want to read my words.

When 2019 came, my life started to crumble around me. I felt lost and alone and so so depressed. I found myself struggling to do anything, let alone pick up a book and escape.

I did everything I could to get my ‘light’ back, but it wasn’t until speaking to a therapist and picking up a laptop that I truly started to shine again.

I found an entire online community for publishing. I gathered tips and tricks, I learned the ropes, and I researched. God did I research.

In August of 2019 I published my first novel. It wasn’t the best if I’m being honest. It was short, had an array of plot holes, and not nearly enough details, but people still read it. They read it and they LOVED it. That alone made me keep going.

My brain wouldn’t stop. Idea after idea came to me. I spent nights in nothing but the light of my laptop screen. With every new release came new readers and more income. I became addicted. Any ounce of free time I had was devoted to my characters—to making up the ‘perfect’ story.

My writing slowly turned from sweeter stories to darker. They were kink driven and centered around pushing the limits. I wrote mafia dons and their bad ass counterparts. Stories that explored elements people don’t dare speak out loud for fear of judgment.

Heavier set women and the men who love them. BDSM. Exotic dancers. One woman loved by three men.

I was on a high and had no plans on coming down. Then, in July of 2021, I hit the USA Today Bestseller list with the help of some other AMAZING authors.

It made me feel I was doing something right. That this once flimsy dream had shifted. It was now a reality. But with all good things comes the burn out.

In December of 2022, I decided to take a step back. I had pushed myself to write thousands and thousands of words and my brain was no longer computing. The words were no longer flowing, and instead of the joy it once brought me, all I was left to feel was stress.

I took a step back but made sure to still stay relevant in the author world for when I returned.

Taking a break hurt. It hit something deep inside me that I can’t even explain. The joy I had when people came to me to gush about how they had never read a story with their kinks or body type represented was gone. It killed me. But then, I had another idea.

I didn’t have to stop spreading my words and acceptance, I could just do it in another way.

I had friends in the sex work field and always said, “huh. What I do isn’t much different.” And I was right.

More research, a camera, and dreams in my back pocket, I started taking photos of myself and exploring different online avenues for sex work.

I found people who loved my look. People who enjoyed just talking to me and not being judged. I’ve learned so much in my short few months in this industry and plan to keep expanding my knowledge.

All of this to say, even if you feel there isn’t an audience for you, THERE IS!

Sex work has such a stigma around it. It’s clouded and frowned upon, but I have never met more understanding and accepting individuals.

To all the sellers and even buyers here on ATW, don’t let anyone ever diminish your shine. You’re perfect the way you are, and one day, the entire world will see it.

XOX, YourGothGF_Bee

By YourGothGF_Bee

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YourGothGF_Bee I don’t share my pen name publicly for privacy reasons (ironic, huh? lol) so please DM me if you’d like some recommendations on where to start with my books 🖤

NaturalScentedMilf Same i want to read them as well & keep it up your amazing..xx

JerkBoy Your amazing baby 😘❤️🌹

ButtStuffQueen I absolutely loved reading this. It’s not every day I stop to read a blog. But this……..this was absolutely incredible. Amazing work babes 💖

ShyPeach I love this so much!!🥹🙌🏽🩷

Markymark77 A great blog, very inspiring ❤️

PrincessSparkleBox Didn’t think you could get any hotter and THERE YA GOOO😍 great job, babe!

YourGothGF_Bee Thank you all! You’re all truly the sweetest! 🖤

YourGothGF_Bee @Lusty_Librarian I love seeing other authors in this line of work! Always here to chat 🖤🖤

Fantasies_By_Nicole Your amazing 🥲

Misspetitefeet89 You are a true Queen!! 👸👑💖

Juicy_Jx Love this so well written x

KinkySAHM84 Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! If you share your book titles I'd love to know, feel free to dm me.

Mombun This was such a good read queen! ❤️🔥

Sinn3rs_Collective Such a great read! Thank you for sharing! 🖤🖤

Lusty_Librarian From a fellow author, thank you for this 🥹

Doublesnotted Awesome read ! Thanks for sharing ✨❤️

LilyLicious Wow! What an amazing story!! Congratulations on your accomplishments over the years! 🎉🎉❤️❤️ you’re killllling it!!

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