Law Student by Day, Fetish Seller by Night

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Seller Sellers’ Perspective
Law Student by Day, Fetish Seller by Night

Being a student in part-time work with parental responsibility, and during the amidst of a cost-of-living crisis, I was prepared to resort to means I was initially uncomfortable with. This begun with putting my ‘feet’ out there, feet I’d never been comfortable with in terms of appearance. I even questioned many times prior, is a ‘foot fetish’ an actual thing? Or is it just hearsay?

Anyway, I bit the bullet and became a seller on a ‘feet focused’ website, which, experience wise for a newbie, was not terrible. However, this particular website site lacked a sense of community and the customer service was unreliable. Needless to say, as a beginner, an amateur if you like, I knew no better at that point. That being said, I made a great connection with one particular buyer, and he recommended me ATW. He had recently signed up after being recommended it by a seller himself.

Discovering ATW

Without much hesitation, I decided to sign up to ATW. I had already taken the step to put myself out there on a previous site, so it only made sense to see what this was all about.

Little did I know that I’d end up deactivating my account on the previous website shortly afterwards. Through ATW, I quickly came to recognise exactly how a sense of community, a more enhanced UI, and a variety of different features could truly make the world of difference to a seller, even to a newbie like myself at that point. I was drawn, addicted, excited with the whole ‘dashboard’ and ‘listings’ feature. I had no idea whether I’d be successful, but at that point, I was in awe and fascinated about how this community shared a non-judgmental connection towards all fetishes and kinks and welcomed new sellers with open arms and advice.

In my early days, I found myself learning via the dash and search engines about kinks/fetishes and terms I never knew existed or I had little knowledge about. I learnt to differentiate between time wasters and genuine buyers. But mostly, I established my own identity, niche and personality as a seller, and by that, I mean I decided to be myself rather than attempting to create a different persona, the effort required to keep such up would be unreasonable, so to me, this made sense.

Whilst information relating to the terms of kinks/fetishes through search engines was informative, I took my own personal approach towards selling and experiences, particularly that in a ‘domme’ sense. I did not follow rules so to speak, I interpreted them and let my personality guide the rest. Perhaps that’s because I’m a firm believer that following mainstream rules cannot always tailor to a buyers experience, for example, ‘the search engine says I have to say or do this and it’ll make you send me money’.

That guidance was a straight up ‘no’ for me, even if it meant I was to fail on my ATW journey.

Instead, my thought process entailed considering the buyers intentions, confirming their wants and needs. I’m not afraid to ask questions regarding desires or limits. I adore making a connection beforehand, but equally I’m open to discussing such briefly with the buyers who are not interested in such and prefer small talk.

Juggling selling, studying and other duties

But how do I achieve satisfying buyers, maintaining my ATW seller account on top of being a law student with parental responsibility?

Don’t get me wrong, it has been incredibly challenging at the best of times, to the point I chose fulfilling orders and satisfying buyers needs over having those extra hours and days to study and fulfil assignments to my full potential. Some would consider that irresponsible, but since the beginning, if I accept and create an order, it becomes a priority. That being said, to the other students out there, this isn’t something I’d recommend unless you’re confident it won’t affect your studies! We all know our own capabilities and our own priorities, so it’s important to do what suits your needs.

Furthermore, I’m also not ‘readily’ available to tailor to buyer needs due to my parental responsibility, so I always ensure I’m clear and straight with the buyer as and when an order will be fulfilled, therefore leaving the choice with them on whether to pursue or not.

What has ATW done for me?

ATW has allowed me to explore boundaries and horizons I were not aware existed or were possible. I’ve discovered my own new kinks through such too. Almost a year on and I’m still continually learning. I’m writing this at the end of my law degree journey and whilst often I would procrastinate and attend to ATW, it was a welcomed distraction. I have met some wonderful buyers and sellers and made connections I had no intention of ever making, or even thought was possible within a fetish community! These people know exactly who they are, and their support for me as a seller and throughout my studies has been remarkable, a special thank you to those!

Juggling my commitments with ATW has always been difficult but equally as rewarding. Most sellers will understand that feeling of elation you get once satisfying a buyer, receiving feedback or a review, clarification that you are good enough, a struggle I dealt with and still do at times due to a lack of self-esteem. That being said, ATW has shaped my confidence dramatically, not just through my body confidence but also through other avenues, such as bringing myself to record video content and more recently providing audio clips, something I was initially too shy to fulfil. Even as a gamer for many years, the thought of talking through a microphone was nerve wracking, now I’m much more confident in doing so, and more importantly, I actually enjoy it.

As I previously mentioned, I joined ATW as a means of extra income, a side hustle if you will, and not only have I been far more successful than I ever imagined, it has helped me through difficult times financially, and therefore I’ll always be grateful to the buyers who entrust us as sellers to fulfil their desires in return for what could appear a small sum to them but a world of difference to a seller.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this, whilst it’s probably not ‘helpful’ as such, it’s an insight into my personal journey and perhaps relatable for some. My final advice would be to always be yourself.

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SoleDeep Thank you for sharing your experience. ☮️

LustfulLawyer @AsianPetiteBoss That is so kind of you to say! Thank you so much! 😍🖤

AsianPetiteBoss I've always wanted to say that I love all your pics! 😍 Very good high quality pics! Great blog, thank you for sharing!

LustfulLawyer @AriaArch Hahaha! 😂 Thank you gorgeous lady! 🖤 xx @STRyker_Alpha_8 Thank you too lovely! xx

STRyker_Alpha_8 An amazing seller at that gorgeous xxx

AriaArch Oh you sexy lady you. Not everyone can use ‘furthermore’ and still sound hot. So interesting to read, love a well written blog 🤓 xxx

LustfulLawyer Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts ladies! 🖤

SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly Thank you for sharing your journey, I absolutely love this 💜

Babydollll So relatable in more ways than one. Loved the wording and thank you for sharing this x

MumscreationsbyD Absolutely love this . Your one classy stunning lady whose posts always make me smile . One day when I grow up I too will own a pair of heels just like that lustful lawyer with the legs 😂❤️❤️ great read x

Naughtynurse90 Really enjoyed reading this xx

MarieRose I love it! Beautiful writing! 🖤

LittleBits Very well said! It can definitely be hard to balance ATW with the rest of life, but well worth it 😊

Heytheyarelovely Enjoyed every word of that !! 🩷

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